So, they are saying that they are going to “make me better”, is it? Okay fine … the first question that you must ask is … make me better in what? In exactly what they will make me better? There is absolutely nothing on the website … other than:

  • Who are the troublemakers and
  • What problems they are creating

The entire website is nothing but a “problem statement”. I have already written more than a 1000 pages on the problem statement … isn’t that enough? They want another 1000 pages with more explanation? Wasn’t 1000 pages enough for anyone to understand the problem? Lol.

A Credit Taking Hoax

In reality … “making me better” is nothing but a credit taking hoax. It’s a very old gimmick that was used even under the Obama Administration … about 6 years ago. It’s a Matrix based hoax. What they were basically doing was … abusing me. They would tweak my food, drinks, water, increase EMF in my apartment and do everything possible to stop my work. This would include trying to brainwash me and even attempting to take my memory away … so that I would simply stop this work of stopping wars and helping the US President. 

And when I would complain about this abuse … they would say … “nah, we are actually making him better”. Which was nothing but a total garbage statement. As per their statement … what they claim is:

  • They are making me better
  • Giving me great ideas
  • And guiding me in my work

I said okay fine … if this is your claim … then here is an open challenge for you. 

  • Stop making me better … I don’t need your help
  • Stop giving me any ideas … I don’t need your ideas
  • And I don’t need any of your “guidance”
  • Instead, whatever great ideas that you have … give them directly to Obama

Why are you picking one guy that lives on the other side of the Ocean and putting ideas in his head … and then the US President is supposed to follow this person? It is simply too cumbersome. If you are the one who is making me better, giving me all ideas and guiding me … then just stop it … and directly give all of the information to Obama himself. Why follow this lengthy procedure? Obama is a great guy and he is doing everything good that is possible for his country … directly help Obama.

And guess what … they couldn’t come up with a single solution for any problem whatsoever. In fact, Obama was misguided on paths that they already knew would fail. That’s the guidance that they gave to Obama. 

Some noticeable improvement

You will find some noticeable improvement in my writings since the past two years. It’s not because they “made me better”. It is mainly because about two years ago I did some study on strategies, problem-solving and decision making. I am applying those strategies in presenting the same problem statement. That’s why the content seems more structured and well presented. 

When I start writing about the problems ... SM Networks will collect more connecting information and provide those inputs. But collectively, the work is still all about the problem statement. There are no solutions whatsoever.

The Satanic Establishment is terrified of my dreams

What you should understand is that … this is not just a “Jewish” Establishment. It is actually a Satanic Establishment … they literally follow Satan and hate God & religion. They see God as an enemy and they see religion as an enemy to all of their works and systems. Which is why … they have destroyed thousands of Churches in Communist countries around the world and wherever they went … they promoted Atheism. Because all of their systems are about abusing people and extracting the wealth of the country and the people. All of their systems result in massive debts for the people and the country. Which is exactly the existing situation in America and Europe … there is more than a $1 Trillion student loan debt … more than $1 Trillion in Credit Card debt … more than $3 Trillion in Mortgage Debt … and more than $21 Trillion in National Debt in America alone. All of their works create nothing but debt and crisis for the people and the country.

And since God is about doing good things for the country and the people … God is about helping people … God is about empowering people … God is about doing good and positive things … God becomes a natural enemy for this criminal Establishment. They are on a total contrast with God. 

If you see their history … some people among them have “killed Prophets” just because God comes in the way of their money. They have literally killed Prophets just because God comes in the way of their material life. Because they know very well that when these Prophets rise … all of their systems get demolished. So, their solution is … instead of seeing the Prophet rise … just kill the guy and save their systems of self-benefit.

When I started talking about the dreams that I had … it literally scared the shit out of the Establishment. They were like … “hey, here is a nice positive guy … who is having all of these dreams … these dreams are giving an exact representation of our exploitation systems … and he is being asked to work for the solutions for these systems. This guy is a direct threat to our systems. We cannot allow him to rise.”

They could not kill me directly because I already had massive publicity in the Matrix and the majority of the Matrix is formed by Christians and other non-Jews. The majority of the Matrix … that is SM … turned towards protecting me. Whatever the Establishment had to do … it had to move through the Matrix. It had to be justified as the “right thing to do”.

Reverse Psychology

So, they started using Reverse Psychology to use the Matrix and also to defend their malice. Here are some examples:

  • We are making him better. No, hell no … this is garbage information. They are actually abusing me, holding me back and not allowing my work to move forward. And when I talk about it … they will scream … “no, no, no … we are helping him and making him better”. This excuse is given so that the Matrix does not get pissed off at them. If the Matrix starts hammering them they will become like Harvey Weinstein. 
  • We are giving him the ideas. This is again bullshit. Because I still continue the work despite their abuse … because no one is stopping these wars and someone has to stand up. And the stuff that I write is very good. When good stuff is done … someone has to take credit. So, they will try to own my work by saying that “we are giving him the ideas”. The truth is … there is no idea out there … the whole thing is nothing but a problem statement since right from the beginning. I have not written any solutions whatsoever.
  • Give him cash & he will start dating. This is another old gimmick designed to thwart my cash flow. It seems if I get more clients in my personal business … then I will start dating. So the right thing to do as per them is … don’t give him any cash and throttle all of his finances. This is financial abuse. Point number one … I don’t need to spend money to get a date. I look quite good and I can get a lot of girls without spending any money. In fact, girls themselves flirt with me in almost every city I go to. Point number two … I don’t date because of the security issue in the work. Money is not the criteria here. But then again … the Establishment’s work is not about the truth … it is about reverse psychology … abuse the person and pretend as if you are doing something good.
  • Terrified about cooperation from Trump & Putin. The above activities were being run when I had not structured a plan to break their monopoly. Now, I have a full structured plan to break their monopoly in almost every sphere of life in almost every country in the world. This scares the shit out of the Satanic Establishment. They themselves know that this work will be immensely successful and that there will be overwhelming support for this work. That’s why they do everything possible and run every gimmick possible so that there is no cooperation from Trump, Putin or any world leader for our work. Because the moment this cooperation begins … then their end days begin.
  • If he asks for cooperation then it should be rejected. It seems that I am not supposed to ask for cooperation from the White House or the Kremlin. If I am asking for this cooperation then my request should be rejected. This is another mental gimmick. They know very well that the obvious next step in the work will be to ask for cooperation from the White House and the Kremlin. This is the obvious next step. What they are doing is … “demonizing” the next obvious step. It is like a mass epidemic in the country that is going to affect millions of people … and the doctors who know how to handle this epidemic are asking for cooperation. As per the Establishment … every time these doctors ask for cooperation, you should reject their request. What will happen to this epidemic? The situation will never get solved and the debt crisis will keep getting worse. Which is exactly what is happening … the debt crisis is only getting worse.
  • He should not ask for finance. It seems … I should not ask for cooperation nor should I ask for financial support. “Why does he want money … is he doing this for money?” This is another attempt to demonize the next obvious step. They are trying to demonize the financial aspect of the work … as if I am looting a bank or stealing from someone. Point number one … I have already generated hundreds of billions for America and Russia. We are not asking for something that we don’t already deserve. Point number two … there are noble professions where you get to do good work and also make your money … like teachers and doctors. If you are an excellent heart specialist … does it mean that you have to work for free now? Who will pay for the hospital expenses, salaries, equipment and medical supplies? This is another mental gimmick where … something that is positive is shown as negative.
  • Anti-Trump and Anti-Russian Agenda. It is for the same reasons why Trump and Putin are continuously attacked by the Establishment. This is “reverse psychology” in action. The bad guys are demonizing the good guys. The bad guys are saying that the good guys are bad. And they are doing this at a global scale. All of these are Establishment’s gimmicks and mind games.

No, I am not a Prophet

Just to clarify … no, I am not a Prophet. I just got some good dreams and I just do some good work. That too … when it comes to the dreams … I have strictly told SM Networks not to follow the dreams. The dreams are strictly meant for me. I have told them to follow only facts, logic and intelligence. I share info on dreams only on a friendly basis. See what is happening at the ground level and do what is right. Don’t sit and wait for the dreams to come true … look at the facts and play your role as per your skill sets. Everyone needs to stand up and contribute via their skill sets in making a better world.