"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." - Mother Teresa

You know … when I was a kid … I read one of Mother Teresa’s sayings … she said “after pain comes happiness” ... or something like that. I didn’t understand what she meant. I was like … how can you be happy when you are in pain? Pain is the opposite of happiness and she is saying … after pain comes happiness. I had no idea what she was talking about.

As I grew up … I faced some difficulties in my life and I found a way to overcome those difficulties. I would be in emotional or psychological pain when those difficulties would come … but when I would overcome them … then I would be happy. Its then I realized what Mother Teresa was talking about. She was not saying that … pain is happiness … she was saying after pain comes happiness. She was talking about overcoming pain and difficulties in life. Once you overcome the pain, the fear and the difficulties … then you become a stronger, a more powerful and a happier person. If that difficulty comes again … you know exactly how to handle it. And that’s what she was saying … after pain comes happiness.

I saw Trump conduct a press conference recently after the UN meeting. He was smiling and very boldly dealing, managing and responding very well to the media’s barrage of negative questions. They grilled him for half an hour on Kavanaugh and Trump responded very confidently with logic and facts … on all questions. He did not allow the Establishment Media to get under his skin. 

The same Trump two years ago was a different person. He would get rattled, nervous and would not know how to manage it. You can actively see that Trump is overcoming this repeated difficulty and trying to deal it with confidence and logic. This is actually a huge leap forward in sustaining and containing Establishment attacks and malice towards the Trump Presidency. We need this confidence and courage to develop more … and we need him to become even more stronger.

So what I need you guys to do is … protect Trump’s family and children. Especially Don Jr., Ivanka, Jared and Melania. These family members are continuously under the Establishment’s scrutiny and they are continuously trying to find ways to ridicule them or bring them under legal pressure. Attacking family members is routine in Establishment ideology … these guys are low-level scum. In fact, this is not constrained to Trump’s family … this ideology is implemented at a widespread level wherever they rule.

Attacking families in Israel and Communism

According to their ideology, we are all sheep and cattle. And we must be crushed for rising against them. They actually implement this via “law and regulations” in several countries. For example, in Israel … they will hold the entire family responsible for any crime committed by a Palestinian. They will destroy homes of Palestinians who commit any crime. They will punish the entire family for any crime or mistake of one person. 

This is done by the “government” openly and loudly against non-Jews. Why? Because as per their ideology we are animals and this is how we should be treated. If this is logical and correct behavior … then should the same be implemented on Jews who commit crime in Israel? If a Jew commits murder then should we destroy his house as well? Should we hold his family accountable as well? No, they don’t apply the same laws on themselves. It is only non-Jews that are openly crushed in this manner.


In Israel, they are just destroying homes … this is implemented at an even far worse level in Communist countries. If anyone speaks against the government, then not only he is executed … but all 3 generations of that person are executed or imprisoned. All of his siblings, his parents and grandparents … the entire family is executed or imprisoned. 

Creating fear and terror within the family unit

This is a form of “terror” that is implemented in the society … so that all family members collectively work on making sure that no one speaks against the government. This is implementing fear and terror at the family unit level. 

And this low-level scum Establishment … is trying to do the same thing to the President’s family. They are repeatedly targeting Don Jr., Jared and Ivanka … only to put fear and insecurity in their hearts. These members are being grilled by the FBI for several hours so that they remain scared and insecure. 

I need you to very strongly and forcefully secure every single member of the Trump Family … especially Don Jr., Jared, Ivanka and Melania. We need Trump’s confidence to keep on building … we need his courage to rise … we need him bold, powerful, logical and intelligent. We do not want him in any fear or insecurity … especially when his own family is concerned.

It is simple common sense. What father can focus on doing what is right … when his own son and daughter are being grilled by the FBI for several hours. It does not make sense. These vicious and low-level gimmicks of the Establishment need to be controlled and contained. We cannot allow them to run their shitty games wherever they want and put fear in whomever they want. I need you to strongly protect Trump’s family.