What are you doing? Don’t get trapped in simulations. I guess this is what you don’t know about Ilhan Omar and other new fresh candidates in the Congress. By saying something to outrage the Establishment is how SM Networks identify:

  • Establishment support points
  • Establishment behaviors and
  • Establishment tactics & policies

These are simulations. They have been going on since the Obama Administration. This is NOT a Presidential initiative. The whole thing is setup, managed and protected by the Major Networks in America. This is how it works:

  • One point is used to say something against the Establishment’s activities or policies
  • And then we wait to see who reacts
  • Who speaks up against this particular person?
  • What platform is he using for this attack?
  • Is he from the political background or media or corporations?
  • What is he proposing … what actions & policies is he proposing?

The whole thing is designed to identify Establishment support points. And then the Major Networks in America gear up to hammer the shit out of these points:

  • They will be removed from political positions
  • They will be removed from media positions
  • If they continue then even their companies will go bankrupt
  • They will face legal challenges … lawsuits and investigations

In short, they will be rattled and moved out of any type of power. It might be political, media or financial powers … all of that will be taken away from them. Why do you think I keep giving you examples of Hillary, Hollande and Macron. It has already happened to many and is in the process for many.

When Ilhan Omar is attacking the Jewish Establishment … just chill. There is no need to respond. Don’t freak out … you don’t want to be identified as an Establishment puppet or key supporter. Candidates like Ilhan Omar, AOC and Tlaib have literally been brought in the Congress to create a fierce alternate voice against the Jewish Establishment. Something like this was already being done via Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Tulsi Gabbard and many others. 

The entire process is about using the Matrix to identify the culprits. Today we are in $22 Trillion debt which is no joke. This is 10 times less than the total debt of France. We accumulate the total debt of France within 2 years. This is a major crime against the country and its people … to exploit and drain their wealth. These anti-Establishment points and simulations are helping in getting rid of all support points of the Establishment in several spheres. 

What you are probably thinking is that … “who the hell is Ilhan Omar? One Black Muslim lady in the Congress … she is just a Rep. I am the President … what the hell … let’s stomp on her. What the hell can she do to me?” No, no, no … she is not alone out there. She has a lot of Networks protecting her. She is just one point of a massive network.

What you should know is that “Jewish groups” themselves are coordinating on this. This is not a Christian Vs Jew battle. This is a Good Vs Bad battle. And many many American Jewish groups are very nice and very good. They are fighting and warding off the control points of the Israeli Bankers. All of this malice is centered around the Central Bankers based in Israel. This is exactly what they are fighting off. 

One small thing that you don’t know is that … one factor that was used to wind up Mueller’s Investigation was this. It was the Jewish Bankers going after the Common Jews. Netanyahu was busy bombing its neighbors including Syria an entity protected by Russia in order to start a major war. Netanyahu repeatedly tries to start a war against Iran. It is these Banker behaviors that confirmed that the “Central Bankers want to start World War III”. And the major victims in these World Wars will obviously be the Common Jews. This was a key point used to show where the malice is from and why Mueller should stop being a tool of this Establishment and he should stop pursuing the Trumps. 

Going after Ilhan Omar will backfire. It will only invite trouble from other angles You don’t want to be seen a part of Establishment puppets. You guys are among the good ones. One of the factors, we are using to protect you is that … you are not an Establishment puppet. These are simulations … stay away from them. They are designed to target the Satanic support points in America.

This will be an ongoing process that will be carried out for several years and decades to come. It will cross several Presidencies. Through every cycle these simulations will become bolder and bolder … till almost all malicious Establishment systems are identified and rooted out … till all of their support points are rooted out. This process goes on independent of any President or even me. We gave them the formula and it has been activated. The formula is working like magic and it is helping to a great extent in changing America’s direction and policies.

The only thing that I can do from my side is get involved … extract someone if they are trapped and save them. I cannot tell SM Networks to stop doing something that is great for their country. This change that you are seeing in America since the past few years … it is mainly because of this … changing decision makers, challenging the Establishment and rooting out their support points. Don’t get trapped in simulations that are meant for others … you already have a lot to deal with.