Well, my dear wonderful ladies … congratulations. Here is something that you might not have noticed. We have successfully averted all possible genocidal disasters. This was the Establishment’s number one priority … to facilitate a catastrophic disaster in America, Europe and Russia. Well, the Establishment has failed and we have succeeded splendidly.

The Establishment made several attempts to design major conflicts.

  • With massive military buildup near the Russian border … to piss off and infuriate Russia
  • Repeatedly design chemical attacks in Syria … to expand the war in the Middle East
  • Designed risky missile tests in North Korea … which would lead to a Nuclear War
  • Tried to squeeze Iran on its Nuclear Program … which would lead to a catastrophic war that would also involve Russia in the next phase

We have succeeded against this widespread Establishment … mainly because … we understood their ideology, tactics and their future plans. Succeeding against the world’s trillionaires who hold enormous media and political powers … clearly shows “doing what is right” is still a more powerful force that unites us all … and it defeats doesn’t matter who the asshole is on the other end. It doesn’t matter how much money or power he has. The American Spirit of “fighting for what is right” has succeeded.

Technically, this should have been accomplished during Obama’s Second Term itself. But this malice was so widespread and complicated that it took several years just to avert genocidal disasters. It required:

  • The understanding of the ideology, tactics and future plans of this malicious Satanic Establishment
  • The activation of the Silent Majorty in various spheres of life
  • Cooperation of Obamas and the Democrats
  • The involvement of Putin and Russia in world leadership
  • And then cooperation of Trump and Ivanka
  • The active involvement of Intervention Forces around the world including the media, intelligence, legal networks and European leaders
  • And most important of all … the Almighty God

A Fantastic Equilibrium of Forces
We are … at the moment … maintaining a fantastic equilibrium of forces that is successfully thwarting all major genocidal steps of the Establishment. Thanks to the Almighty God … for connecting all of us and facilitating this cooperation … where simple politicians, media agencies and ordinary people are able to defeat one of the most powerful and richest entities of our time.

Establishment Monopoly still exists
While we realize that we have succeeded in Phase One of the work … which was stopping genocidal disasters … we must also realize that the monopoly of this malicious and Satanic Establishment is still intact. Which means that, they may still continue their aggressive moves of:

  • Designing wars and friction between countries
  • Running massive anti-Trump and anti-Russia campaigns
  • Going after Trumps with lawsuits and investigations
  • Keeping the world deviated and occupied with shocking events

But then again … if they continue to do this … we know very well who is playing what move. We know who they are and what they want.

Moving on to Phase Two
The Establishment might try their gimmicks … but we have repeatedly again and again succeeded against them. We have the network in place … we have a good number of decision makers in place … and we can again thwart their genocidal moves.

Having contained the Establishment’s genocidal moves … we are pretty much geared up to move into Phase Two … a “Phase of Reforms”. Now, we can actively look at all of the malicious exploitation systems that they have setup in our country and in our world. We can actively start hammering out each of these systems one by one.

Now is the time we start picking each tiger … one by one … and start dissecting them.

Leadership Opportunities
This work can be taken forward via several leadership modes. This is what we all must realize, accept and encourage.

  • World Leadership by Putin and Russia. Had it not been for Putin to use Russian world leadership … had he not got involved … then we would still be fighting against ISIS in several countries. Putin’s involvement in world leadership has brought peace and stability in the world. Putin and Russia are one of the most important elements … owing to which we have this phase of peace and stability where we can defeat an otherwise powerful Establishment. Putin is able to provide this kind of leadership to the world … mainly because he is “Establishment independent”. The Establishment cannot run their gimmicks against Putin in Russia. This makes Putin a very powerful and independent force that can do “what is right” for the world in this project. We must all accept and encourage Russian world leadership. They will play a very critical role and they will be a very powerful force that the Establishment cannot touch. Infact, the Establishment fears Russia and Putin.
  • Trump and Ivanka. The next most important leadership elements in this project can be Trump and Ivanka. Yes, Trump has not initiated any policy yet. But this is what you must realize about Trump … once he knows what he is doing … if he knows that it is going to benefit the people and the country … then he will go in with a punch. He doesn’t wait … he doesn’t stall … he goes right for it. He has used his Executive powers several times to do what is right for America. All Trump needs is the right policies on his table and he will go for it. And Ivanka is excellent Presidential material. She is a force for good in the White House … she will be phenomenal … people already love her. Ivanka should be encouraged in leadership roles … it will be great for the Trump Presidency and she will be great for the country. She is potentially one of the next Presidents of the United States.
  • Obamas and the Democrats. I think one of the reasons Obama became President at a very young age … is so that he witnesses this Establishment ideology and malice … and then in the future terms, he becomes the guiding light for the Democratic Party. Though Obama is not President … the Obamas can be the backbone that guide Democratic Leadership. It is quite unlikely that Trump will not take the leadership role in the project. But just in case, he does not lead then it creates a fantastic leadership platform for Democratic candidates. It becomes their winning card.
  • Silent Majority Connectivity. In all scenarios, SM Connectivity must be maintained. You guys are my Lions. This work would have been nearly impossible without SM Connectivity. It is the SM Connectivity that has brought the White House and the Kremlin together. It is this connectivity that maintains the right flow in political networks, media, intelligence and legal networks … to some extent till date. Doesn’t matter which politician takes the lead … it might be Putin or Trump or Elizabeth Warren … we must maintain SM Connectivity and keep hammering out Establishment puppets from key decision making positions. This is a fantastic ongoing work that you guys are doing … kicking out puppets and replacing them with people-centric candidates. This ground level work that we are doing … this is what will build the platform for the success of the politicians. This work is incredibly important … it must be continued and spread across every sphere possible. Doesn’t matter which politician comes and goes … we should be able to move the country in the right direction.

The Baffled Establishment
If you guys have realized … we are actually defining a new world order right now. Lol. The Establishment is baffled as to how their damn gimmicks are not working! They still own everything but it is not working for them. They still control many politicians across America and Europe … but still they are not able to pull off their schemes despite massive media marketing. Lol. It is like … they have the powers but still don’t have the powers.

Now, you understand the dream … where the tigers became helpless like cats? We were going out there and picking up the tiger in our arms as if it was as harmless as a cat. It was an actual tiger … but it had no powers. The tigers just stood there baffled as to what was going on.

Yes, this is exactly where we are headed. This is just the beginning part of it. Yes, these tigers will literally be totally powerless and they will not be able to do us any harm. I will show you how. The key that was shown in this dream was that … “several countries” were working together on these tigers. Doesn’t matter who leads … the key to making these tigers powerless … the key to making Establishment elements powerless at a global scale … is several countries working together on these tigers.

This is the main reason we try to unite and tell the White House to coordinate with Europe and Russia. Cooperation of G8 countries is important in this project. The key leaders are Russia and America … but eventually they will have to work with G8 and then with the UN after that.

Hearty Congratulations!
So, hearty congratulations to everyone and a big thanks to the Almight God … for the successful completion of Phase One. Now, we plan to move into Phase Two.