Trump has become a traitor and a mass murderer ... and Biden is thinking ... "Bingo! Therefore, I should win the elections in 2024. One more term!" Unfortunately SM Groups are calling Biden ... a greedy fool standing on a dead platform.

Michelle needs to help Biden overcome his greed and foolishness ... if Biden has to remain President, that is.

SM will never accept or allow a greedy fool in the White House. Several groups are pissed off at Biden's several continuous failures ... for all of Biden's failures are being blamed on his greed and foolishness.



Instead of fretting over Biden's inaction and do nothing Presidency ... I would rather suggest SM Groups to start working on alternatives in both parties. Trump wouldn't do shit and protect the Establishment ... that's why he was kicked out of the White House. Now, Biden has made Trump his guru. Biden takes no action on Trump ... no action on the Establishment ... doesn't do shit for the people and doesn't change anything ... instead he is sitting there trying to blow his horn like Trump.

So, the question is ... instead of wasting time calling Biden a "shameless greedy pig or a greedy fool" ... why don't you guys simply start working on alternates to Biden. This is exactly what was done with Trump ... when Trump wouldn't do shit, he would allow all exploitation systems to continue and blow his horn ... we started working on alternates to Trump. Simply repeat the same ... as it is many SM Groups want to dismantle and end the Biden Presidency ... don't work only on ending his Presidency but start working on better alternatives as well. 

We explored alternates to Trump during his Presidency itself ... we explored Oprah, Warren and Biden backed by Obamas. Keep this in mind ... only terminating the Biden Presidency should not be the only concern. Getting better replacements ... who have some balls to do what is right for the people is more important. 

Ending the Presidency is pretty darn easy ... what's important is that the right guy gets the Presidency. During Trump, the best combination that we worked on was Biden backed by Obamas ... but till date, this combo is turning out to be a failure ... no where close to what was expected of them.

I will keep the door open for Biden ... its not like we will shut him out. But its high time to move on. I totally agree on this aspect. I have been getting the requests to start working on alternates for Biden since a few months now. I have myself been stalling it ... but yes, let's move ahead with it now.

Trump has already shown that he is a self-obsessed psycho and Biden is also turning out to be a waste of time. Both of them don't deserve the White House.




Bill de Blasio is a good guy from the Democrat side and John Kasich is a good guy from the Republican side. We will look for some more candidates ... start looking for ways to boost alternates to Trump and Biden. Don't remain fixated on only two candidates ... start pulling in a team. And then let the best guy win from the team.

There is no point in sitting and cursing guys who won't do shit. Yes I agree, if they don't care about changing anything for the people and they only care about looting as much as they can while keep their ass safe and blow their horns ... then flush them out and start working on better alternates.

Biden backed by Obamas was the best team we had in 2020 but they are turning out to be a bigger failure than Trump. I got the requests to start working on alternates for Biden and Trump a long time ago ... I stalled it and defended Biden using the excuse that ... Biden doesn't know anything and we have not given him any information on what has to be done. How could we boot the guy without even informing him what is going on and what has to be done?

So, in all fairness ... this is the best that I could do to stall and stop the dismantling of the Biden Presidency. I literally wrote an entire "checklist" of everything that is expected out of him to remain in the White House. If he doesn't care then I can't force other Directors on the Board to support a guy who won't do shit.



Someone please electrocute Obama's balls the next time he offers me sex with anyone.

This is what "Obama's permission for sex" says about Presidential candidates ... firstly, I thought I was banging everybody and that's why you guys refused to make the contact "as I was busy banging people, isn't it?". This clearly shows that sex setups were used only to stall the coordination and the work. The Presidential candidates were themselves involved in this bullshit.

That's why I told Biden ... "I have showed you how to dodge sex based bullshit a hundred times ... and now, if you keep on failing in something that you have been trained for a hundred times, then it is your fault and not mine".

Secondly, these "permissions for sex" belittle everyone and everything in the work. Is this why we brought Obama in Presidential leadership for the country ... so that he could give me his divine blessings to have sex? This is the role that Obama has to play? That too, while wars are raging, tens of thousands of people are dying, millions are getting displaced from their homes, a pandemic is raging across the world and everyone is living under the highest inflation and cost of living? The world and America is burning under Biden and what Obama has to say is ... "go get some".

It only shows complete lack of action and responsibility ... zero idea of what has to be done and have zero plans to do anything about any crisis whatsoever. "Let everything burn ... just go get some" is Obama's idea of handling the world crises.

This is what Obama should keep in mind ... if the Biden Presidency fails then you will be blamed for his failure. Nobody expects Biden to know what is going on or to know what to do. His entire Presidency is based upon you coordinating, learning and then guiding Biden what has to be done. Till date, you have been a complete failure ... even then, if you sit there with your do nothing attitude ... then it will greatly impact your role in leading America and the world ahead.


Things may get tipsy turvy ahead … prepare to fiercely protect Michelle Obama in every scenario ahead. She is the only most consistent and right minded person in this entire team. She is indispensable and we will make her a part of every configuration ahead.

I have already done my part of showing Biden what has to be done. This is not the Obama Era where we will sit and pray for the President to do what is right for the next 4 years … SM will come into action in every route possible. This is not about being Democrat or Republican … or about supporting Biden or Trump … its about doing what is right for 330 million Americans and changing America for the good. If the chosen guys are not going to play their role … then nobody is going to give a shit about them … they will be flushed out. SM won’t tolerate 2-3 people screwing and holding back America.

Here is where things go beyond my control. SM will explore and implement any and every route possible to change America.

  • It might be via Biden and the Obama team … that’s if, they wake the hell up and play their roles properly.
  • Biden may be booted and President Kamala Harris will come into action with Bill de Blasio as her VP. This can be done instantly at any time by pulling down Biden. This option also gives Bill de Blasio an instant start with Presidential leadership as VP.
  • Biden may be flushed out and Bill de Blasio may take the Presidency later on.
  • Trump might end up in jail and John Kasich may become President. John Kasich is also a very sensible and practical person with good experience.
  • Or we may get another new candidate as President … anything can happen.

The very basis of most of the above options is rooting out Biden and getting a replacement who has some balls and brains to do what is right for America. Here is where I take only a partial role of showing the pros and cons of each route so that the best decision is made for the country.

The configuration of “Biden backed by Obamas” has clearly failed in leading America correctly and in solving any crisis whatsoever. SM is not going to sit back and watch this failure to continue. They already have started exploring and working on alternate options ahead. So, doesn’t matter what option will enfold ahead … just keep the lovely Michelle Obama in the equation … she is a good person and good material. She will be a good addition for American leadership.