Seems like the Establishment is going after Ivanka’s emails. There are two things you should see in this. Firstly, how the hell does Washington Post know which email Ivanka Trump is using? How does an Establishment media company know what one of the most highly placed officials in the White House is using? This clearly points towards the spying technologies used by the Establishment … to spy in the lives of the common people and the leaders of the country.

Secondly, we cannot allow the Establishment to treat Ivanka as we allowed them to treat Hillary. There is a world of a difference between Hillary and Ivanka. Hillary is a mass murderer who took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions of innocent people. Hammering the hell out of Hillary for her email usage was a good thing. It was hardly pulling a hair out of her body compared to the actual punishment that she should get for her monstrous sins. 

Ivanka on the other side is an angel when compared to Hillary. She did not get into politics to make money for her Foundation or to destroy countries or to kill millions of people. She went into the White House only to serve as a connection between us and the President. She is doing a critical job of molding the Trump Presidency and keeping America safe. Her coordination has resulted in the stopping of wars and the beginning of nuclear disarmament of enemy states. 

She got into a vicious rat hole of Washington Politics … put her life and reputation on the line … only to be a force for good … only to save and protect people … only to make good things happen. She is the total opposite of Hillary … in terms of nature, ideas, vision, efforts and purpose. She is a lovely lovely lady that deserves full protection from Establishment malice. 

The Establishment is only trying to decimate any chances of leadership from Ivanka. They know very well that she has very good potential to take the lead after Trump. Republicans have no other powerful leader that will lead the country. The Establishment is only trying to spread their trap to include Ivanka.

We should in no way allow anyone to treat Ivanka as Hillary GodDamn Clinton. Ivanka deserves our protection, help and support in every step of the way. Even if she makes mistakes or does anything wrong … we have to be there for her. I am sure those mistakes will not be anything great compared to the fabulous work that she is doing in the White House. The Trump Presidency would have been a disaster if it was not for Ivanka’s cooperation and intervention. She is a force for good and she deserves support and protection.