Here is something interesting. When I started writing the book “The Lovely Jewish History” … the first page was … “they worship the devil!” The book is about 850 pages right now and it was connecting the Satanic ideology of the Establishment to its systems and policies. Many people out there didn’t really believe that the Establishment has a Satanic background. 

They were like … “cmon seriously? They might be greedy … they may not like Muslims … they might be going for the cash or the oil … it must be about power. But Satanism? Really Satanism??” The interesting thing that happened recently was that Trump brought out the Satanic side of the Establishment. Ivanka successfully molded her Dad’s Presidency on a peaceful path. There are no new wars … no more terrorism … no tensions with Russia … the Establishment had lost all routes to bring about the destruction of America and Russia. So, what our lovely Establishment says is … “how about we create Christian Vs Jew hate propaganda … and use the Jews within America and Europe as an army to destroy the West. If we bring about hate against Jews via attacking Churches … this will help in the radicalization of Jews against Christians. We can easily facilitate Black Death 2.0 and get the job done. Once the West is suffering a mass epidemic with deadly diseases … China will do the needful.” This was the plan. Now see how they executed it.

They did not go about drawing Jewish symbols in the Churches of Paris … instead they chose to draw Satanic symbols. Why? Because if they drew Jewish symbols … it would not infuriate Christians much. The Churches would just collaborate with the Synagogues and other Jewish leaders and solve the issue. But they deliberately chose to draw Satanic symbols to infuriate Christians and create hateful sentiments. And if anyone did any research … they would know the connection between Jews, witchcraft and Satanism. Most of the Christian leaders know this history. 

The Establishment thought that … “hey, this is an easy way to create racial hate. We own the media in most developed countries … we will manage it afterwards.” They thought that it was doable … but unknowingly in the process … they exposed their Satanic side. 

  • Drawing of Satanic symbols
  • Breaking of Christian statues in the Churches
  • Creating fires in Churches
  • Using human excrement to draw anti-Christian symbols

They wanted to create the hate … but ended up showing their Satanic background and dislike towards Christianity. If you see all of the Islam based terrorism till date … there is no connection to Satanism. Even if the Muslim is some bad guy not sponsored by the Establishment like ISIS was … even then … he will not go around drawing Satanic symbols or worshiping the devil. This new “twist” to terrorism that is coming into light … of Satanic symbols … very clearly shows the connection of the Establishment to Satanism. 

This is not the first time this has happened. Even during the Obama Administration … the Establishment got uneasy and desperate … and started its own war propaganda. War propaganda till date was being run by Bush and Hillary. A nice thing that Obama did was … he fired Hillary and refused to run the war propaganda. Obama was not cooperating with any European leader in war matters … he was infact, guiding them how to shun these bogus propaganda. Since there was no Western leader that would run their war propaganda … the Establishment got desperate and started using its own pawns for the work. 

  • Netanyahu came on the forefront … and every time he would go to the United Nations … he would draw illustrations of how dangerous Iran is for the entire world. Obama’s refusal to run this bogus propaganda … pushed Establishment elements and behaviors on the forefront. We clearly came to know that … all of these wars were not from Bush … they were not from America … but they were from the Establishment. The main banker puppet, Netanyahu, he himself came on the forefront and started pushing for wars. 
  • Chemical attacks in Syria … this is one of the reasons why chemical attacks were being placed in Syria … it was to push Western leaders for more elaborate wars in the Middle East since Obama was not interested in more wars.
  • And when ISIS started losing territory … Israel started sending fighters in Iraq and Syria to fight in these war zones. Israel was openly providing ambulance services and medicare to ISIS fighters. Since ISIS started losing with lack of funds and weapons from the West … it pushed Israel to show its true colors in the war on terror.
  • Not only that … Israel repeatedly attacking and threatening countries protected by Russia … is only Establishment elements being pushed to come forward and run their own agendas. 

And now when all of the above bullshit is wiped off … no more wars and no more terrorism … now the Establishment comes forward with a new propaganda of using “Satanism” to attack Churches and create hate. 

What we are seeing here is that … by putting people centric leaders in the White House who are not Establishment puppets … like Obama and Trump … is forcing the Establishment to use its own pawns to directly run its dirty schemes. The openly identified Establishment pawns are:

  • Netanyahu
  • Israeli Government
  • On the ground army of terrorists who create events as and when required
  • In the US, it is some media channels and politicians as well
  • Hillary Clinton, Howard Shultz, Tom Steyers, Rod Rosenstein and so on.

Now, with this open disclosure of the “Satanic connection” with the Establishment we can confirm that:

  • Netanyahu has a hidden Satanic background
  • The Israeli Government has a hidden Satanic background
  • The terrorists working for the Establishment have a hidden Satanic background
  • The media and politicians in the US are being controlled by an Establishment with a hidden Satanic background
  • An Establishment with a hidden Satanic background is trying to dominate the lives of hundreds of millions of Christians in the West

The fantastic thing what is happening by changing key decision makers in top positions is that … the Establishment is growing more and more desperate … and it is resorting to using its own people for its agendas and showing more and more of its true colors. 

Look at all of the attack sites that the Establishment is working on:

  • Paris
  • New York and
  • California

Churches and Synagogues are being attacked in these cities. What’s common in all of these cities? “High Jewish population” … this only confirms that the Establishment is aiming at a Christian Vs Jew hate propaganda. The Establishment is only revealing more and more of itself … via its techniques, the elements it uses and its target locations. 

This is one of the benefits of having positive leaders like Obama and Trump in the White House. Their non-cooperation with the Establishment is helping us catch the Establishment red handed in the act.