All of Establishment’s malice is 90% mental voodoo and the remaining is connectivity & technology. All of their systems, policies and action is based upon:

  • Lying to the people
  • Misleading the people
  • Present fake information, fake evidence and create fake events

All of this is nothing but playing with your head … in order to mislead you onto a track that is beneficial for them and that suits their agenda. 90% of all of their activities comprise of nothing but mental voodoo.

  • How to fool the people?
  • How to make them believe that this is right?
  • How to make them believe that it is good for them?
  • How to make them move ahead on their track?
  • How to use the people and the government to support their agendas?

If you understand this 90% section of their activities then the remaining 10% is only connectivity and technology … which can easily be beaten. We can easily surpass them in connectivity and technology … but in order to do that … the first thing that you must do is … surpass their several layers of misleading, lies and mental voodoo. It is only then that you can actually take realistic action to make a positive change.

We understand this Establishment, its ideology and activities very well. In order to start this work … these are some of the basic things that we had to prepare for … to protect our work.

  • Legal Issues. One of the easiest ways that the Establishment suppresses the people who rise against their criminal systems is via legals. They just create legal issues for you to shut down your work and may be even toss you in jail, if required. Which is why we had to look for “safe countries” to work from that can keep us immune from these legal issues.
  • Technology Based Malice. The second thing that is initiated against those who rise against the Establishment is “technology based malice” via Matrix systems. Which means your food, water, drinks, medicine, oil, shampoo and almost everything that you use will be tweaked negatively in order to harm your body. To add to that electric and magnetic fields are designed to abuse you. This is done via highend technology which needs a proper team to investigate, control and stop. But these are some of the things that you need to dodge when you are standing up to the Establishment.
  • Finance. Another segment that they target is your finances. If you are working then you lose your job … if you have a business then you lose your clients. Finance serves as another pressure point to suppress people who rise against the criminal activities of the Establishment.
  • Termination. Another aspect that you must consider is that … these guys have killed more than a 100 million Christians in the Communist East. So, killing people is no big deal for them. As per their ideology we are just sheep and cattle for them. You have to consider the possibilities of car accidents, plane crashes and may be even a bullet in the head … when you are doing this work.
  • Demonization Efforts. In order to carry out the above, Establishment Elements will design demonization campaigns around you … to show the world that you are a bad man that deserves to be silenced and suppressed. They will be like hawks on you … watching every move that you make and try to find fault. If they cannot find fault then they will try to create fake events, fake testimonies and fake information to facilitate the demonization. 

We know the Establishment very well and these are all of the things that we predicted about 6 years ago … before we even got into this work. We had to basically prepare our minds for scenarios where these criminals can:

  • Toss you into jail
  • Make you sick via drugs and technology
  • Affect your finances
  • Try to even terminate you for good
  • And keep finding ways to demonize you

All of the above is just one section of life that we have to handle when we do this work and then:

  • I have to run my own business to support myself and
  • I have to check what is going on at the international stage, analyze Establishment’s misleading at the international level and help leaders like Trump & Putin to dodge Establishment’s malice and do what is right.

So, your daily life becomes like … dodging tweaked food and products, dodging efforts to create legal issues, control your finances, look out ways of possible termination, analyze possible demonization setups, run a business to support yourself and then also help Trump and Putin. Welcome to my life. 

Well, it seems a lot in the beginning … but it becomes easy and routine after a few months of practice … especially when you have the support of SM. SM has been incredibly crucial in keeping me safe from most of the Establishment’s malice in all spheres.

Fake Sympathy

These guys are experts in mental voodoo. They try to use whatever possible excuse that they can create to run their agenda. When all of the aggressive moves fail against me … then they will also try to come with fake sympathy. “Awww … look at the guy … such a nice guy … he is suffering … he is missing his family … we should send him back to India … this work is taking so many of his years … he needs to be with his family” and bla bla bla. There is already a hostile government in India … that can create legal issues for our work. And they are using this fake sympathy to create legal problems for the work. 

They will also say that “hey, we spoke to Modi so that no action will be taken against you … don’t worry”. Okay fine, if no action is going to be taken against me then why can’t I just stay where I am? Why do I have to move? There are tens of millions of Indians spread around the world … peacefully doing their work in other countries … why can’t I be one of those Indians? Why unnecessarily try to affect my stay and put me in a hostile situation?

This is nothing but the Establishment’s use of fake sympathy to run their malicious plans and suppress those who speak against their systems.

Fake Goodness

Another Establishment misleading technique is fake goodness. “Everything is good … everything is wonderful … we don’t need this work anymore … please stop … Trump and Putin will not go for war … we have a good economy … just stop talking and stop this work”. This is another gimmick.

Point Number One - Why stop? If everything is great and good and lovely … then why bother stopping my work? It is not costing you anything. It is my website and it is my finances that I am using … why even bother stopping my work? Why would the Establishment try to use the President of the United States in stopping my work? If anything is reaching the table of the President then it must be of National or International importance. If the work is not required and not important … and if it does not matter at all … then why would a criminal Establishment try to use the President to stop our work?

Point Number Two - Trump is the new ISIS. What Trump does not realize is that the Establishment has made Trump the new ISIS. If any Muslim was caught with a gun or knife … or if any guy shouted AllahuAkbar … then it would be headlines for several weeks. This was the case just two years ago … the media would go non-stop against Muslims, Islam and terrorism. This entire agenda has totally disappeared and it has been replaced by the demonization of Trump and his family. It is Trump that is being continuously demonized totally non-stop every single day in hundreds of media outlets in the US. Any mistake that Trump does … it might be something he said or tweeted or policy or anything related to Trump Family … it faces thorough scrutiny and demonization. This is a fact that Trump does not realize.

Point Number Three – Russia is the new Radical Islam. Just two years ago, it was Islam that was bad … it was because of Muslim Terrorists that all bad things were happening. People were considering profiling and monitoring Muslim communities in the West. All of this anti-Islamic agenda has vanished and it has been replaced by anti-Russian hysteria. “Russia is behind election interference … Russia is targeting our power grids … Russia is hacking our systems … Russia is poisoning people … Russia is colluding.” It is all Russia, Russia, Russia. Sanctions are being placed on Russia, wealthy Russians are being targeted in the West, Russian media is being attacked and Russians are being treated as a threat.

Point Number Four – Jobs have no connection to the debt crisis. Yes there is job growth … when there is peace obviously companies will hire and grow. Americans are the most intelligent and talented people in the world … obviously they will hire and grow. But it has absolutely no connection to the debt crisis. As all companies still remain under Establishment monopoly … all wealth of the country still gets drained in the hands of a few. Thus the debt crisis keeps on increasing. 

This criminal Establishment is trying to use one simple aspect of “job growth” to say that … everything is nice and lovely and beautiful … when in reality:

  • All of its debt based systems are intact
  • The people’s and country’s wealth is still draining in the hands of a few
  • Trillions are still being added to the National Debt
  • They are trying to use Trump to shut down our work when in reality … they themselves are treated Trump as if he is ISIS … and demonizing him every single day. Even if he does something nice then the media has something bad to say about it.
  • Trump is trying to get Putin’s cooperation in shutting us down … when in reality the massive Radical Islam propaganda has been replaced by anti-Russian hysteria. 

They are trying to give you the assumption that “everything is nice and lovely” … when in reality they are viciously attacking two of the most powerful Presidents of the world and trying to pitch two world powers against each other … while all of their debt based systems continue and the debt crisis keeps on increasing. 

If everything is nice and lovely … then please go on with your lives … why bother reading what I write? Why try to use the world’s most powerful Presidents to stop my work? Just go on with your lives … why do you even bother that I exist?

The fact that they are approaching Trump and Putin to shut down our work … it only indicates the massive catastrophes that they are planning in the next stages. Because:

  • We were the ones who wiped out Radical Islam and its bullshit propaganda
  • We were the ones who vaporized the War on Terror … terror is gone and there are no more bullshit wars on terror
  • We were the ones who successfully stopped wars 3 times in Trump’s first year itself
  • We are the ones who are stopping a world war from happening
  • And God willing, we will end these exploitation and debt based systems of the Establishment as well

Any attempts to stop our work only means that they are planning catastrophes in the next stages. If you have no malice planned ahead … then please go on with your lives and live a happy and peaceful life … why bother what one guy on the other side of the Ocean writes on one laptop?

Establishment’s Backstabbing Strategy

This is what you need to keep in mind … the Establishment is not one person or one company … it is a massive network of companies, banks, media and politicians. And this is how they stab you in the back:

  • Favor from one guy. One guy will come to you being real nice … like from the defense companies or banks … he will shower you with support and finance. He will try to turn you in favor of the Establishment in order to nullify all aggression that you can take against them. Once you think that this favor is from the Establishment then you try to protect the Establishment.
  • Raise a hundred other guys to stab you in the back. Once they have nullified your aggression towards them, then they will raise a hundred other guys to stab you in the back. They will use the pretext that they helped you via one person and that they are loyal to you. Now all of these hundred other guys are just the media and regional politics … and that they have nothing to do with it. When in reality … all of these hundreds of points are directly owned or controlled by them. 

They will support you using one or two guys but then raise hundreds of other guys to stab you in the back. That’s how the Establishment is running its anti-Trump and anti-Russian activities. There is not just one guy or one company that is against Trump and Putin. There is an entire active network that is actively working on this agenda. When you are dealing with the Establishment … don’t see the activities of only one person or one company … look how the entire network is functioning and what they are doing. That will tell you the Establishment’s intentions.

Security Organization

  • Kremlin. Please please please … try to keep your security related moves independent of the White House. Trump is a great guy but he is also under enormous legal pressure. He is under immense stress and he does not understand the system. Sometimes, he is misled into thinking that we are creating the problem for him … when we are the ones who are protecting him. Some Establishment elements try to mislead him into thinking like this. It is like the contamination saying that the doctor is a threat to the patient. If the patient follows the contamination then what will happen? It will be a problem for him and everybody else. Which is why … we are making a sincere request … please keep all security related decisions independent of the White House.
  • White House. These are very very complicated issues. It is totally understandable if some mistakes happen. Like I said … 90% of Establishment activities are based on “mental voodoo” … they are all about lying and misleading the people for their own benefit. You don’t need to be afraid of them … they are a bunch of criminals. In fact, as President you are the most powerful force that can wipe them out. You still don’t know how to do that because you don’t understand their systems and you don’t know how to handle their malice. If you play the right moves then you can come out swinging and winning like no other President in history.

The shocking part of the Establishment is that … they are trying to use Trump and Putin against us … when in reality they are themselves running massive anti-Trump and anti-Putin agendas worldwide. Don’t look at one or two moves of Establishment Elements. They will send in one guy that will be real nice and friendly and he will do a lot of favors for you. And then they will send 10 other guys to stab you in the back. This is how the Establishment functions and this is what they have been doing since the past 2 years to both of you. What is the use of the goodness from one guy when 10 guys will stab you in the back in the next stage?

90% of Establishment activities are mental voodoo bullshit. If you understand this then the rest becomes incredibly easy. They are trying to facilitate destruction of several countries … don’t get misled by them. If no war or destruction has been planned then why the anti-Russian agenda? Why demonize Putin? Why demonize Trump for meeting with Putin? Follow facts and evidence from every source and point … and it will become easy.