The Establishment is preparing for total decimation of the Trump Presidency and jail for Trumps. And our guy doesn’t do shit to change anything. And we are supposed to track all Establishment malice coming in the next phases and prevent him from their malice? For what? Many many many SM Elements are pissed off at Trump’s inaction and they are asking me … “why the hell should we bother to save this guy? When he does not play his role and the only thing that he is doing is blowing up cash on the Establishment and himself … we are supposed to save this guy? Nobody wants Trump in the White House because we put him there so that he can play his role and he aint doing shit.” 

What are we supposed to do with this guy? The only thing he likes is blow-horns … someone standing next to him blowing his horn. Total decimation has been planned for him. Many many SM Elements are in sync with the Establishment that this guy is a total waste of time. They tell me that … “hey, we give him the media mileage because it is important for your People Power concept … but it is resulting in nothing but ridiculous noise making … which is mostly total garbage content where nothing is being done for the people. If he was fighting for the people then we would love to give this media mileage but we are putting up with garbage since the past two years. When on Earth is this guy going to change?”

The major demand that I am getting is … “you get Trump to change and then ask for us to change. Don’t expect us to put up with garbage in the White House … we want him out. If you want us to save and protect Trump then you make sure that he changes. This is not his freaking hotel. America belongs to 330 Million people and if he cannot hear us then he doesn’t need to be in the White House.”

Now, how am I supposed to say no to that? Since 10 years I have been training SM Elements to follow the “facts and logic” … follow facts and logic … follow facts and logic. The entire movement has been based on facts and logic. And there is nothing that Trump is doing that deserves support for a second term. We are pushing him again and again to change … to lead … and to fight for his people. That’s the only thing that I can do from my side. I can only show where the malice is and tell him to play his role.

Some SM Elements that support him are feeling very bad. They say that … “hey, we installed this guy in the White House and this was one of the biggest victories of our movement. You are supposed to work with Trump and he is supposed to lead with your policies and take America to new heights. Losing Trump means wasting of 4 years and the delay of our program by 4 years. Decimation of the Trump Presidency means that we have to wait for the next President to get in sync with the work. That’s again a lot of work and time required.”

This argument is true but for things to move forward everyone needs to play their role. I know you guys put a lot of effort in pulling Trump in the White House. It is a genuine victory only if Trump plays his role. If he does not play his role then probably you should have prepared him better for the role. While we push Trump to play his role … you should not waste time and prepare the next President to 

  • Understand the scenario and malice
  • Understand our role
  • Understand what the US President’s role is
  • Understand Putin and Russia’s role
  • And understand the role of media, people and SM Networks

Don’t allow time to be wasted. We can’t afford wasting time for “on the job training” for the next President as well. This ongoing “on the job training” is resulting in many shocks, surprises and misunderstanding with Trump himself. He is getting shockers on what the hell is going on and he is jumping on different tracks every now and then. He is more scared than prepared to handle the scenario. 

The only places where Trump is taking action is where the Establishment is not affected. 

  • Border Wall and Immigrants. Doesn’t affect the Establishment and Trump is in action.
  • Syria and North Korea. Doesn’t affect the Establishment and Trump is in action.
  • Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Latinos. Doesn’t affect the Establishment and Trump comes in action.
  • And then you have a long list of favors that only benefit the Establishment

If you see the above … Trump is more scared than prepared to handle the Establishment. Trump was definitely the better choice when compared to Hillary. Choosing Trump was not wrong … choosing Trump was definitely the right thing to do. But he also needs to show some courage in standing up for the people.

Don’t waste time in a queue to prepare one President after another. Start preparing the next “set of candidates” for President. Don’t rely only on one guy to become President and do what is right. Prepare a set of candidates … doesn’t matter who gets elected, he should be our candidate. This way you will save a lot of time.

We are not going to push Trump a lot. This is going to be his call. He is in a sinking ship. We are just a hairline away to rescue him. We are not going to gag him, tie his hands & legs and put him in the rescue boat. No, we are not going to do that. He has seen everything very clearly. If he wants total decimation of his Presidency, a wave of investigations that will last for years to come and possible jail time … then that is his choice. He is a hairline away from phenomenal victories … if he chooses this then it is his choice. 

He will either define a decimation for himself or a dynasty for himself. We are a force for good. We will always show the two paths ahead … the path with total trash and garbage … and also a path with glory and greatness. This is our job when world leaders and politicians are concerned. We promise greatness and glory for every leader that follows us. We will continue to do our job … invite Trump towards greatness and glory. It will be his choice.

I know, it is sad to see that SM Elements are getting in sync with the Establishment seeing Trump’s inaction. But there is a way to pull them on our side. The most important request from their side is to see “Trump play his role”. I will try to help Trump play his role.