It might be feeling good to win and get Republican candidates in the Congress. There is nothing wrong in that. And if you are helping guys win who are not Establishment puppets … then it is a nice thing. But look at the bigger picture … who helped you in your campaign? Which politician was campaigning for you? Everyone had abandoned you … you had only your family by your side once the sex scandals were released. 

No one campaigned for you and you are going there and doing other’s work for them. Do it but don’t consume all of your time in it. Because there are some disadvantages that come along with it. To understand this … you need to understand how the Establishment uses the Matrix. The Matrix is a very important and strong tool that the Establishment uses … and it is also used by SM. SM uses it to do good work. 

Examples will help. Doesn’t matter how many Congressmen you help in the Congress … if they are connected to the Establishment … they will flip against you when you are in trouble. The key out here is to help guys win … who are in no way connected to the Establishment. The Establishment’s use of the Matrix goes like this:

  • First demonize the person
  • Create fake events if required
  • Place puppets around you
  • Use these puppets to gang up against you

A recent example is … Helsinki Summit … what happened … it was “collective action” against you via all Establishment control points … from the media, from Intelligence, from Republicans and from Democrats. Everyone stood up against you … when you hadn’t even done anything wrong. In fact, you did a great job … you stood up to NATO … brought home billions in funding and maintained good relations with Russia. You did absolutely nothing wrong … but they twisted the whole thing via indictments of some Russians for hacking. They did it while you were on a trip to meet Putin. 

The whole thing was pre-planned. They knew you were planning to meet Putin on so and so date … the indictments were ready … the media was prepared … Democrats and Republicans responded the moment they got a chance. They made you go through a rollercoaster ride … via “collective action” of all puppets placed around you. 

Go out there and campaign … as much as you want … it is your time to spend. But know this … if you are helping Establishment puppets … guys with Establishment links to win then you will be placing a line of back stabbers in the office. You will feel great that they won … but when you are down and need help … they will stab you in the back.

These are Matrix based activities … some Establishment elements have been running “gay setups” around me since the past few weeks. Almost every week there is a gay setup being designed. This is something that the Matrix is used for by the Establishment. This is the benefit that they reap by setting up systems to control people. It will be fake evidence, fake testimonies and fake videos where my face is not seen at all. This is a very old set up and they tend to use it to facilitate demonization when required. Will give you details of how the Matrix functions later on … it will help you understand how the Establishment functions. The Matrix is the key to understand Establishment malice.

Yes, SM also has access to the same Matrix but … don’t be afraid and don’t be concerned about SM. SM likes you guys. Just be honest and they will like you even more. You guys are better than most of the junk that exists in the Congress. The only thing that you have to do is “stay away from war”. If you can do that then you will get a lot of public support. You have a winning economy … the only thing that you have to do is keep winning … as far as the people are concerned, you will get their support. This is one of the reasons why the Establishment is trying to maintain more focus on the lawsuits and investigations. People love peace and people love a successful economy … the way to maintain a bad image for Trump is by keeping the focus on the lawsuits and investigations … or even better push you for war … that will destroy your image and help them destroy the world. That’s the gimmick that the Establishment is playing.

Another thing about this back stabbing Establishment you have to observe is … you gave them trillions in spending … Jerusalem … tax cuts … hike in interest rates and on and on. After taking so much … they cannot give you 10 Democrat votes? You have to go in sweltering heat and campaign for other candidates? The Establishment controls about 70-80% of the Congress … 70-80% of the Congress takes funding from Establishment elements. They cannot give you just 10 votes? That too after you have given them so much?

Understand the back stabbing nature of the Establishment that you are dealing with. If you are helping anyone get elected then make sure that he is not a puppet … otherwise you will end up getting a line of back stabbers standing behind you.