My dear lovely lady … I am here only to help. It is something like … if the patient does not want the treatment then the doctor cannot do much for the patient. The only thing that the doctor can do is … show the symptoms and how the contamination will harm you. If you don’t want the treatment then that is your decision. 

This contamination has been ruining your family, Presidency and the country … with time it has only been getting worse. This debt crisis is spread all across America and Europe. This is the primary reason why the Establishment is running anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas. If I see that the patient is coughing blood and falling sick … then the only thing that I can do is suggest you to take the treatment. I cannot force you to take the treatment doesn’t matter how good a doctor I am. It’s your choice.

What you should note is this … we have already crossed the levels of averting wars and destruction. The War on Terror has been wiped out … Radical Islam has been vaporized and we are saving trillions that we were spending in these ridiculous wars. We were successful in stopping these wars because they could be done via the President … a single decision maker was enough. The President is the Commander in Chief … he controls the entire army and he controls how much funding flows in each country ... he can control the entire war. All it required was the US President and the Russian President to take the lead and the mission was accomplished. It was an easy job.

But this massive anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas are not based on “one person”. One person cannot control these agendas. All of these are network-based agendas. The President cannot use his army to stop these agendas. Because these agendas are designed via Establishment monopoly that is spread across thousands of companies in the country. This work is ten times more complicated than stopping a war. We stopped wars using one website and one laptop … it was an easy job … because all it required was one person to make the right decisions. 

The only way you will be able to successfully stop these anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas is via rooting out these networks. I understand there is a lot of legal pressure on you. Your Dad is a great guy … if he gets into something then he really kicks ass. But this work is not simple and very complicated. If you are not up for it right now … no problem. It is your decision.