This page is especially for the Pro Trump SM Group … so, you guys are the Guardians of Trump, is it? You were the ones busy knocking out anti-Trumpers from media and political positions? I liked some of your moves. Knocking out prominent Establishment supporters who were anti-Trumpers was a joy to watch. I have got a report about your concern regarding the termination of the Trump Presidency. I gave a long list of many wrong things that Trump has done and you guys are giving me a list of why Trump should be supported.

  • He was brought in politics because we requested an outsider in the game.
  • He is not a puppet and he loves his country.
  • You have great expectations from the Trump Presidency and imagined great things to happen under him.
  • You want me to guide him and you want this to work.

Okay … let me keep this page strictly technical and I will not repeat all of the wrong things that Trump has done here. These are the important things that you should know about the ongoing dynamics.

3 Sharks in the Waters
In the beginning, there was only one shark in the water that was against Trump and that was the Establishment. Instead of following the right track … let's say, out of fear or pressure … Trump jumped in the Establishment boat assuming that it will be safe there. Seeing his repeated favors for the Establishment, the majority of SM Elements flipped against Trump. And you know that SM forms the majority of the Matrix … this is the biggest shark in the water. 

And then later, we also showed that the Establishment is keen on creating another World War … which will result in the mass killings and expulsion of millions of Jews from America and Europe. At this point, the Establishment was already backstabbing Trump … but Trump still favors them knowing that millions of Jews will be put at risk .. the Witch Network also flipped against him. The Witch Network runs the majority of Establishment Networks and they are openly rejecting Trump's favors with more aggression towards him.

So, he has basically:

  • The Establishment against him
  • The majority of SM Elements against him
  • and also the Witch Network against him

All of the above 3 form 99% of the key control points of the Matrix. 99% of the Power Elements of the Matrix are against Trump. Based upon what Trump has done in the past two years, none of them want him in the White House. The Establishment is keen to see him fail … while SM and the Witch Network want him to change tracks. I will skip the hostility against Trump that they are planning this year … but let me show you what Trump can do about it.

Zero Prepared to handle any Network
Since you guys yourselves are a powerful group in the Matrix … you know that, no single person can handle the Matrix … doesn’t matter even if he is the Prime Minister or President of a country. He can easily be rattled. Like a diamond cuts a diamond … a network combats a network … a system combats a system. Trump is under attack by "networks" … he has made absolutely no preparation to combat any network whatsoever.

The Establishment Network functions based upon 3 main elements:

  • Money
  • Technology
  • Politics

The Establishment is nothing but a handful of families in reality. They have setup a banking system where they print as much cash as they need … this gives them an unlimited supply of cash. With the cash, they bought many major companies … which gave them access to technology. And using these companies, they finance political campaigns … giving them control over governments. The whole show is run by a handful of families using only 3 elements of money, technology and politics.

Now, you tell me … what preparations has Trump done to handle these networks?

  • What coalitions has he created for finance or technology or politics?
  • How many governments are with him?
  • How many corporations are with him?
  • How many intelligence and technology groups are with him?

Trump was zero prepared to handle the Establishment when he entered the White House … it has been two years … he is still zero prepared to handle any network or system.

Trump can save Trump
I know that you guys are trying to be the Guardians of Trump … but the best way to help Trump is not by knocking out anti-Trumpers. There are too many anti-Trumpers … you will be just wasting time knocking them out one by one. The best way you can help Trump is by encouraging him to lead … cooperate with us … setup the right systems and start winning. This is the best help that Trump can be given as of now. You want to guard him … this is the best way to guard him. Because every system that we will setup … it will give him "armies of support" … in lines of politics, media, celebrities, intelligence, technology and corporations. 

You combat systems with systems … networks with networks. As long as he will fight single handed … he will simply time out. He needs to setup systems. With each system setup, he will get thousands of key support points and the Establishment will lose thousands of support points. Knocking out anti-Trumpers one by one is a waste of time … via systems he can implement laws on tens of thousands of elements at a time. People Power will become Trump Power … the more power People will have, the more powerful Trump will be.

If you want to guard and save Trump then … this is the way to do it. The more systems he sets up, the more powerful force he becomes. Time is a major limitation for him … he has to fast-track everything.

2019 is do or die for the Trump Presidency
Half of Trump's Presidency is over … but he doesn't have two more years to make a mark. He has only one year to take the lead. Within one year, he needs to have at least some key systems in place that will fight for him next year. Within one year, he has to show himself as a powerful leader who can move the mountains for his people. This will get him re-elected in 2020.

This year is incredibly crucial for him. If he remains a solo player … then good heavens … its over. I know … we are the ones who can save him … but in order to save him … Trump needs to step forward and cooperate. If he does not cooperate and does not setup any system that will fight for him … then how can we help him? At this point, Trump can save Trump … Trump needs to step forward so that he can be saved.

World Coalition
Let me make it very brief and very easy of how we can defeat the Establishment in any sphere whatsoever. The Establishment is nothing but a handful of families who run their networks via a couple of think tanks. They have 2-3 Biotechnology Research Labs in Israel and the support of the banking system.

The best way to easily overcome the Establishment is via two elements:

  • Coalitions and 
  • Policies

Coalitions will help create policies and policies will help create coalitions. Both of them go hand in hand. You wil know once we start working on it.

You need only a few countries initially … America, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain. Let's assume, we need to combat the Establishment in the sphere of intelligence and technology. We can simply setup a Special Operations Unit in each country that works together in a coalition. And when you put the intelligence and technology of the world's most advanced countries like America, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain … then we will easily surpass the 2-3 labs setup in Israel.

You get a "coalition" of intelligence and technology … all of these Special Operation Units will be setup with the sole purpose of combating Establishment malice worldwide. What America cannot do, Japan will do … what Japan cannot do, Germany will do … what Germany cannot do, Russia will do … we will collectively help each other.

Today the Establishment might be a bunch of smart asses … but when we put the world's best minds together then we can easily beat them. It is not the job of one politician or country to defeat the Establishment … it is the "collective coalition" that will defeat the Establishment. One politician will not stand up to the Establishment but this politician will be given the force of thousands of Intelligence Officers that will be working with him hand in hand. Similarly, this leader will be given empowerment via coalitions in several spheres to support his purpose and goal. It will be a massive overpowering network that will make tiny tidbits of the Establishment.

These coalitions have to be created at several levels … and not only in the fields of intelligence and technology … there are several modules that we have to work on. However, its not possible to put the complete information on one page.

Trump is the most powerful guy that can save Trump
What Trump does not realize is that … he himself is the most powerful guy that can save him. Being the President of the United States, he becomes the key leader that can create powerful coalitions worldwide. He can instantly create policies via Executive Order … we don’t even need to wait for the Congress to pass the bill. There are several modules that can be initiated via Executive Order. Trump is incredibly powerful in helping himself … he does not know that.

When he doesn’t create coalitions then he becomes a victim … but when he creates coalitions then he becomes a powerful force. This is the movement that we have to give to Trump … from being a solo player victim, he has to move on to become a powerful force. Trump needs to shift gears into a different level.

Trump still has the time
Nothing is lost yet … apart from time. He is still the President. He still has two years at hand. If Trump makes the right moves then he can still win. And yeah, despite all of his wrong moves since the past two years … I liked his current moves of withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan. He is talking about peace and stability … stopping of the never ending wars … bringing back troops and stabilizing countries. He is striking a good deal with Erdogan … he is looking for ways to stand up to the Feds. If this is a "new Trump" … then I like your guy.

If you love Trump and you want to guard him … I will not ask you to do otherwise. But the best way to guard him is by setting up systems and by surpassing the Establishment. There are 3 major networks that closely watch him. 2 of them will turn around and support him … when he will make the right moves. And the one that remains will be nothing more than noise makers. Trump can still win … guard him by guiding him correctly.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! Am I the only one who is loving that the Top Witch’s government collapses on Christmas Eve!! Lol! This is simply too good. Someone should wish “Merry Christmas” to Netanyahu. Lol.