Macron is in the “boot seat” as of now. Don’t boot him yet … hold him there and I will show you how to boot him. There are two good things about having Macron as President.

  • He is supporting all Establishment shitty policies which are creating an economic havoc all over France.
  • Owing to which, we have a red-handed criminal on site

It will be incredibly easy to knock him out. Just hold him there. 

  • He cannot change policies because he is a total puppet. He will continue to promote shitty policies and not make any positive change.
  • France will continue to plunge deeper in crisis

It will automatically give us the opportune moment to knock him out and “bring the right guy” in office. If we remove him now there is no guarantee that the next guy will do anything different. A change of face will only be a waste of time. Let us have the puppet in place … he is the perfect guy to knock out at the right time.