Did a good job in maintaining good crowds in Trump rallies. His reaching out to the people and interacting with the people is a good thing. It should be appreciated, encouraged and supported. It will help on both fronts. On one side … it will help Trump realize that he can get good public support when he has the right policies. It will give him courage and the support that he needs to win in the policy creation phase. He will have more confidence in winning using public support. 

And on the other side, the people will know that there is a guy in the White House that listens. He cares for the people and the country … and he is willing to fight for what is right for his people & country. This will create a fantastic chemistry between Trump and the American people. 

This chemistry will have two major benefits for both sides.

  • Trump Dynasty. The Republican Party is already becoming a Party of Trump. If we continue on this then it will easily help in the creation of a Trump Dynasty. We don’t have any powerful leaders on the Republican side and Ivanka is phenomenal Presidential material. People will love her as the next Trump President.
  • Great America via Great Policies. Trump has started with a few moves. Once he starts forming more and more policies in favor of the people … the end result will be the creation of a phenomenal America that will be great for the people. 

Trump wins by getting a Dynasty … and the people win by getting phenomenal policies. It’s a win-win solution. Right now, there is no other great fighter in the scene that will fight for America. And the people are already loving this style and approach of Trump. The ongoing chemistry is really good.

This phase is all about policies. If Trump takes up the policies then we don’t need Elizabeth Warren in the scene. She should wait it out till 2024. And I don’t think that Warren will even want to challenge Trump when Trump comes in full force with many people-centric policies. She will be wasting her time challenging Trump in that case. 

In all cases … it is good to encourage Trump’s interactivity with the people. We need leaders who listen to the people.