Alright … let me give you another technique of containing malice in the Matrix. The Matrix is quite a complicated place but it becomes very easy to manage once you know how it works. 

The Matrix is all about “one mind and a million hands”. This is what the Establishment capitalizes on. Via one central system they try to control millions of people in each city. There are several levels involved in the Matrix … it all leads to Establishment bullshit at the top. Which is why there is a major division in the Matrix … between SM Networks and the Establishment. Let’s not get into the details of SM and the Establishment … let’s trickle it down to the everyday person and how to contain the malice at the individual level.

The Matrix functions as a “human network” where anyone can be used against anyone. Anyone can flip against you and become negative towards you. The interesting part is … “this flip and negativity” is not owned by that person. It can be induced or instructed. There is a third party system that interferes between two or more individuals.

Communication Channels

To get anything done in the Matrix … “communication” is a must. The individuals have to get instructions …

  • To be positive or negative
  • To do trash or to do good
  • To play their roles in a setup
  • Or to follow any instruction from the Matrix system

You can simply cut off these individuals from the Matrix system by simply tracking their communication. Communication channels could be:

  • Phone 
  • Email 
  • Personal meetings
  • Mind Control and even
  • Mind Instruction

Emails are generally not used in the Matrix system … mainly because it provides a written proof of the existence of the Matrix and of the instructions. It is mostly done via phone or personal meetings. Subjects that are in the Matrix for a long time … especially in developed countries like America and Europe … such subjects can also be given instructions via Mind Control and Mind Instruction. 

Via Mind Control techniques … the person thinks that it is his thought and it is his feelings … when in reality, those thoughts and feelings can easily be induced via Matrix technologies. A further advanced technique is of “Mind Instruction” … where the person literally “hears” the instructions in his mind. Its like a whisper or low volume communication … directly connected to his neural networks. Its an advanced configuration … cannot get into the details of that on this page.

The easiest ways of controlling the majority of Matrix Communications is via tracking the phone and personal meetings.

  • Phone. The phone will tell you everyone that the person speaks with … local and remote.
  • Meetings. Meetings will tell you about the person’s circle.

Interesting things done via phones and TV Sets in the Matrix

  • Event Sharing. Anything that is happening in a room that has electricity and a communication signal … the activities from that room can be shared between the phones and TV sets in that building … or even nearby buildings. It might be a room in the White House or a room a hostel … the Matrix system allows them to easily share the activity from any room to any digital device nearby.
  • Digital Sharing. Any digital activity that you do … on your computer or mobile phone … this also can be shared among nearby phones and TV Sets. For example … if I am watching a movie on my laptop in one room … what I am doing on my laptop can easily be seen via any mobile or TV set in the building.

All of these illegal spying techniques … used to spy on the common people as well as world leaders. 

Tracking phones and restricting malice

In this particular Matrix System … if you start tracking phones then it will give you a huge advantage. 

  • Reverse the game. The Establishment capitalizes on spying in the lives of the common people and world leaders. But when you start tracking their mobile phones then you are the one who is watching their activities. It is playing their gimmick on them.
  • Instruction Flow. The second interesting thing that you will be able to tap is on the “flow of instructions”. The Matrix is designed to use everyone as a pawn for the Establishment agenda. But the moment you start the tracking … you obstruct and restrict the flow of instructions. 
  • Positive and Negative. You will very easily know who the positive and negative members are around you. You will know their game even before they play it. 
  • Tracking the Second Level. The people who are used as pawns at the ground level … this is the most basic level. By tracking the flow of instructions, you are reaching the second level in the Matrix. You are reaching the instructional level. Who is this guy? Why is he giving these instructions? What is his connection to the subject and the pawn? You will be able to investigate a higher second level in the Matrix.

Criminals – Back off and Abort

Generally, what happens is … the Matrix already knows that I am asking for the tracking of phones. They are reading this while I am writing. And when the actual tracking begins … they behave like criminals. They abort and run. The second instructional level of the Matrix backs off … as no one wants to get caught and answer about this system. 

Everyone has their own understanding about this system, some think that it is the government … some think it is a parallel intelligent support system … some just call it the universe and for some it is just some relatives or friends advising them to do something. No one will give you the details of all of the levels involved and how this system works. But what everyone will do is … back off and abort the malice. 

Restriction is almost immediate

The restriction of the malice is almost immediate. Once you start tracking the communications of the people around and also of the people owning and working in the shops that I visit … you immediately get access to the entire communication in my circle. This will help in tracking almost all direct Matrix activity in my circle.

You will know of all malicious individuals in my residence as well as in my commercial circle. Since we tap communications and personal meetings … you get to restrict almost all malice in the personal and commercial circles.

Criminal Activities

I am not a criminal … I am not killing anyone or stealing anything from anyone or hurting anyone. There is no reason for anyone to be negative or vicious against me. And if you look at all Matrix activities of spying, fake setups & allegations, malice & abuse … all of these are illegal and criminal activities. They are using criminal activities to abuse simple people as well as world leaders. 

The simple winning formula to track and restrict most forms of abuse via the Matrix system is “tracking communications”. This will help you keep the entire network under control.