Ladies … what the hell was this week about? The Establishment wolves were tearing apart Trump for no reason at all. And you did not protect him … you took like 5 days to come into action. What was that about? Showing Trump how life is without SM support? Wanted to show Trump that we are the ones who are keeping him safe from the wolves? C’mon seriously?

I know … we will be exploring alternate routes now owing to Trump’s inaction. We will be looking for alternate routes of finance which means that:

  • Trump will not be the guy that will reform America
  • Trump will not be the lead
  • Why protect Trump when Trump will not protect the country?
  • Why protect Trump when he is not going to fight for the country?
  • Democrats will work with Iran
  • The lead role will move to the Democrat’s side
  • Why do we need Trump and the Republicans in the lead?

All of the above calculation maybe right but it is too early to abandon Trump … mainly because of these two reasons:

  • Common Points. We have a lot of common points in our work. His slogan is Make America Great Again … and our work actually makes America great again. He has tariffs, American Energy and keeping America First … all of these are in our to do list also. In a way … he is already working on a few activities that we wanted to launch.
  • Victim of the Establishment. Our paths keep crossing because the Trump Family and the Trump Presidency are the victims of the same Establishment that we are targeting. A recent example is the current massive anti-Russian propaganda by the Establishment … in order to combat this propaganda, we are showing Trump an “anti-war” propaganda that exposes the many crimes and overspending done by Hillary. Our paths keep crossing again and again because we have the same intentions of MAGA and we are fighting against the same Establishment criminals.

Possible Paths ahead for Trump

  • Rule with the Establishment. This is something that any routine “cash interested politician” would do. He would work with the Establishment where he can get hefty commissions on the side. Trump has a lot of such deals. Trump entered the Presidency with his own objectives and cash was one of the priorities. He had no idea of the crisis that the world is in right now.
  • Exit with the Establishment. As per Trump’s calculation, his worst case scenario is that … he will quit or resign. His primary objective was cash … he has already made more than a hundred billion. He has already made more than a hundred times that he had. So, if the Democrats or the Establishment or whoever gives him a tough time … he will say … “okay thank you … bye bye … I already got want I wanted … chao”. He will simply make an exit while having his cash deals intact with the Establishment. This is one of the reasons why he is ultra-pro-Establishment. Even in his worst-case scenario … he is exiting with hundreds of billions in cash deals. Which is why … till date … he was ruling by keeping the Establishment in favor and he was planning to exit with the Establishment in favor.
  • Bankruptcy and Prison. This is an option that Trump did not prepare for nor did he think that it would be possible. And that is … bankruptcy and jail. In this scenario, the same Establishment continues to remain his vicious opponent and they are literally pushing for jail for Trump Family members. Don Jr. and Jared Kushner are already on the hot seats. Their main target is President Trump. The Establishment is planning to send all three of them to jail. When you have 3 Trump Family members in jail then:
    • Commission Deals Vaporize. All of the “deals” that signed up with Establishment elements … all of these deals will be vaporized. The Establishment runs the world banking system. Doesn’t matter where your funds are … they will simply vanish. You can never claim those funds because it will only mean more jail time for you.
    • Businesses go bankrupt. Having the top 3 family members in jail means that Trump Businesses will be in a free fall and they will be filing for bankruptcy. This is nothing new for the Establishment … they already made Bill Clinton bankrupt and put him in debt in several million even before he left the White House. What do you think happened to all of the “deals” that Clinton signed? Yup, vaporized. Bill Clinton had to start all the way from scratch and set up his own Foundation in order to make it through life. He got zero benefits from his Presidency.
  • A Genuine America First Strategy. As time passes on, Trump is beginning to see the Establishment game unfold. The investigations never stop and things keep getting worse. Trump’s best strategy would be to fight off his main opponents by launching a genuine America First strategy and root out all key problems from the country. Here is where Trump wins at all levels.

The good thing about Trump is that … he has already defeated all of the Republicans … he has defeated the Democrats and now the only entity that he has to defeat is the Establishment. He never expected or planned for this to be a part of his Presidency. But then this is exactly what we have to deal with today. The biggest winners of our time will be the ones who will win against Establishment malice.

Being the hand of the Establishment
Let’s just say that SM Elements totally abandon and flip against Trump … just because we are exploring finance routes from other sources … then we would end up being the hand of the Establishment. The Establishment has been wanting to terminate Trump’s Presidency since day one. They literally hate Trump. 

They have been repeatedly trying to use SM Elements via the “stall and hammer” cycles. “Look he is not working with you … let’s hammer him … look he is not working with you … let’s hammer him.” This has been the Establishment’s war cry since more than a year now. Now that I am exploring Iran as a key route for finance then they are getting a genuine reason to nullify Trump’s existence in the White House and pull a lot of SM Elements in their favor. This is exactly what you have to resist as of now.

Prioritize what is important
We should not allow the Establishment to use us for their malicious agendas. We have to prioritize what is important for us. What is very important for our work is:

  • Getting sponsors to support our work 
  • Getting politicians to support our work
  • Designing and creating new systems
  • Campaigning for change and new policies
  • Facilitating the creation of new laws and systems

This is our path and these are our priorities. Let us first get our sponsors, politicians and design our systems … once we have reached this stage … then we will think about Trump. If he works with us then well and good … otherwise, we will work with those who want to work with us … obviously. Right now, the topmost priority is moving our work forward … getting sponsors and politicians in our favor. Working with the Establishment to terminate Trump’s Presidency is not our priority. We will not be fooled by the Establishment.

I still think that there are 75% chances of Trump working with us. But at the same time, we should not waste time for him to come into action. We should start exploring alternate routes. And yes, I know, when SM Elements get distributed in other activities then:

  • SM will not be able to focus on protecting Trump anymore
  • Trump’s influence will reduce
  • His media power will reduce
  • He will be more susceptible to Establishment attacks
  • His support base will be moving away from him
  • And Mueller will gain more mileage and authority in the game

This is something that is obvious. Well, whatever happens … don’t abandon him totally yet. We don’t want to be the Establishment’s hand in terminating Trump. Work on what is important for us. And yes, make sure that we are pooling in pro-Russian leaders in America. Understanding Russia’s key world leadership is very important in the game. This work is not just about America … it concerns most of the world. Try to get players in the game who can think big and play big.