Cannot do the work from Washington, my dear lady. It is not possible. These guys are experts in deception. You should never trust what they say. Always look at the facts and real time action. What are they telling … hey, he is a great guy with great ideas … call him to USA and make him a part of your team? We can do fantastic works together? Well, that’s bullshit. They have been trying to play this card since the past 10 years. It’s not an invitation but it’s a trap.

This is how you figure it out. Firstly, look at what they are doing to you guys. You guys are neck deep in lawsuits and investigations. Almost everything they have put under investigation … your companies, your Administration, your team members and your family. Everyone has a lawsuit and an investigation chasing them. And who are you? You are the President of the United States … the most powerful man in the world. And what is happening to you? You are neck deep in lawsuits and investigations in your own country. This is what the Establishment does with its monopoly. 

The whole thing is a mesh. It’s like a spider’s web. The difference between the Establishment and a spider is that … the spider will set up one web … but the Establishment will set up several layers of meshes in several directions. The moment you move out of one mesh then you will be stuck in another mesh. You make one move and then you will get stuck in another mesh. There will be several meshes pulling you down. 

Inviting me to Washington is inviting me to jump into these layers of meshes right into their trap. Washington is the last place I want to be in. The only thing that they will do is … put some lawsuits against me and then toss me in jail. They invite me there because the whole system is managed by them. They control decision making at several levels. The moment you enter that system … it will be like a roller coaster ride. You are not in charge … everything is pre-planned … doesn’t matter if you are good or bad … everything is already decided about what has to happen to you. They will frame everything around you as per their plans … they will portray your image exactly as they want it to be … they will design events and decision making accordingly … and then just toss you in jail. 

These are criminals who have learnt and become specialists in using the system against anyone who exposes their crime or criminal systems. Inviting me to Washington is at the number one list of their traps. This is the oldest gimmick that they have been trying to play. They get to use sympathy … “ow, look at him … such a nice guy … let’s make him a part of our team and do great things”. That is all wrong. Never fall for words. 

You can’t save yourself from these lawsuits. They have been endlessly going on since the past 2 years. How will you protect a simple guy like me? It doesn’t work that way. Firstly, never fall for their words. Secondly, always work from “outside the system”. The moment you enter their system then you are screwed. 

I refuse to enter their systems in America or any country where they have a strong influence. So, what do they do? They try to set up problems around me. I won’t enter their setup … so they design setups around me … at the different locations that I live in. Not only I have to sit and analyze all of the disastrous moves that they are trying to run in the world using their pressure points in America and Europe … but I also have to dodge their mini setups designed around me on a day to day basis. 

Just like they are running their agenda via events and via people that they control at the international level … similarly, they try to run their own agenda around me. Just like they try to demonize Trump and Putin at an international level … they will design events and place people around me to pick tiny ridiculous pieces of information to demonize me. I don’t even tell you this because you have no idea how the Matrix works. You already have too much on your plate. 

You have to deal with everything using facts and real-time action. That too not with just one or two moves … you have to sit and watch that the entire process falls into place correctly. You have to watch and make sure that all of the 20-25 steps in the process fall in the right place … until the process is successfully completed. And it is simply impossible to do this from Washington. 

Now, look at the number of successful moves that you have taken. It’s great that you have understood who the Establishment is and what they do. How many real time moves did you actually take to address any Establishment monopoly in any segment whatsoever? Nothing. Exactly, it doesn’t happen via Washington. The change for America will come from the outside. It will be initiated from the outside and it will be consolidated from the inside. 

All you had to do was … understand the problem and start working with us. Were you able to start such a simple move? Nope. You are busy campaigning for all of the other guys in your party. Why? You don’t have anything else to do? You already ran for President … you ran a great campaign and you already won. Why are you busy doing other people’s work for them? This is not leadership. This is literally doing all of the work for the guys under you. It is being an assistant for all of your employees. 

You are already getting all of the Republican votes … no one is daring to oppose you. Why are you wasting your time doing other people’s work for them? What you were supposed to do was … launch fantastic policies … and pull votes from both sides. You were supposed to show bipartisan leadership. But they are keeping you busy in party conflicts … one party is busy fighting with the other. That’s how they consumed Obama’s Presidency. The Establishment kept them busy fighting against each other.

Understand what is important … understand your leadership role … and try to do what is important for the country. I know you are trying to get more Republicans in the Congress but this was never supposed to be the case. You were never supposed to get such opposition at all. They are maintaining you busy with opposition in almost every sphere … in politics, in media, in legals, in legislation and in everything. This is not how things are supposed to be.

You will understand with time. But please don’t try to pull me in Washington … doesn’t matter what happens. I specifically alert all local systems that if anyone is trying to send me to America … then please resist … it is a trap. Doesn’t matter what happens … don’t send me to America. Not yet. I will let you know … once the threats are eliminated and when it is feasible for me to come there.