Victory for Trump is a victory for America. Greatness for Trump is greatness for America. Why and how? Let me show you. You guys are doing a great job in protecting Trumps from jail traps. Well done. But that is not enough. We need a “three fold victory” for Trumps. Just saving them from jail will hardly do anything for the American people. We have to see what is good for the people here.

Yes, I know Trump needs to lead first … he has left a huge leadership vacuum. Yes … but when he leads … this is how we have to design Trump’s victories … at a minimum that is.

  • Generations of Presidents. Donald Trump will not be the only Trump President that will do great things for America … but there should be generations of Trump Presidents continuously doing fantastic things for the American people. Trump will not be just the Founding Father for a new and modern America … but he will literally have his daughter, son … and then grandsons and granddaughters … and great grandsons and great granddaughters … leading the country as fantastic Presidents.
  • Series of Nobel Prizes. The policies that Trump will implement will bring about such phenomenal changes in America and the world … that there won’t be just one or two Nobel Prizes in the Trump Family … but there will be a series of Nobel Prizes in the Trump Family.
  • Consolidated Business. Just giving Trumps the Presidency and Nobel Prizes is not enough … we should not only allow but actually help Trumps in consolidating their business … and help them rise in building palatial hotels and fantastic tourism projects for the country. 

Why is Trump, Trump?
Trump benefiting from the Presidency … building palatial hotels might seem like emoluments. But there are perfectly legal ways of doing it. It is important to consolidate Trump businesses because it helps in Trump being Trump. This enormous media attention on the Trump Presidency … that has made Trump the most popular person on the planet … is mainly because Trump is Trump. And this enormous media attention can be fantastically used to put light on key issues that the people face and bring about tactical reform. 

Do you know why is Trump, Trump? Trumps are “independent thinkers”. Trumps tend to think independently because … if you see the nature of their upbringing … then it is completely Establishment independent. Right from their childhood … to their businesses and to politics … Trumps are self-made billionaires who don’t need to depend on the Establishment. If you see most of the other politicians … like Hillary … they don’t have a business of their own, owing to which they are totally dependent on campaign finance from Establishment elements. Campaign finance is how the Establishment puppets the American Congress … which is why we get all promises and nothing done from them … because they become puppets of those who finance them. 

Trump dares to do different mainly because his Presidency does not depend on donations from Establishment elements. Trump is in a hotel business that does not rely upon defense companies or oil companies or the bankers … this makes Trumps an ideal family that can remain Establishment independent and do what is right for the people. It is in the best interests of the American people and America that Trump consolidates his businesses that can serve as the backbone of the Trump Presidencies ahead. 

Now, look at this from the people’s perspective.

  • Generations of Presidents. If Trumps succeed in formulating an Establishment independent mode … then we get a fantastic series of Presidents that will keep people first. The massive crisis that is plaguing America and Europe is Establishment malice and monopoly. It is going to take several Presidents ahead to create the reforms, do the cleanup and establish & maintain America into a new era. Great Trump Presidents only mean greatness for America.
  • Series of Nobel Prizes. A series of Nobel Prizes for American Presidents only means more respect and recognition for American leadership in the world. A victory for Trump becomes a victory for America … respect for Trump becomes respect for America.
  • Consolidated Business. A fantastic consolidated business for Trumps only means a fantastic backbone for Trump Presidencies ahead … which helps Trumps to dare to do different and helps them continue to keep people first.

Warren is great material … no doubt about that … but if Trump leads then there is enormous potential for America and the Trump Family ahead for generations to come. I know most people have concerns about Trump’s rhetoric and policies … but they can be reformed. He is already reforming again and again. Trump is definitely flexible and open minded.

Its good that you guys are protecting Trumps … the more important thing is that he leads and we help him win. We need a three fold victory for Trumps. Losing Trump means getting a debt of $6000 Billion for America … and if we get Warren also untrained into the White House … it means another $6000 Billion of debt. After we have lost Trump and Warren to failed leadership … then who are we going to pull up for leadership? If we are going to lose every great candidate to failed leadership and no change … then what sense does this work make when our country remains a sinking ship?

We cannot afford to lose good candidates like this … and we cannot afford to remain stuck in stagnant cycles like this. Leadership and winning for good candidates is as important as it is for America and the people.