Lol … so both parties are ready to lead … and they were asking me to stop writing because they were afraid that after a few pages I would flip? Lol. That’s interesting.

Well, firstly, glad to know that they were not trying to stop the work. Secondly, I wasn’t flipping against Trump. Trump’s Presidency is quite complicated compared to the previous Presidencies. Bush was all bad … Obama was all about understanding Establishment malice and doing what is right. But during Trump there are several elements involved. 

  • Bush had only one element involved … that is the Establishment
  • Obama had two elements involved … Establishment and Obama’s Leadership … both of them had different interests
  • Trump has several elements … Establishment, SM Networks, Trump Leadership, Democrats and Active Democracy 

The plus and minus content that you see about Trump on our sites is because all of these elements coming into action in their own way.

  • We had to show Establishment malice
  • Then we had to show the good things that our plans can do for Trump
  • We had to show where Trump was making mistakes by favoring the Establishment and how it will impact his Presidency
  • We had to show how SM Networks are coming into action
  • Then we had to show how Democrats are coming into action

Trump did a few good things and he made a few mistakes … and several elements came into action in their own ways … which is why you see a variety of content on our sites during the Trump Presidency. It is not flipping … we just showed what element is coming into action and what will be the results in the coming stages.

It was a relief when Warren came into action because it provided an alternate route to save the country if Trump fails. We like both candidates … both of them have excellent potential as Presidents. Trump can actually provide several generations of Presidents. The Trump Family has enormous potential. I don’t think that Trump should exit under the current pressure … because as we move on, the Establishment will get weaker and weaker … while the country’s leaders and people will get stronger and stronger. This is just the initial phase which is why they can and are making so much noise. Later on, they will not be able to make the noise even if they want to. 

This is our status and we are not flipping on this. These are the true facts … both candidates are fantastic. America will see great things happen under both of them in our programs. Actual leadership and success will depend upon their initiatives and the efforts that they put in to succeed. Trump is actually a hairline away from success. Warren doesn’t know that Trump is miles ahead of her in the game. However, both of them have a lot to learn.