Thanks for putting some breaks on the Omarosa stories being in the headlines. Otherwise, she was in the headlines everywhere. She is just empty noise being promoted by the Establishment.

The good thing about Trump is that … he has not created any major catastrophic disasters. He is not busy bombing countries like other previous Presidents. This is one of the reasons why some people like him. But the issue with him is that … he has not done anything great either. He wants SM Elements to go out there, fight against his Establishment opponents and destroy the opposition. And the entire SM Community is saying that … what has he done so that we fight for him? He has launched no policy which gives a reason for the people to fight for him … on top of that, he keeps jumping in disasters. 

We have a massive network and we can create thousands of support points for him … but on what grounds? They have no basis to fight for Trump. This is where Trump is stuck. He doesn’t understand the system, he doesn’t know what policies to put into place and he has no freaking idea of how to fight against his opposition. I am just hoping Trump snaps out of his stagnant and naïve phase asap.

Another thing is that … when Trump is in trouble and we save him … he is like “ow, thank you very much … we are so grateful to you … we are indebted to you and bla bla bla”. But the moment he is out of that situation … he is like “ow, you are Fake News … we don’t believe you … shut down this work … why do I even need you”. And he jumps into the Establishment boat and does everything that they say.

He is severely getting hammered by the Establishment … we are saving him from the Establishment’s malice … and once he gets saved … he again jumps back into the same boat where he gets hammered even more. This is the ongoing cycle. 

The guy is thinking that the Establishment is saving him. Lol! If it is true that the Establishment is saving Trump then why is it hammering Trump in the first place? Do you see how much Trump is being misled … and to what extent … goodness gracious. They hammer him … we save him … and then they say … “no, no, no, we saved you” … he goes back to them and gets hammered even more. Lol. Good Lord. 

Here is a simple check … if the Establishment is helping or saving Trump in any way … then why the anti-Trump content in all media channels? 90% of all media is owned by the Establishment. They can easily control the content of the media with one finger if they want. If the Establishment is saving Trump then why run the vicious anti-Trump content all day everyday? This is the simple logic that Trump does not understand.


Rooting out anti-Trumpers

This is another good job that you guys are doing. The thing that you should observe is that … most of the prominent hardcore anti-Trumpers are Establishment puppets. We get a dual victory when we root out such puppet anti-Trumpers.

  • Firstly, we get to root out an Establishment puppet from the Congress. Which means limiting Establishment puppetry with every puppet rooted out.
  • Secondly, we get leaders in the Congress who can think outside the box and be open to change … instead of blindly running ridiculous Establishment agendas. 

As far as Trump is concerned, he gets Congressmen:

  • Who will not be viciously against him when it comes to policies of tariffs or friendly relations with Russia or American Energy and who will not stab him in the back when things go wrong
  • Secondly, he will get a broader backing when it comes to creating new systems and policies

Rooting out anti-Trumpers who are Establishment puppets has several benefits in the long run. Keep it up.