This is what you need to keep in mind. Mueller is Establishment Monopoly at work. This is how you can easily segment what people control and what the Establishment controls.

Here are all of the places where people are active:

  • Creating a dynasty for Trump
  • Pulling support and votes for Trump
  • Supporting positive policies of Trump
  • Bringing non-Establishment candidates in the Congress
  • Bringing in a new generation of candidates in the Congress

All of these activities are ongoing … massive levels of changes are being brought about at the ground level as we speak. The people can do this because they have the power to vote in these segments.

Here are all of the places where the Establishment is active owing to its monopoly:

  • Lawsuits
  • Investigations
  • Media Demonization
  • Turn politicians against Trump via finance
  • Create terror events
  • Promote war and conflicts
  • Create friction among countries
  • Carry out national and international false propagandas
  • Anti-Trump and anti-Russian activities
  • Turn NATO against Russia … try to turn Russia against NATO

Putin is playing very smart and he is very actively turning down aggression towards NATO … he is using an extremely patient and friendly approach towards Europe. He understands and knows how the Establishment is working and what their intentions are. There is no Establishment monopoly in the Russian media, legal or corporate networks. This is why Putin is easily able to win. Putin has no obstacles or resistance whatsoever. No one will dare to sue Putin in Russia.

On the other hand, you have enormous Establishment monopoly issues in the country … it is a massive contamination. Feeding the contamination will not help at all. But then again … like we said … you are the patient and it is your choice if you want to take the treatment or not. We are here to help … but we cannot help if you choose not to take the help.

Remember one thing … Obama’s had it easy … incredibly easy. All he had to do was stop wars. He easily followed the instructions via the website and he managed many things … via just one simple website. What you are facing is 100 times more difficult than what Obama faced. Establishment monopoly malice is 100 times more difficult than managing wars. The Trump Presidency is facing 100 times more difficulties than the Obama Presidency. 

  • Obama did not have any lawsuits
  • Obama did not have any investigations
  • Obama did not have any demonization campaigns against him
  • Obama’s campaign was not under investigation
  • Obama’s Family was not under investigation
  • Obama’s Team was not under investigation
  • Obama Administration members were not fighting to save themselves from jail

Obama had it 100 times easier than you. That is only because the Establishment was busy trying to save face and protect itself under the Obama Administration. It was revealed to the world that America is under $10 Trillion debt after Bush … and the Establishment thought that the American people will rise against this atrocious debt that has been accumulated. They thought that investigations on this debt crisis will begin and their systems would be targeted. So, what they did was … they kept Obama busy is demonizing and blaming everything on Bush … remember … everything that was wrong was Bush’s fault. By making Bush the blame donkey, the Establishment was protecting itself. It was scared and it was in the defensive. Which is why … there was no reason to demonize or put lawsuits against Obama. Bush was the blame donkey.

Right now, Bush is not in the scene … and the debt crisis has only got incredibly worse … it was $10 Trillion for Obama … it is $20 Trillion for you. There is no third person to blame in the picture. That’s why all of this aggression is being levied on you. It is all because of this debt crisis that is being created owing to their monopoly. Your only solution out of this contamination is eliminating the networks that are behind this malice. None of your advisers will give you this information … nor will they know how to handle it. We are the only ones who can help you with this … other than God.

We already told you this even before you became President that … you are entering very sensitive and critical times. Did any of your advisers warn you two years ahead of time? No, we did it … because we know exactly what we are dealing with and how they function. Now, you are seeing it. Working with us and working on a path to treat this contamination for good … this is totally your choice.