So, freaking out on what we are writing? Lol. Leading and managing the Matrix is complicated work. The Guardians of Trump are repeatedly asking me to help you. This is me helping you. Yes, calling you a traitor, fraud and a thief is me helping you. What you should realize is that … the Matrix and all Major Networks … all of them are about facts and logic. Nobody cares for a blow-horn in the Matrix. 

All of this information about Trump being a “traitor, fraud and a thief” is already there in the Matrix. There are detailed documents on this. In order to help you … we have to acknowledge the facts … of what information is there and why it is there. In order to help Trump … I cannot go about blindly bragging and praising Trump for no reason. No one will buy it … this is not how it works. 

Quit looking for “plus and minus” in our work. Many a time when we are talking about the minus … it was designed mostly to help you. At this moment in time … the Majority of the Networks don’t like Trump. Nobody wants you in the White House. If I start blindly praising you … it will not do any good, nobody will buy it and it will not change anything. 

Criticism has helped you more than blowing your horn
In fact, I will give you some examples. Look at everything that we have written till date. Sometimes we have praised you … sometimes we have guided you and most of the time we have criticized and opposed you. It is this constant criticism and opposition that has brought major changes under the Trump Presidency. We were able to manage chaos and stop wars … by criticizing you and opposing you … by standing up to you when you were wrong. 

The content might seem in the minus mode … but it has been the biggest help that you have got throughout your Presidency. And what you don’t realize is this:

Trump’s greatest accomplishments is opposing and failing the Establishment
The greatest accomplishments … that you constantly brag about … have actually been accomplished by opposing and failing the Establishment. Take a look:

  • Jobs and Economy. You brag non-stop saying “look at the jobs, look at the jobs, look at the jobs”. How has this been accomplished? It has been accomplished by opposing the Establishment and your disastrous moves that would create chaos in the country. Like mass deportation, Muslim ban, racism, government shutdowns and so on. By opposing Trump and opposing the Establishment … we were able to create a fantastic environment for the growth of jobs and economy. This has become your biggest marketing points. “Jobs, jobs, jobs … economy, economy, economy” … this has been accomplished via criticism and opposition.
  • Peace and Stability. Another major factor that has become your major marketing point is “peace and stability”. You are getting nominations for Nobel Prizes. How? We opposed your wars in Syria, North Korea and Venezuela. We opposed you and the Establishment’s plans in these countries and gave you a fantastic marketing factor that you repeatedly brag about. “The End of ISIS … the end of terrorism … the end of never ending wars” … all of this was also accomplished by opposing you, criticizing you & the Establishment.
  • Mueller Investigation. Mueller was brought to an end? How? By opposing and criticizing the Establishment. It was malice at its very roots. By open criticism and opposition, we were able to bring an appropriate end to Mueller … a nightmare that was plaguing the Trump Presidency.

Trump – the Transition President
Today, Trump has become the Transition President … not a fantastic President … but at least a transition President where we have peace & stability, jobs & economy and we have failed the Establishment’s biggest bogus investigation called Mueller. And on your campaign trail … this is what you brag about. You are constantly bragging about stuff where we have intervened, opposed you & the Establishment and did what is right. 

What you don’t realize is that … as of now, you are one of the biggest Establishment supporters in the political spectrum … but all of the points that you brag about is where we have failed the Establishment. Lol. Interesting irony … isn’t it? If you were truly an Establishment supporter then you should have enjoyed creating chaos and destroying countries. But you are celebrating doing the opposite. 

Today, every Trump is celebrating … the White House staff is celebrating the end of Mueller’s Investigation. You are able to do this because we openly stood up … opposed and criticized your moves as well as the Establishment’s traps and misleading. Today you are celebrating jobs & economy, peace & stability and end of a major investigation because of our opposition and criticism. 

You thought the content was of “minus” nature. Because it criticized you and it was opposing you. But look where we are today … look where your Presidency is today. America is a far better country and Trumps far more safe … because of our opposition and criticism. 

We told you this before … the scenarios are quite complicated … everything is not just “plus or minus”. We have to show the current state:

  • Of the work
  • Of the forces involved
  • Of what the Establishment wants to do
  • Of what the Major Networks want to do
  • Of where Trump stands as of now
  • Of what are Trump’s options moving forward
  • And how the whole movement has to be taken forward

Now, when we talk about the “current state” we cannot write … “that Trump is the coolest President … he is awesome … he has done so many things … everybody loves him … he will easily win 2020” … if I write like that … then it will not be true and it will not be in accordance to the facts. Such writings will not help at all. Which is why, I have to write the real scenario and show how to change things realistically. This is one of the major reasons why the Majority of the Networks follow me.

The only thing that I will tell you is that … the end result of our work will be better for you and the country. We will keep you in a much better state and position than what the Establishment is pushing for you. The info that we have is that … “Manafort is just a sample of what is going to happen to Trump” … this is despite the end of the Mueller Investigation. They cannot put you in jail for something as silly as Collusion … which is why, they are planning to come at you with realistic crimes and frauds that you might have committed as a hotel owner or as President. Tax evasion, financial crimes, emoluments, foreign payments and so on. The end of Mueller is good news … but what is coming next is quite bad. It is real crime and being pushed by Establishment groups in the Networks. 

Which is why we keep getting alerts to “help Trump, help Trump”. These alerts come to us because … we have designed this entire movement and when we step forward to help any politician … several networks gear up to help that politician. Because they know that I will guide that leader and help him do great things. All Networks want great things to happen. They are very keen on helping the leaders that I support. 

As of now, your status is … “remove Trump from the White House”. How you are going to be removed is being decided as we speak. Many groups are planning to remove you from the program because you show extremely less cooperation. They don’t see any point in maintaining you in the White House. Some of them are suggesting jail … like Manafort. 

Relax and sit back. I will figure out something. Don’t freak out seeing the “minus” content on the sites. Its just to acknowledge what has happened and help everyone move forward. This will be better for you. 

Good news – jail bullet already dodged
The good news for you is that … you have already dodged the jail bullet. When it comes to jail … we stand by your side most of the time. You have refrained from starting any new wars and cooperated in the elimination of ISIS … which is one of the reasons we used to make sure that Mueller does not indict any Trump. There is 90% chances that there won’t be any issues of jail for Trumps. This is the fair and positive track where we see the bigger picture. 

There are some groups in the Networks that look for excuses for jail for Trumps. Some groups are pissed off at your inaction and Establishment favors … and some groups are pushed by the Establishment. We will see how to manage them later on. I will write very soon … some easy options … of taking the country forward. I don’t think it is going to be easy to make a Manafort out of Trump. Firstly, I don’t think that it is justified. Secondly, I don’t think that you will sit there taking the punches now. Mueller Investigation has been winded up … one of the main reasons to wind it up was to make you free. So that you don’t remain scared and silent anymore. You have already become the Transition President and with a few moves you can rise to better heights. At that height … no one will support jail for Trumps. Nothing is going to happen right now. All of this is one year ahead planning. You have time to make the change.

Ignore how I manage the Networks. We are very close, very candid and we have a lot of history. Our working style is different. I will present the options to you. And you can choose. I am sure you got some experience and understanding of what goes on in the country. Did you imagine something like this when you entered the White House for the first time? Lol. You have learnt a lot … try to make use of it. It will help.