Before we talk about Phase Two … a small thing … please stop making fun of yourself. People are laughing at your responses. It is like the Life Guard says … “There is a shark behind you!” And you say … “how dare you? I will get you fired! I am the President of the United States!”

You need to quit attacking your Life Guard. It only shows a childish and very narrow minded understanding of what is going on. We are in very complicated times. Nothing is normal. Right from your nomination to election to first two years of Presidency … has anything been normal? Nothing is normal. 

You have to watch out for the sharks and make the best decisions for you, for your family and Presidency and for your people and country. Every phase is very critical and very sensitive. Thanks to Ivanka and also Trump’s cooperation … we have averted a world war. A lot of credit goes to you both. Congratulations on that … you followed instructions well and you did a good job. 

Now, we are getting into the main game. Averting wars was the easy part. We told you this before … for some people averting wars might be a Herculean task. But in our work … that’s the easiest thing we start with … it’s the most basic step one of the work. Look around yourselves … you succeeded in step one … there is no war with Russia … America is not at war with anyone right now. It is because of your understanding and cooperation. It was easy to accomplish because you took things step by step and followed instructions well. This is a major accomplishment. No one recognizes this much because 90% of the media is not about the people or the country or the government … but it is all about Establishment propaganda.

When you stop wars and facilitate peace … the main game automatically gets activated. Look what is happening in France … that is the result of the Establishment’s debt based systems. These protests were happening since the past 5-6 years now. All of them were censored and covered up using war & terror based agendas. Now, you are in a far more complicated phase of the work. 

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that … “you won phase one”. You brought peace to America and the world. Yes, you needed some help from Putin and some intervention from internal elements. But at the end of the day, the victory was achieved under the Trump Presidency. So it becomes your victory … within 2 years … peace in the world … is a fantastic victory.

So don’t be scared … don’t be let down … don’t be afraid of bigger sharks coming into action. Its just a part of the game. Whether you like it or not … this is what comes into action … the parameters are set like that. Obama could not win the game on wars. It took a lot of time for our word to reach him and then for him to understand and follow … so slow that we reached the end of his Presidency. This victory was instantly achieved under the Trump Presidency. Thanks to Ivanka’s continuous follow up. 

Now, if you win in this second phase … which is a far more complicated phase … with many more elements involved … a phase that will impact billions of lives … then my dear President Trump … you will be the Rock Star President of all time. You will be remembered and revered for 100 years to come … at least a 100 years that is. 

And the best part is that … the witches will themselves help you in this. They themselves want this done. The required internal networking is already done. They will not know us as “Active Democracy” but the Matrix is organized in such a way that it will connect and pull the support. Yes, the sharks will be there … all you need to do is make the right moves and you will win. Victory is already guaranteed to us … fear nothing and you will win. The support network is already in place.

Firstly, stop attacking those who help you and guide you. Secondly, just take things step by step and you will win. We guarantee you victory. Don’t be scared … the support network is in place. Don’t be scared of anybody … Muller, FBI or lawsuits or anything whatsoever. All of it can be contained. All you need to do is … don’t be afraid and don’t remain stagnant … just move forward and take your moves step by step.

You won against all Republicans … you won against the Democrats … you won against the Establishment in ending the War on Terror. You have already won against all odds in each step till now mainly because of the support network that is helping you move forward. This is nothing but the next phase … it will be a little bit complicated … but we will help you through and you have every possibility of being a victor once again. The only thing is that … this time the victory will be freaking fantastic.