Let’s help the golden lady understand how to play her role more effectively. Ivanka is excellent Presidential material … as of now, she is just playing adviser and secretary to the President. She can easily move ahead and become the first woman to be the President of the United States.

There are a few “levels” that Ivanka has to manage before she can become President. And it all begins at home … leadership begins at home. If you are stomped upon, silenced and overridden at home … the how will you manage the world? The US President is the leader of the free world. So, let’s start at home.

Do you know who is Ashoka? He is called “Ashoka, the Great” in India. He was a King … he was a great ruler and adored by the people … to the extent that he is called Ashoka, the great. But his family story was something like this … he had 99 brothers older than him. He was the hundredth in line to be the King. So basically his chances of being King were 1 in a 100. If all of his 99 brothers would die then he would be King. Do you know what Ashoka does? He does exactly that. He kills all of his 99 brothers and becomes King. Lol. 

So, doesn’t matter what shit happens in your family … to the people what matters is … how good a ruler you were … the great things that you did as a ruler. That’s what matters to the people. The guy killed 99 brothers of his and he is called Ashoka, the great. Lol. Why? That’s how Kingdoms worked … whatever battle happened inside the Royal Family that was none of people’s business. The people’s focus would be on who is the next King and what are the policies that he is going to launch for the people?

I know … you are the younger one in the family and you are excellent Presidential material. But it does not mean that you have to kill your brothers to become President. This is not a Kingdom. The lesson that you should take from Ashoka is that … “he knew that he had it in him” … he knew that he could lead … he knew what had to be done … he knew how to lead the people … he knew how to do great things. And he was immensely successful. He did not allow anyone to come in his way … including his own brothers … because there is only one King … there are no two Kings in one Kingdom. 

Similarly, there is only one President in America. Only your Dad can be President … his brothers cannot be President at the same time. I am not sure if your brothers would want to run for President. But you definitely should … because you are excellent Presidential material. 

In the olden days … the simple way was to just kill your brothers and take the throne. But today, you have to be more tactical and intelligent … especially when you are the younger one. 

Managing Donald Jr. 

He is the elder brother. These are the issues that you might find with Donald Jr.

  • He might try to override you. He has been running the business and he has been your superior in business … it might be something routine for him … which he might do unknowingly. 
  • He is under immense legal pressure. He may fall for Establishment misleading and try to appease the Establishment in getting rid of all of his lawsuits. He may jump on a wrong track only to save himself from the legal pressure. You can’t blame him … once the FBI starts knocking on your door then many people tend to give up.

You are fairly clean when it comes to lawsuits and legal pressure. His disadvantage should not become your disadvantage. He should not be overriding your moves or potential. If that remains the case then you just end up being a Secretary. You have to find ways to lead independently as well as with understanding and cooperation from others. So that no one is undermining anyone.

Establish Boundaries

The first thing that you should pick up is your activities … what you want to do. If you are going to just sit there taking notes and transferring information to your Dad … then that’s a Secretary’s job. The Trump Presidency is an incredible opportunity for you to show your leadership, innovation and the great things that you can do for the people. You have to formulate certain modules and activities that you will lead … and then establish a boundary on that.

These will be your activities … your projects … and you will have the final say in it. If it is your project and your brothers are directing it … leading it and deciding on it … then what is the point of you being in the lead? I know that you guys run a family show … the entire family is involved … everyone pitches in. This is nice when a family business is concerned. Because everyone has experience and know-how … and they can provide relevant inputs. But we are such critical times that the entire Obama Administration had no idea what to do.

People were fed up and saw the Obama Administration as a “stagnant” Administration … when in reality there was the highest job growth possible. Even then despite the job growth, the debt was piling up by the trillions. People saw that Obama could not lead and change anything … that’s why they moved towards the Republicans. Even today, the Democrats are losing big time mainly because they have no solutions. The Democrats had a stagnant Presidency and now they are facing major losses. Mainly because of two reasons … firstly, they have no idea of what to do and secondly, the only thing that they are coming up with is being anti-Trump. Just being anti-Trump is not enough … you have to know where the problem is and you have to come up with solutions & bring change for the people. Here is where the Democrats are losing big time. They have “no solutions”. They are getting hammered because of the lack of solutions.

Opposite Tracks

The main reason why you need to establish a “boundary” with your brother is that … he is right now on an opposite track. He is under immense legal pressure and he is favoring the Establishment … he is also probably encouraging his Dad to do the same. It is something like … you are building a bridge and another guy is planting bombs below that bridge. How will your bridge stand when the bombs blow up?

You are trying to support us and work with us … while he is trying to stop us and shut us down. Building of the bridge and blowing up bombs cannot go hand in hand. If you want to lead then your work, activities and decisions must be respected. They can support, advice and provide inputs … but they cannot do totally the opposite. What’s the point in trying to build a bridge when another guy is going to blow it up?

Get your Dad involved

Which is why … you need to get your Dad involved … take a stand and establish certain boundaries. So that there is a proper understanding of what can be done and what should not be done … to what extent a person can contribute in your work and where he needs to stop. You have to set up certain guidelines to secure your work.

Leadership is about action not speeches

People think that leadership is about speeches … nah, that’s just the presentation part. Just talking does not help … if you want to lead then you have to come into action. Speeches don’t get the work done. You have to control the process and decision making in each and every step. 

  • You have to actively get involved and put a microscope on every single step involved in the process
  • Check who is the decision maker
  • Make sure that the decisions are made as per the plan
  • Continuously monitor the next steps and control decision making
  • That’s how you lead and win

Just making a speech and then doing nothing … will not change anything. We are in very critical times and every single step needs to be monitored and controlled. In fact, this is what the Establishment does. They try to control the process and decision making at every key place … and make sure that things run their way. The Establishment is nothing but a bunch of companies … being in the White House you have a thousand times more power than the Establishment. Changing decision making should be incredibly easy for you.

This is what you need to do at Level 01

  • Choose your activities and projects
  • Establish boundaries to fiercely protect your projects
  • Control the process and decision making at every step

Donald Jr.’s Legal Hassels

Don Jr. … I know that you are under pressure … any normal guy would give in … trust me, the Establishment is a bunch of assholes and they don’t know when to stop. If you want to get involved in politics then a key area would be “legals”. Instead of being a victim of the Establishment’s use of legal networks … why don’t you crush the Establishment’s influence in the legal networks?

Favoring the Establishment hasn’t resulted in anything positive in terms of legal issues. Lawsuits keep piling up and investigations never stop … it is just ridiculous and foolish to support the Establishment anymore. We keep helping them and they keep hammering us … we keep helping them and they keep hammering us … when is this going to stop? It has been two years already.

The best way of rooting out the Establishment’s viciousness against the Trump Family is by rooting out the Establishment’s control points. The more you root out Establishment’s puppets, the weaker the Establishment gets. Acting out of fear and giving in to the Establishment is something that most people will do naturally … but even doing that has not helped at all. Instead of being squished under their shoe, why don’t you kick their ass? Show that you are Trump’s son and kick their ass. Show them the grain that is in you.

Don’t allow the Establishment to run its process

As of now, the Establishment has many many control points in the intelligence and legal networks. If you allow them to run their processes like … pull Trump for a Mueller Interview or go through their lawsuits … then you will face maximum aggression … because of the large number of Establishment control points. 

The trick that you should follow is … “stretch it” … try to stretch every step for as long as possible. Don’t come under their hammer, challenge and prolong every step as long as possible. Let it go through several years … and while you do that … keep knocking out their supporters from the legal, intelligence and government networks. 

Buy time and root them out

Instead of falling for their perjury traps and fall in their network of influence … prolong everything, buy as much time as you can … by taking every step through several courts … and keep rooting out Establishment puppets from all key positions. 

We basically have structured modules and legal frameworks to make this happen at a large scale. We can root out Establishment puppets by the masses from legal, intelligence and all government networks. You will be flushing them out by the tens of thousands. It will be called simple “restructuring”. 

That’s how you win against all of these lawsuits and investigations. I know you are trying to do it … one by one … but this will take forever for anything substantial to be done. You have to setup systems to create a massive change in these organizations.

Don’t play the game, knock out the game

Your problem is that … you are trying to play the game. You are one piece on the chessboard and you are seeing that … “oh my God, the Queen has so much power … the Knight is there … the Bishop is there … and everything is controlled by the Establishment … what do I do?” What you should do is … don’t play their game. Don’t be a piece on the chessboard.

The Establishment has mastered the game of Chess … you play Chess and you will lose. Invite them to play Lawn Tennis instead. A chess player doesn’t necessarily know how to play tennis. And you are an expert tennis player … you pull them in a game that you are an expert in … and beat the shit out of them. The guy might be a renowned world chess player … but if he does not know how to even hold a tennis racket then he will lose to a simple tennis game. 

How you win against the Establishment is … don’t play their game … you should knock out their game itself. And how do you knock out their game? You should root out their puppets from almost every government and public organization. And you have to do this with proper legal frameworks … otherwise, it will become a witchhunt. We will let you know how to do it.

Trump’s Leadership

I think Trump should encourage this for both of his kids. Let one son … root out Establishment puppets from the legal and government segments … as legal issues have been a major issue for the Trump Family. And then also allow Ivanka to run her own modules of job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship. Push both of them for positive and constructive activities that will help your Presidency. 

Don Jr. doesn’t have a public office role. I don’t know if he would like to take a lead in this directly but he can help from the background.

Level 01

This is just Level 01 … where Ivanka needs to take a lead and organize her family. Like Ashoka, we cannot go around killing brothers … but we can definitely organize properly. If Don Jr. comes on the common page then you don’t even need to bother much about the boundary. But under all circumstances … hold on to your project real tight because they will define your Presidency to the people.