One right move and one wrong move. Troop withdrawal was the right move. Government shut down over border wall is a terrible move. They helped you do one right thing and then used that confidence to push you for a wrong move. Government shut down over the Wall is a terrible move.

This is what you should know about the “border wall”. The Establishment is planning several emoluments lawsuits against the Trump Presidency. There is a long list of lawsuits and investigations planned down the line to show that “Trump benefited himself using the Presidency”. And the Border Wall is at the top of the pile. 

All of your Tweets, marketing, threats towards the Dems and also this shutdown for the Border Wall funding will be used as “evidence” in the lawsuits against you. These are the unique features of this project:

  • It is a complete Trump project
  • It is created, marketed and owned by Trump
  • No major Establishment entity is involved … no bankers, oil companies or defense companies involved
  • Massive publicity is already being given to this project
  • The price for the wall multiplied several times during its promotion … from $5 Billion to now $30 Billion
  • Everyone knows that Trump has financial interest in this project
  • Now, if you shut down the government over money for a project where you have direct interest … it is going to be simply terrible when lawyers will use this fact against you in the courts.

This is a “trap” … do not allow a shutdown over the Border Wall funding. IT IS A TRAP.

There are many lawsuits planned against you and all of your statements and activities will be used against you in the courts. And this shutdown over the Wall funding is going to be disastrous for you in the future. Do NOT force your hand on this. 

Forget about shutting down the government over the Wall funding … 

  • Stop talking about it publicly
  • Stop tweeting about it
  • Stop demanding money for the wall
  • Do everything in the background
  • The entire operation should be financed and carried out in the background

Forget about blaming the Democrats for this shutdown … you are in a major “ESTABLISHMENT TRAP”. Get out of it … get out of it … DO NOT shut down the government over the wall. It will be a massive disaster for you.

Find alternate ways of funding the wall. If the Senate confirms it … then well and good. Otherwise, be the bigger guy … play smart and step out of this trap. They are planning jail for you … I am not kidding. Tell your Dad about this RIGHT NOW. 

You are not losing if you don’t get funding for the wall. You are just getting out of a major trap. If the Senate is not confirming it … then no problem … just say that you will work on alternate ways to fund the wall. Be cool and adjust. Do not force your hand on it. It is a trap.

Everything wrong that will happen during the shutdown will be used in the courts against you. This is not good for you. You made a good decision to pull back troops … the people are loving it. Our soldiers are coming back for the holidays. Enjoy this over Christmas. It’s a good move. Do not have a shutdown over the wall. Don’t do it.