See … you guys design stuff based upon concepts and I work based upon facts. And the fact that we are seeing is that … 

  • Trump supports the Establishment
  • The Establishment is vicious against him and he gets hammered
  • We save him from the Establishment
  • He goes again back to the Establishment and gets hammered again

This is the ongoing cycle. I don’t think he supports the Establishment because he actually agrees with them or their ideology. No, Trump is actually a good guy and he likes good stuff. I think the reason for his support for the Establishment is “pressure” … the Establishment is powerful and he is under pressure. Otherwise, Trump is a fighter … he would easily take up any bad guy. The only problem is that he does not know how to take up the Establishment … which is why he should get in touch with us and he doesn’t do that … and he is stuck in that cycle. 

I told you guys that this would happen during the start of his Presidency itself. I warned you again and again … “we have to start working with Trump asap … we can’t waste time … we have to start this project right now … otherwise, the Establishment will place so many pressure points on Trump that he will buckle. And there is every chance that he will flip against us”. I told you this right in the beginning of the Trump Presidency. And that’s exactly where we are.

There is so much overwhelming Establishment pressure right now … he went for a simple meeting with Putin at Helsinki … he did nothing wrong or illegal … it was a simple meeting. The Establishment turned it into a major catastrophe and Trump is unnecessarily placing sanctions on Russia … just to show the Establishment that he is anti-Russia. To please the Establishment he is placing sanctions on Russia. This is the current scenario.

Now, in this scenario … if you think that Trump is going to work with us to take up the Establishment … then it is a long shot. Forget about working with us … sometimes the Establishment is misleading the Trumps into thinking that we are the bad guys. We are the ones who are saving him from the Establishment and he thinks that we are the bad guys. These are the mind games that they design. And Trump is locked in these mind games.

An early start would have been perfect … Trump would have been a reigning hero by now … instead of being under this huge pile of lawsuits, investigations and ridicule.