Okay so, the Trumps want to learn about the Matrix? Fine … let’s give them some info. It will take several years to understand via the website page by page. But whatever, this is what we have as of now. I will give you a recent example of the ongoing “gay setups”. You will understand how the Matrix functions a little bit.

Why design gay setups?

Among all things in the world … they have picked “gay setups” for me. Why? It is mainly because:

  • I am clean. I don’t do any illegal or criminal activities. I am not stealing, hurting or killing anyone. I have a very clean profile. There is hardly anything that you can use legally against me.
  • I don’t date. Secondly, owing to the type of work that I have … I don’t date. Too many variables and risk involved. 
  • I had a few dreams. I discussed with SM a few dreams that I had. I thought it was related to them and related to America … so I shared that information with SM. 
  • Work affects the world. My work stops world wars and helps people by the billions.

This has been going on since the past 5-6 years now. And when people in the Matrix see that the guy is totally clean, he doesn’t date and he had very good dreams … on top of that, he is working on stopping world wars and doing great things for the people … then the image for such a person skyrockets. And when Establishment elements want to abuse you then your good image becomes a problem. 

Here is where the “gay setups” nullify everything. 

  • The clean image is gone … the guy is a homosexual
  • Not dating doesn’t apply anymore … he doesn’t like girls, he likes guys.
  • Dreams get nullified … what dreams? From a homosexual?
  • And they get to trash all of the work itself

Activate Abuse

But it doesn’t stop there … using these gay setups they get to justify their abuse on you. 

  • The water that you buy will be tweaked
  • The bread that you buy will be tweaked
  • The medicines, the creams, the shampoos and almost everything that you use … gets tweaked negatively

All of these things that you use … instead of benefiting you … they start abusing and hurting your body. How these altered products are designed and supplied in the market? That’s a very long topic. But this is what is done. When they want to do bad things to you … when they want to abuse you … then gay setups provide the justification.

And this abuse is sometimes carried out at a full-scale level … when you are leaving the city or the place. Because you will be leaving them … then they will not have access to you … they will not be able to supply these negative products to you anymore. Once they get to know that you are leaving … this abuse is increased multi-fold. This is the Establishment trying to use all the time it has to abuse you as much as possible via the Matrix.

Whenever I leave a city or change the location … this is what I observe. How they behave when I am leaving? Do they behave nicely or do they ratchet up the abuse to as much as possible? This gives me an idea of the type of elements running the place.

Fake events, fake testimony and fake evidence

To design these gay setups, they will design fake events, fake testimonies and fake evidence. Why? Why not directly abuse the person if you want to? Why bother designing all of this fake information? That’s because the Matrix is not run by the Establishment alone. The Establishment has only designed the system … it has only a few control points. The majority of the system is run and controlled by SM … who are basically Christians, Common Jews, Muslims and other non-Jews. And as per SM mentality … you are supposed to do what is right. There has to be accountability and justice. There cannot be misuse of power.

Everything is cataloged and documented in the Matrix. What was done … why it was done … to whom it was done … how it was done? Everything requires a reason and justification. No one can use whatever tool they want against whoever they want. There is a protocol to be followed and everything has to be justified. Otherwise, SM Elements revolt and it backfires on the system. SM becomes the dominant controlling factor in a system designed by the Establishment.

Fake Evidence Example

These gay setups started off in the US, basically in 2007. I am renting a shared room with another guy. I had this reputation of the cute guy that doesn’t date. At that time, the Establishment was not involved. It was just the Matrix that wanted me to join them. Since I was not interested in joining their system … their idea was … abuse him and make him buckle so that he joins us. And I was like … yeah right, go screw yourself. And amusingly, they liked me even more.

The setup that they design to show that I am gay is something like this. They send in a third guy in the room … who has the height, hair and color like me. And this is how he interacts with the second guy in the room. They talk about something and then he pretends to write something on a paper. One guy is standing, the other guy is kneeling and writing something on a small table. From one angle if you see … you can see that he is writing … but from the window if you see … it is as if he is giving him a blow job. Coincidentally, this guy is also wearing the same tshirt as I was.

I am lying on my bed on the other side of the room …wondering what are they doing? Why is this guy standing in that position … with his crotch near the other guy’s head? The next day when I go out … everybody is weird thinking that I am gay. I am like … how did I become gay overnight?  

The setup that they created was … they sent in another guy with almost my physique, wearing a similar tshirt like mine and put him in a position of giving a blow job to the other guy. This scene is being observed from the window. The guys who are seeing this are thinking that I am the one who is giving the blowjob because I am in the room at the same time … and it is my tshirt that they are seeing. And the guy will tell others … “hell yeah, I got a nice blow job from him”. 

What is this? Fake event, fake testimony and fake evidence. Whenever Matrix elements start lying and start creating fake events … then I know that there are trying to design some trouble for me in the coming days. It is all based upon lies. That’s why … I gave a simple solution to these gay setups. Take a video of me where you can clearly see my face and then prove that I did it. If you cannot see my face … then it is a setup.

The nice thing about the Matrix is that SM comes into force … because lying, abuse and wrongdoing is not acceptable. If someone is misusing the Matrix then there are consequences for them. The same Matrix is used by SM Elements to hammer the wrongdoers.

International Application

This is a gay setup being used to target one simple person. Now, zoom out and look at what is happening at the world stage. Isn’t it filled with fake news, fake evidence and fake events? Chemical attacks in Syria … what is it? Fake event, fake evidence and fake testimonies. Poisoning of Skripals in London … it was a setup to frame Russia. 911 … setup to start wars. Election Interference … fake news to target Russia.

This striking similarity is there in this Matrix activity at the local level and in international activities … because both of these are carried out by the same elements coming from the same ideology. They are a bunch of Satanic criminals who are using whatever means necessary to run their agenda. They don’t care if it is lies, misleading or if it is killing people. They just sit there and design fake events and run a fake agenda as per their plan.

Anti-Trump activities are mostly a fake agenda run by the Establishment. Anti-Russian activities are a fake agenda run by the Establishment. Russia has done nothing wrong against anybody. Russia has not hurt a single American or a single American interest. Even then there is massive anti-Russian propaganda in the West.

How are they able to do this? The Matrix system helps them consolidate their monopoly. The Matrix system is one of the layers that they use to control and influence people. This system of influence starts from the top and trickles down to the bottom of everyday life. It is the exact same system used at the top. And this is just one of the layers of influence that they use.

The Matrix has no real time existence

The fun part is that … the Matrix has no real time existence. Some people think that it is a covert government operation … some think that it is the FBI or the Intelligence Community … some think that it is the US Military … some think that it is the Universe … everyone has their own form of understanding of the Matrix based upon their interactions and experience. 

But in reality, the whole thing is setup by a bunch of devil worshipers sitting in Israel. The FBI, the Intelligence, the Media, Corporations and Politicians are just small sections in the Matrix. The Matrix is nothing but a sphere of influence in the world around you. It uses various tools to monitor and control people and run a pre-planned agenda.