No one is hunting any witches. The witches are ending your Presidency. There is no witch hunt to end. You don’t even know that the majority of the witches are on our side.

By the way, I am being told by some members that … you are spewing hate and threats against me … for several reasons:

  • To check if I will turn against you. There is nothing to turn against you. You are already being hunted down by 3 major sharks that may render you bankrupt or even send you guys to jail. We don’t want to add any more aggression from our side. Being aggressive against Trumps does not make sense at this time.
  • To blame everything that is wrong on me. It seems you are also trying to blame all aggression coming on the Trump Presidency on me … which is utterly ridiculous.
  • To turn Putin’s support against me. It seems also that you guys are going crying to Putin and blame all of the Establishment’s aggression on your Presidency on me. It seems that you are telling Putin that “we are carrying out all of this aggression”. Lol … which is like the joke of the century.
  • To push me to write anti-Trump content. It seems that I am supposed to fall for this negative and hateful content and start writing anti-Trump content … which you will use as evidence to pull Putin’s support against me.

Don’t you think that all of the above is pretty darn pathetic? We say that “we love you” … only because you were chosen to fight for the American people and because you have the potential to do so. Not for any other reason. It is not because you are great or you have any great policy or that you are doing anything great whatsoever. You are in a terribly pathetic situation which no other US President has ever been in. We love you for the goodness that you can deliver in the “future” when you work with us. We want to see that Trump emerge.

You can run your shit show of threats and hate. We are not going to respond by any negative or hateful talk. Because it would be a total waste of time and energy at this point. You are headed towards total decimation and termination of your Presidency. We don’t need to raise a single finger against you. You can worship the Establishment as much as you want and make any decision that you want. You will define your own Presidency. All choices are yours.

Calling our work a “witch hunt” only shows how much you want to worship the Establishment and support the Establishment. What you don’t know is that “the majority of the witches in America are on our side”. The entire network of witches knows very clearly what the Top Witches are up to. 

You still don’t know many many things. We told you one thing … be “very very very patient and open minded” in this phase. If you flip and get disturbed at every little thing that seems against you … then no one will be able to help you. This is not the time to be aggressive at all … it will all backfire. You need to be very very patient, intelligent and deal with everything very tactically. That’s the only way you will win. If you get disturbed at anything that seems against you or that is even slightly aggressive … then you will end up firing bullets in all directions … hating everyone and abusing everyone. You will get trapped in cycles of hate, bitterness, abuse, losses … hate, bitterness, abuse, losses … hate, bitterness, abuse and losses.

You do not want to be that person. Chill, relax and play smart.