Dear lovely lady … “fight back?” … you want me to fight back? Lol. Do you think that I am fighting against you? No, no, no … it is not like that.

Our primary enemy is only the Establishment. If you see all of our writings and the entire website … it is all about the Establishment. Nowhere we are trying to show that the American people or the White House or the American President is the enemy. That is not there in the concept itself. You are getting it all wrong.

If you see all of our writings then we are talking about:

  • Establishment ideology
  • Establishment misleading
  • Establishment monopoly
  • Establishment control
  • Establishment benefits
  • Establishment history

The entire project is focused on criminal systems designed by the Establishment. In fact, this is the first thing … I told SM Networks … this is the first thing I told the Obamas … this is the first thing that I told Putin. Otherwise, Americans were thinking that all of this was Bush’s fault. They were thinking that Bush was the fool. And these smart asses were trying to demonize America in Russia. They were trying to show that … “America and NATO are the enemies … look, they want war … look at the military buildup … look at the sanctions”. We had to show Putin that there is absolutely no aggression from America or Europe … and all of this aggression is designed via Establishment puppets that are spread across America and Europe.

Just like you are facing this battle of understanding who the enemy is … Obama went through it … SM went through it and even Putin went through it. This phase is important where you understand where the aggression is coming from. Then only your next moves will be correct. You can see that Obama made all of the right moves to make sure that there is no war with Russia … SM is making all of the right moves to bring in non-Establishment elements in the Congress … Putin is making all of the right moves to create better relations for Russia. Understanding your enemy is the most important part of this phase.

If you get that then all of your next steps fall into place. If you think that … no, no, no, Obama is doing all of this and not the Establishment … then you will move towards the Establishment again and you get more aggression from them. And this cycle keeps on repeating. If Putin thought that Obama was the culprit then there would be war already.

We wrote a few articles about you that were a little bit tough only to press on the wrong moves that you were making … so that you fix the issues and do what is right. We know that you are not the Establishment. There is no battle with the White House. The White House is not the enemy here. The bad guys are someone else. Why do you think I am going to “fight back” against you? I am not at war with you. 

In fact, we are trying to protect you and defend you from this shitty situation that the Establishment has put you in. You are facing things that are 100 times more difficult than Obama. Trust me, Obama had it very very easy. He has absolutely no legal tangles to deal with. We never had to predict lawsuits and jail for Obama. Just because the Establishment is working on that track for the Trump Presidency … we are having to alert you on these issues. We have been alerting this to you since two years ago. We already told you that all of this would happen. We told you about their plans a long time ago.

It’s not that you didn’t pull any strings to help our work. I know … I have several reports that you did pull strings to help our work and get finance for us. It’s a different issue that it did not get realized for some reason or the other. 

Always keep in mind that we are not your enemy. You are not our target. If we show any wrong moves that you might be taking … it is only to defend you from Establishment misleading. And there is absolutely no one out there who will help you with this … none of your advisers or military generals or political gurus or White House staff or intelligence community … absolutely no one knows these issues … no one will predict these issues … no one will warn you two years ahead of time what will happen next … other than us and God.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that … following one website will not help you at all. It will only help dodge wars. Following the website was the norm during the Obama Era … because that era was all about stopping wars. Stopping wars can be easily done by the President as he is the Commander in Chief … he holds the control over the entire war. But issues related to Establishment Monopoly cannot be solved via one website. There are too many factors into place when it comes to monopoly. You need an entire system to beat a system … an entire system that is supported politically, financially and that is totally secure legally. It is only then that this monopoly issue can be addressed and worked upon.

There is no hacking and no shortcuts for this. The entire process needs to be put into place and you have to be ready to manage the entire system … which means tens of thousands of companies under each module. If you are thinking that with just one website you got it all, then they are fooling you.

With every little bit of information that I reveal … they will start jumping up and down thinking that they won and they got all the info that they needed. But that is a misleading gimmick … there are no solutions online … the entire website is nothing but a problem statement.