Well, the reports that I get is that … Trump has been taking funding from GCC countries for this work and he has been back-channeling it to himself via Bannon. Some partial funds are being given to Bannon to run pro-Trump rallies. 

Firstly, how did the relationship work out with Bannon? The guy flipped against you and got a best seller published that humiliates your entire family. Secondly, this level of hoarding cash is not good. We told you in the beginning itself … we know very well that you are in politics for the cash … but you have to keep yourself constrained to a few trustworthy channels. If you try to hoard cash from all channels that you are putting yourself to a wider risk of scrutiny. Thirdly, if you are going to gulp down everything that comes from any source then how are we supposed to do any work? How are we supposed to launch fantastic policies … all of these policies will generate revenue by the hundreds of billions. Will Trump keep hoarding and gulping down all of the cash from all of these channels as well? He needs to find some balance and control. 

The only thing that he has been doing since he has entered the office is … “paperwork for the public and all cash for me”. Just like a hotel owner … paperwork for the employees and cash should go to the hotel owners … in the same manner … he has been giving only some paperwork changes for the people and blowing up trillions of public funds among the Establishment for his own benefit. America cannot be treated like his private hotel. These funds belong to more than a hundred million American taxpayers. These activities will get him in a lot of trouble in the long run. 

You still don’t know the tactic the Establishment is planning to use to make you guys “bankrupt and end up in jail”. They are planning on corruption lawsuits. Will give you details later on that.

For now, just try to snap him out of his current disastrous track.