Quit wasting your time for Trump to respond and cooperate. Continue on configuring Europe for the project. These are the 3 major powers in the project.

  • America. It is the biggest victim of the Establishment’s debt based systems.
  • Russia. The Establishment has been using America and Europe to worsen relations with Russia … making Russia a secondary victim of the Establishment’s malice.
  • Europe. Many countries in Europe have reached more than 90% of debt to their GDP … economic crisis is already entering Europe.

If you keep waiting for Trump then you miss out on other important zones. Trump is in a very disturbed point right now … the moment I utter the word “shark” … he is freaking out. I have to literally show him the great things that can be done in our project just to cool him down. Until there is cooperation from Trump or the Democrats … this is what you need to keep in mind … the Establishment’s major focus for “destruction” is America, Europe and Russia … mainly because these are the primary and secondary victims of the Establishment. And this makes these 3 zones our primary concern. Once we fix the crisis in these zones then we can move on to South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.


You don’t need any introduction to Russia. Russia is with us since day one. We are getting superb cooperation from Russia. President Putin is cent percent ready for the project. And there will be enormous benefits for Russia down the line.


Here is where we are severely lagging behind. If we had the cooperation from Trump or the Democrats … then keeping America and Russia in the lead would be an excellent combination. These are the two most powerful countries in the world … in terms of technology, military and world leadership … if they join together then we can easily pull European countries on our side. It would be incredibly easy to change Europe simultaneously. However, since there is stalling from the American side … let me show you a few things in Europe.


Europe has been the victim of Establishment malice since the past 2,000 years. This is basically the heart of all malice done through history via this Satanic ideology. Going directly into Europe and starting this fight from there would be terribly difficult. A strong support from Russia or America or both would be of great help.

Every country in Europe has a different configuration and a different level of Establishment control. Let’s go through a few key countries.


It is the economic leader of Europe. We have an excellent ally, Angela Merkel, to address these issues. Even if she is stepping out, the next leader is a close Merkel ally and she supports almost all of Merkel’s policies. Germans are very very smart and they have a long history of dealing with Establishment malice. They can surpass the Establishment very easily. They were literally destroyed two times in world wars via this very Establishment. 

We will get sweeping support from Germany for the work. Germany has a lot to benefit from this project as well. 


Another strong supporter for the project will be Italy … owing to their strong Catholic base and the presence of the Pope close-by. Our entire project is about the empowerment of Christianity and Christians … and the elimination of abusive exploitation systems designed by a Satanic Establishment. There is more than a thousand year old history of conflict between the Church and devil worship. 

On top of that, Italy has been least interested in the Establishment’s War on Terror or in its anti-Russian propaganda. Italy rarely gives a damn about Establishment’s worldwide stupidity. They open reject it and don’t care to follow it. Bringing Italy on our side will be very easy.


Spain has recently been the victim of Establishment’s scheme of “State Separation” in order to create chaos in Europe. The Establishment has been pushing to separate Catalonia from Spain to bring chaos in Spain. And the second thing is that … the King of Spain is incredibly powerful … he dissolves the Parliament at the tap of a finger. Thirdly, Spain was the leading country in the Inquisition against witchcraft. You will find a long history of Spain and witchcraft in conflict with each other. All 3 points work in our favor.


There is a lot of political control of the Establishment in France but to our advantage … France is crumbling in an economic crisis owing to the Establishment’s debt based systems. Which brings the French people on our side and makes it incredibly easy to knock out the current leadership in France. 

Today France is actually a living example of what the Establishment’s debt based systems do to a country. It will serve as a role model to hammer the Establishment in Europe. We also have other countries like Greece who have already fallen in an economic crisis.

When you have countries like Germany, Italy, Spain and France from Europe on your side … then you literally got the top cream of Europe on your side. Rest of the countries are just tic tac toe. All you need is these 4 key countries and the rest of Europe will be a clean sweep.

Managing Leadership – Knock out Establishment Puppets

We are not going to work in one country after another. We will try to pull as many countries in the project as possible. We will form an entire “coalition” to run the project. There is no time or scope to run the project linearly one country after another. Running the project as a coalition will give us the power and global strength to move forward successfully in several modules. 

To strengthen the coalition … we have to keep the forces active in order to knock out “Establishment Puppets” from top positions. The Establishment runs its show via controlling “decision making” from the top positions. We have to activate forces to consolidate the leaders that support our project and knock out leaders that might be against our work. At this moment in time, it is incredibly easy to activate many forces on our side … mainly owing to:

  • The malicious present that the Establishment has created for billions of people worldwide and
  • The destructive future that they are planning for billions of people worldwide

Key Forces into Play

Some key forces that are already into play are:

  • Silent Majority Networks. They have been working with us since day one in identifying and knocking out puppets.
  • The Witch Network. As Trump calls them … the Witch Network … they are also cooperating in knocking out the Top Witches which is pulling key Establishment elements in our favor. This is a fantastic moment in time where the witches themselves will be working with Christian forces to knock out the Top Witches. Even I did not expect this to happen … but let’s just say … thank God, for He loves each and every one of us.
  • Intervention Forces – Media, Legal and Intelligence Networks. Intervention Forces are playing a phenomenal force at the Domestic ground level … in challenging top leadership, raising the people and changing the direction of the country. We would not have this peace in the world had it not been for the active involvement of Russia and Intervention Forces. Both of them get strong and equal credit. 

We have to activate these forces in every country across Europe … consolidate leaders who support the project and knock out those who are against. We want leaders who will keep “People First” … if they cannot keep People First then we don’t need them in power.

To start with, keep the focus on these 4 key countries in Europe … Germany, Italy, Spain and France. And don’t knock out Macron as of now. Sometimes even the Devil plays an important role in guiding people. He literally shows everything that is wrong and that should not be followed. Macron will play that type of guiding role … just like we have Hillary in America. These two are the role models of everything that is wrong in leadership and policies.

After America, Europe is very important. It will be one of the key centers of our work. It could be a complicated mess out there. Trying to create chaos and complications is one of the Establishment’s gimmicks. Good things are shown as complicated and impossible.  And bad things are shown as important and easy. Use the formulas we give and the forces at hand … and we will make everything very very easy.