Yeah … I know. Let me ask you a question … if you do something a 100 times and it doesn’t work … what are the chances of it working when you try it for the 101th time? Lol. Yeah … exactly.

  • Time Zone. I live in a different time zone … the difference is of day and night
  • Presidential Candidates. They try to set up a “surprise call” from Presidential candidates who are
  • busy as hell … who can take out just a few minutes of their time in this stupid surprise call. I am busy doing my own routine works.
  • Indirect cues are given “hinting” that this surprise call is coming

And magically, everything is supposed to fall into place so that this surprise call happens.

I call this bullshit. Firstly, it is no God damn surprise call … it is late as hell. The damn thing should have taken place 6 years ago under Obama itself. Obama fails … and then an entire Presidency of 4 years gets completed with no action and complete incompetence … and then the third President is trying to pull off the same gimmick in the same style. How on Earth is it supposed to work?

Why do you keep trying stuff that doesn’t work … that has not worked for a hundred times … that has not worked with 3 Presidents? Lol. I pick these guys to create revolutions in the world and this is their performance in making one damn phone call. Imagine the revolutions that we are going to get … Jesus.

We pick these guys to save America … when a thousand Americans are dying every day, 150k Americans are getting infected with a deadly disease and we have half a dozen massive crises all over the country … and this is how they perform in “making one phone call”.

And they are thinking that it is going to be a “surprise call” … right.

However … my lovely, talented and capable leaders … on whose shoulders the safety, security and the progress of the world rests … here is how you should make a contact.

Change your technique. Firstly, stop trying to do things in a way that doesn’t work. If things are not working in a particular way then you should try to do it in a different way … this is basic commonsense.

Quit making it a direct first call. Please don’t try to make a direct surprise call with any key candidate. This is not an entertainment channel … you are not Ellen. A thousand people are dying in a day … we are in the business of saving lives and countries. Talking or meeting leaders is no “surprise” for me at all … it is something very routine that will happen very regularly in the future. Quit making it a surprise or direct first call. Its definitely not working … you need to try other techniques.

Send a contact first. Send a contact first to my residence and take a proper time for the call or meeting. This is how every simple and normal business meeting works. First, make a direct contact to set up a proper meeting via phone or in person.

Make the actual call. Once a proper time slot has been allotted … where both of us are free … then let’s talk. This is not rocket science. Its super easy.

Quit the indirect hints. To hell with the indirect hints. If your intention to contact me is real … then send a real person to fix a time slot for the call. These indirect hints do no good. Everyone makes their own derivations and conclusions via the “hints”. This is also an unnecessary waste of time. Please try to keep things real and direct … it saves time and eliminates a lot of misconceptions.

Anyways … thank you for trying.