If you don’t want to work with us then no problem. But this is what you should know … the Establishment is not one entity … it is only an ideological connection. The same type of malice will be carried out by the bankers, war contractors, defense companies, corporations and so on … it is only because of the ideological connection. Because they have been trained with the same history, practices and ideology. 

But if you start hammering one entity … don’t think that others will stand against you. It is every thief for himself … which is why almost all of the manufacturing is located in China. Nobody supports the Central Bankers located in Israel. If the Central Bankers go down then all of their industries get affected. Everyone thinks for themselves and protect themselves. At the end of the day … it is a “criminal ideology” … every unit works for itself.

I am telling you this because … you might have cash deals with the defense companies but it does not mean that you cannot take action against the manufacturers in China. It is the same Establishment but both of them are separate units. You can dismantle one unit of the Establishment while continuing with your cash deals with the other unit. If one thief goes down, it does not mean that the other thief will also go down protecting the first one. No, they don’t have that much loyalty or connection.

The biggest drawback in your efforts to dismantle Establishment units is that … “you have cash deals with some units”. You don’t need to worry about your cash deals. Your cash deals can remain intact. You have to change nothing when it comes to your cash deals. 

Just because you have some cash deals with one or two Establishment units … it does not mean that you allow other units to hammer you ruthlessly. For example … the media or the legal networks or Mueller or intelligence or government units … you don’t have to put up with all of them. Don’t allow your cash deals with one unit to come in the way of hammering another unit. This is your biggest drawback and misunderstanding … which is why you are lacking severely in the legal and media circles.

The Establishment’s double victory

The Establishment is getting a double victory by making you think that “the Mueller Investigation is run by the Democrats”. When in reality most of the staff in Mueller’s Investigations are Jews or hardcore Establishment supporters. Rosenstein is a Jew … Diane Feinstein is a Jew … Mueller himself could be a Jew. This is how they form teams. They pull in Establishment Jews or hardcore Establishment supporters and run their propaganda.

The entire Mueller Investigation about the “Russia Collusion” is a propaganda run by a pack of Jews and Establishment supporters. Russia Collusion is only a pretext to start this massive investigation against the Trump Presidency. They have not placed any charges against any US citizen for any Russian Collusion activity yet … and it has been about 2 years already. Using this pretext of “collusion” … they are pulling people under the investigation and attacking them on other unrelated crimes. 

It might be Flyn, Manafort or Cohen … none of them have been charged on colluding with Russia. This is exactly what they are planning to do for the Trump Team members and family members as well. To pull you under the investigation and hammer you on other unrelated crimes … like tax evasion, bank fraud and other financial glitches. 

This is an “Establishment activity”. By making you think that … no, no, no, it is the Democrats who are doing this:

  • Firstly, they are pushing you away from taking any action on the Establishment … which means that the Establishment will remain in its fullest strength in all media, legal, intelligence, corporate and government networks. Our work empowers non-Establishment elements and weakens the Establishment in all of these networks. When you don’t work with us then the Establishment remains in its fullest strength.
  • Secondly, when they have their full powers, they are hammering Trump with their fullest strength … more and more lawsuits, indictments and criminal charges.

They are getting a “double victory” by making you think that Mueller is run by Democrats. Your efforts will be misdirected in hostility towards the Democrats, while the Establishment remains in full power and continues to hammer your family and Administration.

If any of your advisers is giving you this information that Mueller is run by Democrats then you should give that guy a kick in the nuts. Coz he doesn’t know shit and he is maintaining you in ignorance that is only harmful for you. 

If you don’t want to work with us then don’t. But understand what is destroying you. Use some logic and facts to understand the reality. 

  • Point number one … don’t allow your cash deals to come in the way in hammering other Establishment units. They are all separate bunch of thieves that take care of their own interests.
  • Point number two … the more you allow the Establishment to remain in monopoly in the media, government, intelligence and corporate networks, then the more they can hammer you with the fullest force.
  • Point number three … the Democrats themselves had a very difficult time with the Establishment. They have absolutely no capability to run something like the Mueller’s Investigation. If you keeping thinking this, you will be continuously misled and your efforts will be in the wrong direction.

Understand the reality that you face … it will help you solve your problems and lead successfully. Help your dad.