These guys are haters of God and religion. They will try to demonize my religion … and the fact that I am a Muslim or that I pray or that I read the Quran or whatever. These guys, in reality, are Satanists. They demonize God, religion and also demonize those who follow God and religion. 

It is totally normal and very routine for billions of Christians and Muslims to go to the Church or Mosque … and to read the Bible or the Quran. Billions of people around the world do this almost every day. But our genius Establishment’s “mind games” are such that they will try to show God and religion as a threat.

When in reality, factions of the same Establishment:

  • Are promoting Satanism and setting up Satanic temples in the USA as we speak … in the name of religious freedom
  • Running a massive multi-billion dollar Porn Industry … in the name of liberty and freedom
  • Promoting LGBTQ … in the name of equality and rights for everyone

They are actively doing everything “against” God and Religion … in the name of freedom, liberty and human rights. And at the same time, they are running a mass propaganda around the world that suppresses God, Religion, the Church and Islam. The same guys are running different groups under different pretexts … but under a common Satanic agenda.

Interestingly, you will find that this Establishment is “actively” against God and pro-Satan. Repeatedly again and again … through time, through policies and through action … they show themselves as against God and pro Satan. And the moment, you point out this … they will immediately jump behind the Jewish umbrella saying … “no, no, no … we are Jews … we are the chosen people … we are the descendants of Moses” … and bla bla bla. Their games are all about skins and layers … defending themselves under different skins … and running their malice under different skins is their game.

And what scares them the most about God, religion and people who love God and religion is that … we are all people-centric. God is people-centric … religion is people-centric and people who follow God and religion are people-centric. And when people who love God setup systems … those systems are also people-centric. And the truth about all Establishment systems is that … they are abusive towards people … they are exploitation systems that only leech wealth from the public and the country … that only result in disasters for the country. Their systems and paths only result in economic disasters and genocide for countries. 

It is they actually who hate and fear God and religion … so what they do is … they try to put this fear among the common people in the Matrix. “Ah look … the guy is a Muslim … he is praying … ow my God! … he reads the Quran … ow my God! … do you want to follow him? Ow my God!” What is this … this is “reverse psychology”. It is actually their fear … they know very well that God and people-centric systems will destroy all of their petty, crappy and shitty systems. They are taking that fear and putting it in your hearts under different bogus mental gimmicks. 

You can see throughout their history … this is what they have been doing. 

  • Promoting decadence, drugs, porn and LGBTQ in the West
  • Destroying thousands of Churches and killing tens of thousands of Priests in Communist countries
  • Promoting Atheism in all Communist countries and actively suppressing God and religion in every way possible

They have enormous amounts of hate and fear against God and religion. Their history of more than a thousand years shows this. Under no pretext allow them to demonize or create fear against any religion or God. Don’t fall for such mind games. Don’t end up being the hands of the devil. 

This shit show that they ran against Islam … under the pretext of Al Qaeda and ISIS … only resulted in:

  • The draining of trillions of dollars from Western countries
  • Deaths of thousands of American soldiers in shitty battles
  • Return of more than a million American soldiers with PTSD
  • Genocide for all target countries
  • Destruction of hundreds of billions of worth of property
  • Deaths of millions of people
  • And displacement of tens of millions of people

All of this was done in the name of Islam and that Islam is bad. Well hello … your Radical Islam propaganda has been vaporized and the War on Terror is toast. Islam still exists … billions of people still follow Islam and there is peace in the world. The entire agenda was a total bogus bullshit propaganda. If it has done anything even worse is that … it has pulled the West closer to a war against Russia more than ever before. It has pulled the West close to its termination. 

Don’t get carried away with mental voodoo games. Understand who these guys are. If you understand their roots then it becomes very easy to break down their plans and schemes.

Changing propagandas every week

Let me show you what they are doing so that you will understand their malice. 

  • He is here for the girls. These are routine mind games. At whichever place it may be … this is the first step. “He is here for the girls” … they run this in the Matrix. Everyone keeps an eye and sees that I am not dating anyone. And this turns into a divisive propaganda … “ah, he does not like you … he likes Iranian … nah, nah … he likes Chinese … nah, nah … he likes Indian … he does not even like you … that’s why he doesn’t even bother to date you”. They try to create division in the society to build up hate.
  • He is gay! After a few weeks … they notice that I am not dating anyone … then this propaganda turns into “he is gay!” Just a few weeks ago … I was all about girls … now I am gay supposedly. 
  • He is too religious! When even the gay propaganda has no truth in it … then the propaganda becomes “he is too religious!” The same guys … they said that I was all about girls … then they said … I am gay … and now they say I am too religious. Now, what is the truth here? Girls, gay or religious?

The truth is that … all of the above are negative mental voodoo games run via the Matrix. All of them have a common purpose of “demonizing the subject” … to create a negative image out of him and make a threat out of him to reduce his legitimacy. If you can delegitimize a person then you can stop people from following him. This has been a major concern for the Establishment that a huge section in the Matrix is very keenly interested in what I say and many of them follow me. 

In order to do anything negative to you … they have to create some bogus reason. Based upon this bogus reason they can inflict the negative action. It is the same desperate Establishment crawling to find something against me. That’s why they keep jumping from one propaganda to another … just to see which works. One week I was about girls … next few weeks I am gay … and now … ow my God … I am so super religious. Lol.