Europe is doing a fantastic job standing up to Trump’s sanctions on Iran. Firstly, Trump has no idea what to do in Iran. Secondly, he is only trying to strong-arm into giving him bribes. He is only trying to extract a few hundred billion from Iran. This is Trump again trying to profiteer from his Presidency. 

What Trump doesn’t understand that Iran doesn’t give a shit about America or the American President. They don’t do business with America. Their primary interest is in Europe. If Europe is going to fight for Iran then Iran doesn’t give a shit what Trump says or does. That’s point number one. The second point is … Putin will not allow any war on any of his allies. We already know the shit-show that Trump is running and what he is looking for via war.

At the end of the day … Trump’s talk, threats, sanctions and military action get mostly nullified against Iran. As Iran is getting both major world powers on its side … Russia as well as Europe. This is fantastic intervention … maintain the intervention forces strong on this side. The only thing that Trump is looking for with Iran is:

  • Make money via war or
  • Make money via threats and sanctions by inviting bribes

His work in North Korea itself is terribly tiny and incomplete … it will hardly result in anything. He has failed to understand anything related to North Korea … when in fact North Korea is 10 times easier to solve than Iran. Following Trump on Iran is only helping Trump to get a hefty bribe or destroying a country for no reason at all. Do not follow Trump on Iran … the guy knows nothing.

He is running the same scheme domestically against Amazon as well. Using the Presidency to threaten juicy targets and invite bribes … this is why he is routinely targeting Amazon. He wants a nice hefty bribe from them.

If Trump pressurizes Iran then he will only push Iran on my side. If Iran gets in touch with me then his Presidency will be toast. We will BBQ his Presidency real nice. Either Trump will come to the negotiating table or he will see the rise of the Democrats.