Okay now … what is going on in the Matrix? Women support me and men oppose me? Seriously? Where did they get this formula from? This is the most ridiculous mass level of misleading done by the Establishment in the Matrix.

Okay, I wrote that there was a “Lioness” in my dream protecting me and helping me in my work. I also said that it was in the feminine nature to be more protective and caring than the males. But I never said that this is a “womens only project”. I am not setting up a lipstick company that caters to only women. My work helps the entire country … all men, women and children included irrespective of race, color and religion. 

I guess this is what is going on … some malicious elements picked these points about my dreams:

  • His work is supported by women
  • Women are more caring and protective
  • Men are about respect and authority

Therefore, women should support and men should oppose him and his work. This is the most ridiculous interpretation ever.

  • The only reason why a Lioness is shown in the dream is because … yes, women are more caring and protective. But it does not mean that men don’t care and don’t protect. 
  • Yes, men be concerned about respect and authority also but that is only 2% of the man. 98% of the man still fights to protect the women and children of his family. Just because some men think about authority it does not mean that men don’t protect or don’t care about others.
  • Secondly, in the next dream where the tigers’ skins are ripped off … almost all of the people working on it were men. Only one or two of them were women … rest all of them are men. Why wasn’t this dream also considered in this interpretation … if they actually wanted to interpret the dreams that is?
  • Lastly, in the final dream … it was the “male lion” that greets me and congratulates me on my victory against a long list of exploitation systems of the Establishment. 

Men are actively involved in the project every where. The “Lioness” does not represent one person … it refers to the entire network that is spread all across America, Europe and the world. The female nature is shown only because this work requires a lot of “care and protection” from malicious elements of the world. It was shown to make me comfortable in working with SM Networks … as before I hated working with the Matrix. I had no regards or concern for it … and I did not want it involved in my life at all. At that stage I got this dream saying that … “no, no, no … they will be a protective shield for you in this work”. It was the representation of the entire Matrix … of everyone who would do what is right, who would stand up for what is right and help in doing what is right … men and women included. 

Yes, women might be on the forefront in the security aspect … but it does not mean that it is a “womens only” project. That would be ridiculous interpretation. I will give you a hint of how to interpret a dream. If it is a good dream and it is suggesting something positive … then it should be in accordance to what God wants. Examples will help:

  • Is empowering people a good thing? Yes, God will want that.
  • Is stopping exploitation and abusive systems a good thing? Yes, God will want that.
  • Is stopping unnecessary wars a good thing? Yes, God will want that.
  • Is creating fantastic systems for the people a good thing? Yes, God will want that.
  • Is doing great things for the people a good thing? Yes, God will want that.
  • Is helping weak and poor countries that cannot defend themselves a good thing? Yes, God will want that.
  • Is saving the lives of millions of people a good thing? Yes, God will want that.
  • Is pulling leaders towards doing what is right a good thing? Yes, God will want that.

I don’t follow any dream just out of the blue. I am a facts based person. I need my facts and I need hardcore truth and evidence. I don’t follow anything just because I got a dream. I look at the corresponding facts in real time … I see the law and I see what God would want … will this result in something fantastic for the people? And then I work on it. 

Now, let’s take a look at this recent interpretation of “women support and men oppose”. Is this what you think that God wants? That men and women should be in conflict with each other? Is this why God created men and women? So that women do one thing and the men should oppose it? This interpretation only creates conflict and friction … it is a malicious interpretation that only helps the Establishment and divides us. It is simply ridiculous to interpret anything like this … let alone following it.

So, is this why I am getting so many “gay setups” designed around me … because men are supposed to be against me? Is this why men are being cocky and negative at so many places? Good heavens … this is so ridiculous.

This is a malicious and false interpretation designed to divide us. This project helps every single human being in the country … all men, women and children included. It is all of our responsibility to stand up for what is right and create the right changes for our country. It is not a women’s job to fix the country nor is it only a men’s job to fix the country. Today the responsibility lies on all of us. It is our country and we the people need to lead in fixing the country.

We should not allow malicious elements to mislead us and divide us. Everyone steps in with their own skill sets … it might be men or women … schools or Churches … media or companies … politicians or common men. Everyone has their own skill sets to contribute. Focus on how you can help and support with your own unique skills … and don’t allow malicious elements to create division and friction.