So finally everyone has pity for Trump now. Bingo … I won. So, this is why you guys keep coming to me to “save Trump”, is it? Just two weeks ago, the Major Networks were planning jail for him and to kick him out of the White House … but now, there is pity and sympathy for Trump. All of sudden they are looking at him as “America’s Savior”. Lol … lol.

Yes, I know we have good influence in the Networks and they follow us because we use facts and show a good and constructive direction for the country. This is what you should know from the Network’s side. 

  • Everyone expected Trump to be a fighter. Everyone expected Trump to fight back … including me. I didn’t know the guy until you brought him the race. And he was fighting quite good against the Republicans and Democrats. He was doing a good job. Everyone expected him to fight in the same manner for his people. He fought very well through all stages … even after his sex scandals were released by the Establishment … he took it and kept fighting … until he got the Presidency. When it came to fighting for the people … Trump didn’t show any fight.
  • Mr.Comfy-Cosy. All of a sudden he became Mr.Comfy-Cosy who would start doing favors … take this, take that … take this, take that. Trump fought only for himself and not his people.
  • Establishment take over by the Matrix. Obama had no idea about the Matrix. Yes, Trump faced a situation 10 times more complicated than Obama … but we gave him all inside information. We literally told him … “I am leaking the paper to you … the Establishment starts some malice … but when we activate SM Networks … they take over Establishment activity. Because everything is controlled via the Matrix … anything can be controlled in America.” We told him not to be afraid … we have your back … just make a few moves and you will win. We have victories for you on a platter … just step forward and take the victories and be a glorious President. All information about the fight was leaked to Trump. 
  • Favors and Self-Benefit. But instead of making some simple moves in favor of his own people … Trump resorted to a long track of favors for the Establishment and benefiting himself in the process. Everybody literally started hating him. They gave him more time and more simulations to understand the crisis … but he showed no change at all.
  • Flips against us. Instead of moving forward, the guy flips against us and tries to stop our work. This enraged the majority of the Networks. Trump entered a mode of direct conflict with the Major Networks that run his country. The Networks were like … what would you like to do Mr.President?
    • Would you like to stop his work? Okay fine, let’s start impeaching the President and stop his Presidency.
    • Would you like to sue him and create legal problems for him? Okay fine, let’s start suing and creating legal problems for the President.
    • Would you like to toss him in jail? Okay fine, let’s toss Mr.President in jail.

We openly told this to Trump … “whatever you try to do against us … they will reverse it on you. We have been seeing this for a long time … I am seeing the same moves happening on you … quit taking actions against our work. It will only be problematic for you.” We leaked even this information to him. 

“Our work saves billions of lives, saves trillions of hard earned tax payer money, creates trillions for world economy and it has been creating peace and stability in the world. There is a very strong network that loves our work, supports our work and protects us. We are a force for good. Its not a great idea turning against us.” We gave him the complete info:

  • On all Matrix activities
  • On all the moves being made
  • On all ways he can be protected
  • What to do and what not to do

Trump is not a scared little girl under the table who doesn’t know anything. He was given the complete information and he was told every right move that he had to make. But interestingly, Mr.President chose his own path … made his own decisions … chose to side with criminals that are looting his country by the trillions and came to a point where everyone hate him and want him gone from the White House.

Let alone doing what is right:

  • He was supporting and allowing a bunch of criminals loot the country
  • He was joining in and benefiting himself from this loot
  • He was trying to stomp on us to stop our work

You cannot blame the Major Networks for being pissed off at Trump. Their anger is very much justified.

Movement from Systematic Malice to One Person Malice
The interesting thing that many of us don’t realize is that … while we are pissed off at Trump’s inaction and want him gone from the White House … we have collectively worked on stopping almost all new Establishment malice via its systems.

  • We have stopped the further escalation of war in Syria and stabilized the country
  • We have stopped the further escalation in North Korea and stopped a Nuclear War there
  • We have stopped a civil war in Venezuela
  • Most territories in Iraq and Afghanistan have been stabilized
  • We have killed the anti-Russian propaganda to a great extent

We have stopped many many “systematic malice” by the Establishment around the world. We have successfully stopped systematic malice and we are moving forward to manage “one person malice”. This is something that we could not even imagine under Bush. We had no access, no control and no influence at any level during Bush. We had no idea about this Establishment crap nor did we have any tool to stop Bush. Both of them were a total disaster … the Establishment and the President.

But today, thanks to Russia and Intervention Forces working in America … we have successfully stopped all major new Establishment malice. Only one person malice is the issue now. We are successfully moving from major Establishment malice to one person malice … which is quite good. 

Trump can handle non-Establishment stuff
I would say … the Major Networks shouldn’t fret over Trump's inaction. We know the root cause of this. He doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the Establishment. It is simple as that. We will give him non-Establishment stuff that is pretty darn easy to do and he doesn’t need to be scared any more. Trump is not a bad guy … he just doesn’t know what to do. Nor did Bush … so, Trump is not the alone “know-nothing” guy. Even Obama stood there confused many a times. These are very complicated times … and with the Establishment Monopoly in the media … and how they start using events, media and politicians as propaganda tools … it makes everything even more complicated. Trump is not bad … he just doesn’t know what to do.

Dems are more than ready to take the lead
Another thing that the Major Networks need to keep in mind is that … yes, Trump’s activities and policies till date must have been like a thief and a fraud … but he is not the only one that can fix America. We have about half a dozen fantastic Democrat leaders who are keenly interested in taking the lead and fixing this crisis. Victories are on the platter and they love this platter. They are extremely courageous, ready for the fight and geared up to win. 

The good thing this time is that … the next President knows exactly what she has to deal with and the battle that she has to fight. So, don’t think that the work has been failed owing to Trump’s inaction. We are getting several victories on other fronts with or without Trump’s cooperation. We are continuously moving forward. The major issue is the monopoly where we need the President’s cooperation. We are able to shoot down almost all major malicious moves. We have been in this mess since decades … the launch of a new era is very close. Let’s make sure to get the right President this time.

So, don’t take it out all on Trump. Keep all options open. Try to make the best use of all leaders in action and the time that we have at hand. We have to keep ourselves flexible with what the leaders can handle. We cannot expect ideal situations. Leaders all around the world are different … everyone is not a Rambo … everyone has their own understanding and vision. We have to keep all options open, be flexible and move things forward what we can in each configuration.