Major winning points for Biden

3 major shockers that Biden gave to Putin … which also happen to be the 3 major winning points for Biden in the Ukraine war.

  • Russia running out of cash. Rapid, massive and effective sanctions against Russia have their economy crumbling within 2 weeks itself. There are reports that Russia can hardly continue this war through the next few weeks. Putin might have never expected that the world would descend on him and completely terminate relations with Russia.
  • America has access to Trump’s trillions and not Russia. Trump scammed Putin into this war showing his multi-trillion dollar loot. But several investigation agencies are activated against Trumps … a single move or a single transaction with Russians and Trumps can be charged with treason and sponsor of terrorism. Interestingly, this monitoring and pressure on Trumps has given access to America and NATO countries for Trump’s trillions and blocked out Russia. Putin was thinking that he had a multi-trillion dollar war chest … but this war chest just changed sides.
  • Oil prices going down. Very tactically Biden is channelizing Trump’s trillions to manage the oil prices in the world. Putin thought that this war would raise prices to $300 per barrel … but instead it has gone down to $100 per barrel again … and it can continue to go down.

Putin is shocked at the world’s response to this war … and what is actually more shocking for him is that … Trump scammed him into this war. Its turning out to be a useless war that is only creating massive damage for Russia in every way possible.

Unhappy with Biden’s leadership
Mr. Biden … despite making some good tactical moves in this war crisis … SM Groups are not happy with the overall Biden Presidency. They see it as a multi-disaster Presidency where you are showing “very weak” leadership.

  • You were shown that Trump had launched a massive anti-Biden propaganda … you did nothing.
  • You were shown that Trump is involved in the border crisis and the pandemic … you did nothing.
  • You were shown that Trump is involved in the creation of wars and a world war … you still do nothing.

Your being nice to genocidal criminals is nothing but a repetition of the Obama Presidency. Obama was too nice to take down the bad guys … you are repeating exactly the same. And because of that … bad guys don’t go down … they don’t stop their malice … and we get overblown crises in every direction possible.

If you look around … we are literally back to the Obama Era … with mass spending in every direction, no stop to Establishment malice, wars, world migration and genocide is going on. We have the highest debt, the highest cost of living, massive border crisis, pandemics, migration crisis and we are on the verge of a world war. This is the preview of the Biden Presidency … instead of addressing any of these crisis Biden is busy spending trillions on a new crisis of Climate Change.

Mr. Biden … we are showing you how to tactically stop the world war … how to stop the war in Ukraine … with some time you might also succeed in this particular task … but if you look at the overall picture of your Presidency … then its pretty much disasters all over the place.

Why we have all of these disasters is because … the same problem with Obama … you refuse to take action against the bad guys. You have become President at a time when there are multiple crises … most of these crises are malicious and criminal … if you keep turning a blind eye towards the criminals who are unleashing havoc against your people … then how can you expect to remain President?

One of the reasons why Trump was kicked out of the White House was because… he was protecting the criminal Establishment and not taking any action against them. If you are going to do the same thing that Trump did … then why do you think that you will be treated any differently? The only thing that I can say right now is that … your re-election is being seriously re-evaluated … and many groups are saying that … you can’t handle these crises.

If you want to remain President … I would advise you to roll up your sleeves … show that you can take down the bad guys … protect your people … end these crises … and make a better Nation and a better world for everyone. If you cannot do this simple thing … then no one will support you for re-election.

If you cannot do this simple thing … then it means that no action will be taken against any bad guys … all crises will exist and increase more and more and more as long as you are President. And no one will want to live in that kind of a world. Every crisis is at a max already … you need to wake the hell up and start ending these crises.

Stop sitting there in parasite mode … only reading what we write … thinking that we will get you victories and re-elections. The Obama era is over … it doesn’t work like that anymore. You need to wake the hell up and start working on every single crisis.

Just because Trump’s ass is getting kicked and he turned out to be a mega criminal … it doesn’t make you better in any way. Trump going to jail or Gitmo … it doesn’t mean that you will get re-elected. The competition between you both was only in 2020. Trump is already out of the game … and nobody sees that you are fit to lead or solve any crisis at all … that’s based on your current performance. Wake up and kick some ass … Mr. Biden.

Elimination of the repetition of the Obama Era
This section of the page is important for all SM Groups. Yes, ladies we are back to the Obama era … nonsense in every direction … one good guy heading a shitty system. Back to wars, migration crisis, world war scenario, debt crisis and bla bla bla … bullshit.

We have to immediately start working on eliminating the repetition of the Obama Era. It was a shitty era where we were showing everything to one guy and hoping and praying that … he would do what is right … that he will end wars … that he will stop the funding and weapons supply … that he would create peace in the world. Now, we have again Biden … who is repeating Obama’s blunders of turning a blind eye to genocidal criminals.

Biden is plunging in polls and popularity because of his weak and inactive leadership. If we just sit back and watch then we will lose another Presidency. We didn’t get any major progress during the Obama Presidency because … SM was not activated … SM was not helping in any way … all of us were relying on one guy to do what was needed. Now, again we are relying on one guy … and America and the world is getting screwed up all over again.

Put both realms at work
We have to put both realms at work. Let’s show whatever we can to Biden and Obamas … let them make whatever moves that they can … but then let’s not just rely only on them. Let’s put the SM realm at work as well.

Let’s do what Biden can’t do … let’s take down the bad guys that Biden can’t take down … let’s pave the way for Biden by making things easy … by eliminating the root main miscreants using both realms. We can’t allow Biden to become Obama 2.0 … that would be a bullshit waste of time. Let’s make a few key changes to take things forward.

The Lioness goes for blood
SM Groups were asking me for strategies and formulas for assassinations. I was screening my dreams … to see if I could give you any strategy for the same.

My key role is … working with both realms …

  • The Normal Realm. This is dealing with normal people, working on creating systems, regulations and creating reforms.
  • The SM Realm. And I am also working with the SM realm … the alternate management of the Nation.

We are working on who gets elected to the White House … we are very successfully changing Presidents in the normal realm … then we vote, hope and pray for the new elected asshole to do what is right. I think we need to expand our activities a little bit and help the President by taking down the bad guys.

This would not only help the President … but it would be of great help to the Nation and the world as well … as we deal with mega criminals who loot by the trillions and kill by the millions.

I do not have a formula for assassinations as requested … but we do have the Lioness dream. The Lioness shown is nothing but the SM Network working together on each issue. The Lioness sees what I am showing … the crisis and the issue that I am talking about … and then it comes into action. It goes into the world … does its own thing … comes back licking its paws that have blood over it … and there is blood also around its mouth.

If a Lioness has blood on its paws … it means that it used it paws … if the Lioness has blood around its mouth … it means that it has also used its teeth. This means that … I show who the bad guys are … and then the Lioness goes into the world … it uses its paws and teeth against the bad guys … and then comes back and tells me … “who’s next?”

It means that the Lioness has used its powers to decimate the bad guys … and then asks me “who’s next” … meaning who is the next bad guy that needs to be taken down?

God’s Formula
See … this is not my formula or strategy … if the dreams are actually from God … then this is God’s formula … of dealing with a few “targeted mega criminals”.

How this basically works is that … the Lioness doesn’t even tell me what it is going to do … or how it is going to do it. It simply walks away from me having known what the bad guys are doing … and goes into the environment of the bad guys … and takes care of them. And then simply says … “who’s next”.

This means that … you don’t come to me and ask me permission for an assassination. You do what you do, the way you do. No permission or explanations required … as long as this is about taking down the bad guys.

The reason I am shown the Lioness is that … these few bad guys are not taken down by the normal routes of legals and court systems. Its done via the Matrix system … via the SM realm … your own tools, your own intelligence and your own techniques.

Working via both realms
Workig via both realms … multiplies our routes of taking down the bad guys. We are already showing everything that Biden can do … all of the options and routes that he can use. But let not our fate be about the success or failure of one guy … let not our fate be decided by one guy. Let’s take our fate into our hands and make sure to do things that need to be done.

Obviously, because this is not about just 2-3 people … this is about billions of lives. If one guy fails to act … then it adversely affects millions and billions of lives.

Yes, I hear the complaints of one guy looting by the trillions, killing by the millions and paying to escape justice. You asked for a formula … then this is it. This is the dream that relates to it.

You do what you do, the way you do … no permissions or explanations required … to take down the bad guys.

Taking the Biden Presidency forward
We have already activated the lovely Michelle Obama to help and guide Biden. These wonderful results that you are seeing in the Ukraine war is mainly because of her coordination. But I think it is extremely important to provide Biden with some ground level support in getting things done.

Taking down the bad guys … ends the malice and crises created by these guys … it cleans and paves the way for success and a better world.