Let me tell you something juicy. George H.W Bush was killed by the Establishment via the Matrix … most probably. All factors of time and place indicate the same. 

  • Time. The event was very carefully placed at a time when there were massive violent riots in France.
  • Place. The event was placed in the US in order to create “alternate headlines” to censor the French riots in America.

The Matrix is a complicated place where the supply of drugs and chemicals is done in plain sight. This is one of the core spheres of study in the secret Biotechnology Labs of Israel. They study these techniques … formulate tasteless drugs and chemicals … and channelize these drugs via their network of companies all around the world. This is what the Establishment is using its monopoly for … to control and abuse the common people. This is “organized crime” run by the Establishment via the Matrix at massive levels in several cities. It is not only top leaders that are affected via these techniques but these techniques are also used on common people.

Don’t worry … the Trump Family is being covered under a security blanket via SM Elements from such malice via the Matrix. These techniques of the Establishment were already discussed a few years ago and security blankets were created for key members in the project. The Trump Family is secured to a huge extent from such malice.

Apart from the time and place factors … they also have the means and reason to do the same.

  • The Means. Matrix technologies of drugging and medicating common people and world leaders.
  • The Reason. The main reason was to use this death of an Ex-President as a cover-up of the French riots.

Here is the interesting part of the whole show:

  • You have the entity who did it
  • You know the means … you know how it was done
  • You know their purpose of doing it
  • You also know their cover-up plan

But still you cannot get to them. They just killed an Ex-US President … not anybody … an Ex-US President. And hardly anyone knows that it was done by them. It’s the murder of a US President in plain sight and we do not have:

  • The Technology
  • The Understanding or
  • Resources

To catch the main criminals involved. This is what they are getting away with. They got away with Al Qaeda … with ISIS … with mass shootings in our cities … and now they are getting away with killing US Presidents.

Why do you think that working on “technology” is going to be one of our key focus of the project? Because this is the shit that they are doing out there … via simple use of technology and networks … they are killing people. Since we do not have the tools and understanding of their techniques and technology … they are getting away with murder of Presidents in plain sight.

President George H.W. Bush was the perfect victim to target

  • He had aged to a great extent
  • He had health issues
  • He was visiting the hospital repeatedly
  • Everyone was expecting his time was near
  • And he was an Ex-US President whose death would create headlines and provide a cover-up that would extend at least for a few days

Pushing George Bush to his death at this time made him the perfect victim that would help the Establishment. Look how heartless and shameless the Establishment is … not only they used the Bush Family to run their destructive worldwide agendas but they are also trying to benefit from their death … perfectly calculating at what time they should push his demise so that it would help them cover-up their malice.

Criminal Activities and Systems in Plain Sight

Let me show you a few other criminal activities and systems that the Establishment runs in plain sight.

  • Al Qaeda and ISIS. These were nothing but radical groups sponsored and run by the Establishment to support their agenda of War on Terror. We wrote more than a 1000 pages to bust and stop these groups.
  • Ebola and Zika Virus. Once we contained the War on Terror, the Establishment immediately jumped to terrible diseases like Ebola and Zika Virus. We again had to alert the White House as to how these diseases are designed by the Establishment in their secret Biotechnology Labs and how they will benefit the Establishment in carrying out a mass termination strategy in America and Europe. Once this gimmick was busted … then it slowed down.
  • NSA Spying of American Civilians. This is another criminal and illegal activity done by the Establishment using the American government and tax payer dollars … which should be stopped and banned.
  • Forest Fires. What you don’t know is that … all of these raging Forest Fires are carried out by the Establishment in support of their Climate Change agenda. Being concerned about Climate Change could be seen as a good thing in the first step … but in further steps, they are going to make the people pay for it by the trillions. We have not provided much information on this topic … but the Establishment is literally burning down towns and villages in America causing damage worth tens of billions. All of this is being done in plain sight … and our government does not even suspect who is behind it, why it is being done and who this benefits from this in the long run.
  • Hurricanes and Cyclones. Some of these hurricanes and cyclones … don’t just happen on their own. The Establishment has designed classified “climate control” tools … using which hurricanes, cyclones and earth quakes can be generated.
  • The Matrix System. And the biggest system of it all … is the Matrix system that connects tens of millions of people in every major city. The entire system is designed based upon High Technology and Establishment Monopoly. 

The battle against Al Qaeda and ISIS has been won. But there are several other “destructive and criminal” systems that openly abuse America and Americans. If you see … in almost all of the above criminal systems … Americans are the biggest victims. 

  • Al Qaeda and ISIS. Who did Al Qaeda attack? 911 was carried out in America. America was the biggest victim of Al Qaeda and ISIS was used only to drain America’s wealth.
  • Ebola and Zika Virus … was moving into Northern America one way or the other. The plan was to move Ebola into Europe just like they say that the Bubonic Plague moved from Africa into Europe. The Establishment failed in their war plans and they were planning a massive cleansing operation via horrible new diseases.
  • NSA Spying … American citizens are spied upon and controlled using their own government and using their own tax payer money.
  • Forest Fires … American villages and towns are literally being burnt down by these fires.
  • Repeated Cyclones … American cities are being devastated by these repeated cyclones.
  • The Matrix System … let alone controlling and abusing common Americans … even US Presidents are being taken away in plain sight and our government has no idea of what the hell is going on and how it is being done.

All of this is apart from the massive debt crisis and its debt based systems. These are “direct abusive and criminal” systems where American lives are being taken in plain sight. Forget about having a plan to do something about this or have the technology to understand how it is being done … our government does not even know what the hell is going on.

Don’t be scared of what they are doing. But it should enlighten you … of all of the shit that they are doing and at what level they are doing this. Save your country President Trump. Save America. Wake up and save your country.