Yes, yes … I am waiting for our future wonderful and brave revolutionary heroes … to succeed in their first task … of making a phone call.


We pick these guys to create revolutions and they can’t make it through and succeed in making a simple contact. This is pretty shitty. There is nothing more for me to guide them in making the connection … I have already shown them all of the bullshit that goes on in-between. They have been seeing this for years … they should already know all of the intermediary bullshit. I am not going to waste time in writing on any intermediary bullshit.

They have already seen everything before. I told them not to trust anyone … doesn’t matter who it is … don’t trust anyone and send their guy to meet me so that we can set up the meeting. A simple postman and a pizza delivery guy can do this without any problem. Tens of millions of deliveries are being made very single day in the world … it is an incredibly easy task. We are dealing with the President of the United States … who we are going to make one of the key elements that will revolutionize America … and to date, he has not been able to do what a simple pizza boy can do. First Obama … then Trump … then Warren … and now Biden … this is pretty shitty.

See, my job is to expose flaws and misleading in order to facilitate success. I have already shown all of the misleading gimmicks that can be created during the contact process again and again. If these guys are going to fall on the same obstacle again and again … then how is that my fault? How many times am I supposed to tell them of the same obstacle that is put in their path? If they fail to contact because of any misleading gimmick … then it is their fault … it is their failure and not mine.

Let our future revolutionary heroes succeed in their first task and then things can move forward. Its not only me who is waiting for this but it is every SM group that is waiting for this.

What worries me in this is … if it takes years for a political contact to be made … then imagine the speed of getting anything done. We need to strategize on how to manage this incompetence … or how to manage the misleading that comes in-between. This is important to get things accomplished in the right timeline.