Ladies, ladies … relax … "configuring Europe" does not mean that we are abandoning America or Trump. I love America and you will always be the topmost central focus of the work. The work will see splendid success in America in several ways much more than in any other country. I love you and you will always be my top priority.

Trump has failed to make a direct connection
We wrote about configuring Europe mainly because … it has been two years and Trump has failed in making any direct connection. Its high time that we moved on with alternate options. If we have to change anything in America … a direct connection is a must and implementation of new laws and policies is a must … without that nothing much can be done. We told you this two years ago itself … the most that can be achieved without this project is "holding the fort". Look around yourselves … the world is at peace … Trump is still President … all malicious points of the Establishment are under control. We are successfully holding the fort in every way possible.

Trump or Dems need to take the lead
For America to move forward into Phase Two … either Trump or Dems need to take the lead. If neither take the lead then nothing much can be done. So, instead of just sitting and wasting time for Trump to respond … it is better use of time to configure other world leaders for the project. Our project is designed for a "country" … any country … all I need is a safe place to work and leaders who will cooperate … and I will start changing the world.

We are not abandoning Trump
We are not giving up on Trump and we are not totally abandoning Trump … we are just taking a step back and starting to look for alternate options. This is not only because of Trump's inaction … but it is also because of his aggression towards us. We have been guiding and trying to help Trump since his campaign … but we have not got any kind of cooperation or support from him … but instead we got the opposite from him. We can actually put this in 3 phases.

Phase One. Introduction Phase - Trump understands what's going on
This was the basic introduction phase … where we started telling Trump about the forces into play in America. He was like … "okay fine, I will deal with them once I become President" and he took it in his stride. Once he became President and he actually saw the forces in action … he did the total opposite of what we told him. We told him … get in touch with us and work with us in changing the systems … instead what he does is … he starts getting in touch with every possible Establishment element and showers money and policies in their favor. We ask him to change systems and he says … America is already great and it has never been greater before … we don't need to change anything. We need to Keep America Great.

  • He invites them to the White House.
  • He starts creating Advisory Committees for Media and Top Corporations
  • He gives Corporate Tax Cuts
  • He gives Income Tax Cuts for the Rich
  • He gives them Jerusalem
  • He cancels Net Neutrality
  • He allows the Feds to raise interest rates
  • He goes out there bombs Syria twice
  • Spends trillions on defense
  • And the list goes on and on

We were like … okay fine … this guys' hotel politics kicked in … we should give space for some human error and experimentation. We stood by him in every move … showing how it impacts whom … hoping that he would change tracks and do what is right for the people. We showed him openly and clearly that the Establishment are total assholes and they will stab you in the back. Trump basically handles everything via two techniques:

  • Meetings and deal making
  • Tweeting and name calling

He basically thinks that some Establishment puppets that come to him and blow his horn to the max and tell him that "he is the greatest President of all time … and he has done more work than any other President" … he thinks that such Establishment elements will be loyal to him. Either Trump tries to strike a deal and if that does not happen … he starts tweeting and namecalling … he thinks that this will help his case. We are not in an Era where "deal making" with criminals will change anything.

Phase Two: Trump takes sides and gets aggressive against us
In Phase One … Trump has done everything possible in favor of the Establishment. He showered them with deals, policies, trillions of tax payer money, hundreds of billions in tax cuts and his loyalty. The Establishment elements were assholes … they backstabbed him and still ridiculed Trump and increased the lawsuits and investigations against him. Since the Establishment elements blow his horn and since they are the ones who own the companies … Trump thinks that they are loyal and that all of this aggression is coming from our side. Since day one we are helping him and saving him from the sharks … he is in a shark tank getting kicked around by the sharks and thinks that we are the ones who are doing this to him. Trump turns fully aggressive against us:

  • Calling us Fake News and a fraud
  • That this is Presidential blackmail and extortion
  • Our work should be shutdown
  • And personally my visas should be cancelled and my clients should be taken away
  • He literally calls the Turkish, Indian and Russian governments to stop our work and take action against us
  • To add to that … he calls the Saudis … takes finance from them citing "Establishment aggression" against him and injects hundreds of millions into his own companies.
  • He tries to shut us down and uses our project as a scheme to pull funds into his companies.

We literally had to pull Obamas and the Kremlin to protect ourselves from Trump's aggression. The scenario is such that … the guy is surrounded by sharks that want to terminate his Presidency and put him in jail … and he is throwing knives at the person that is trying to save him. This is the scenario where Trump was just a couple of months ago.

Phase Three: Termination of the Trump Presidency
Now, we are going to enter Phase Three where the sharks are going to terminate the Trump Presidency. Till date, they were just rattling him and make him do some major blunders so that he self-terminates. But now … the advanced termination games will begin where the hostility towards the Trump Presidency will be far more higher. If you see the configuration of President Trump then the majority of the moves are totally the opposite of what we ask him to do. He does stuff that is totally the opposite … no one wants him in Office and everyone wants him gone.

In Phase Two itself he was excessively aggressive against us … helping Trump will be a menace right now. He will keep blaming us and start even more aggression against us … why on Earth should we put up with his aggression?

It takes two to Tango
If our help has to be successful then there should be proper coordination and cooperation from the other side. It takes two to Tango. Look at President Putin … he takes everything that we say in positive light and he is a shining star today. Trump is the opposite case.

Point number one … we are not going to further risk our work by trying to save someone from the sharks … who has absolutely no interest in working with us. Our priority are the people and not just one politician. Our project is people first and country first … it is not dedicated to one politician. We have successfully already secured the people … now the time is to move on to better systems. We don’t see any reason why we should take aggression from Trump. We will not be detailing anything anymore to Trump. No more detailed information on any sharks for him. We are going to take a step back from getting involved in his mess. If he is going to get any "surprises" then he has his aggression to blame. No more alerts for him in advance.

Point number two … there is no coercion in our work. If he does not want to join our program then let him be. Let him do whatever he wants. Why should we force anything on anyone? I wouldn't like it if anyone tried to force me into any program. If he doesn't want to be saved from the sharks … okay then President Trump, good luck.

Point number three … this entire year was an utter total waste of time with absolutely nothing done. Quit wasting time on those who don’t want to work with us. Its their life … let them choose. We need "people oriented" leaders … we need courageous leaders who can put people first. We don’t want leaders who get scared and throw themselves at the feet of the Establishment. Our time will be better used in bringing in strong people centric leaders and building coalitions around the world.

Point number four … no, we will not allow the sharks to throw Trumps into jail. You should know that Trump is not all bad. He is probably scared and confused. He is not the Establishment despite all of his wrong moves. He does not have a Satanic background. These assholes want to do the worst to Trump … we should protect him from any overly aggressive moves from the Establishment. If we see a major blunder that Trump is making which might lead him to jail … then we will help him. If doesn't take our help, then ... good luck.

I request everyone to let Trump be Trump. There has to be positive heartfelt cooperation from the other side … its then only that things will move forward. Otherwise, we will keep saying something and he will keep doing the opposite … it will be total shit show … as it has been till date. If he moves positively … take him in … otherwise move on … start working on alternatives within America and outside.

Consistency Matters
Even if Trump wants to work with us on this project … then this is what you need to keep in mind … "consistency matters". Since the past two years, these are the decisions that Trump has made … in almost everything we said, he has done the opposite.

  • We asked him to get in touch with us, he throws a red carpet for all Establishment elements to the White House
  • We asked him to finance our work, he spends trillions on the Establishment
  • We asked to break Establishment Monopoly and he throws State Dinner Parties for Netanyahu and Macron.
  • We asked him to change laws to make them more people centric and he changes laws to give more tax cuts for the Establishment
  • We told him America needs your help, the people are waiting for you … he says America is in the best form ever and it has broken all records.
  • We told him we will take you to great heights … he says, I am the greatest President ever and I have already done more than any other President.
  • We told him don't give Jerusalem and asked him to delay it … he prepones it and gives Jerusalem.
  • We told him don’t abandon Net Neutrality laws … he cancels all Net Neutrality laws.
  • We told him don't blow up tax payer money, there is a lot of work to do in America … and he blows up trillions on Defense.
  • We told him the Obama Administration used to protect us from the Establishment … he says, this is not an Obama Administraiton and starts attacking us.
  • We told him don't bomb Syria, allow a proper investigation into the Chemical attacks … he goes ahead bombs Syria directly.

Not once or twice … he has repeatedly done the opposite and favored the Establishment. The only places he followed us was where the Establishment was not being affected locally. And that is … North Korea and Tariffs. 

Till date, 98% of his Presidency has been in favor of the Establishment. Only one or two moves were proper and in favor of the people. With this record of the past two years
if Trump wants to join the project … then my dear friends … consistency matters. What is the guarantee that Trump is going to remain consistent on an opposite track? For how long will he remain on our track? What is the guarantee that he will not jump onto his old track within weeks or months? What is the mechanism we are going to put into place to make sure that Trump remains on the right track? This is what you need to evaluate and consider if Trump joins the project.

There is no abandonment of anyone. We are just trying to move forward. It is simply excellent what we have done till date. Almost all points of malice have been contained. We can move forward very successfully. All Intervention Forces should be proud of themselves. Phase Two will be quite noisy with a lot of rumble … we must be prepared with coalitions. This is the heart of the work. We just ended all bullshit programs of the Establishment … now we move in to their actual structure and start dismantling their monopoly.