SM Potential
The fantastic thing that SM Networks are able to do at the ground level is control who will be the next President. They form the people power … they control how the votes flow … they control who comes into power. This is excellent potential that helps us in knocking out Establishment puppets from power and bring in people centric leaders.

Establishment Screening
Till date what we have been doing is "Establishment Screening" ... screening and eliminating Establishment puppets is helping the country in great ways.

Establishment independent candidates are securing peace and stability for America … and not starting ridiculous wars that will blow up America via a conflict with Russia. These are the two major advantages that we have from Establishment independent candidates.

  • Peace and stability
  • Not blowing up America

However, there is a lot of unrest and no one is satisfied with what we have … 

  • There is no major change or reform and the people are still living in the same wealth drain systems.
  • Untrained Presidents are costing $6 Trillion per term. Since untrained Presidents have no idea about the Establishment based crisis or their exploitation systems we are still getting $6 Trillion per term in debt.
  • Anti-Establishment rhetoric is only being used to get power and positions
  • The actual work is far below expectations with no change in systems delivered
  • We are busy dodging only traps and disasters while doing nothing for the people.
  • SM Networks are getting pissed off … and they start working on changing leadership … and the whole thing is resulting in chaos
  • Cries for help are beginning … we are ending up saving guys who ain't doing anything for the people

Evolve for better results
The screening process is good but leaders are not doing anything to fix the crisis. We need a process to identify "real people centric leadership". We are getting a stream of anti-Establishment leaders … but who is the one that is actually fit to lead and be trusted with the Presidency?

3 Phases of Checks
We have to place a system to implement checks at 3 phases

  • Intention Phase
  • Policy Phase
  • Implementation Phase

We cannot afford to waste $6000 Billion for every incorrect choice of President. We need to follow 3 phases of checks to verify and evaluate the candidate's potential for "Real Presidential Leadership". These checks will help us understand very precisely the type of candidate that we are dealing with and help us understand his Presidency before hand. Till date we have only done "Establishment Screening" … it is helping to a great extent but we are also lagging behind to a great extent. These checks will help us eliminate false prophets and identify real leaders

Intention Phase
Anti-Establishment screening is the number one check required. But once we get our anti-Establishment candidates then we need further verification and evaluation. You need to check answers for these questions in the Intention Phase.

  • Will they join Active Democracy and learn about the crisis that the country faces?
  • Will they understand what the Establishment is … how it is structured and what are its exploitation systems?
  • Will they understand the policies and systems that need to be created to fix this crisis?
  • Are they using anti-Establishment rhetoric only to get seats?
  • Are they showing themselves as people centric only to be President, Senator or Governor?
  • Are they making false promises only to get votes and then do nothing?
  • Do they actually have any intentions to take up a fight for the people and do something for the people?
  • Are they in politics only for the money and power?
  • Do they want to do something for the people or just look for ways to fill their pockets and make speeches?

These checks at the very initial phase will let us know about their intentions in politics … it might be the President or Senator or Governor. If they join us then we can do these verifications … if they don’t then it puts a question mark on all of the above questions. It leaves everything unanswered … and we have to waste time and $6000 Billion per term in experimentation to know their true intentions. A simple check will help us save $6000 Billion of taxpayer money. 

This is just the Intention Phase. Obviously, if politicians know that … "hey, if you join Active Democracy then you get to win elections" ... then there will be long line of leaders joining us just to win and get the seat. So, the Intention Phase is not enough … its just a start.

Pre-requisite for the training - Establishment Screening
No … not all candidates will be given the training … only who are worth it.

  • who are Establishment independent
  • who show the required characteristics for a win

These are the basic pre-requisites for us to train them and endorse them.

Policy Phase
Once the politician joins Active Democracy … then we give them the necessary training, know how and show them what needs to be done. In this phase, we evaluate each politician as per the below checks:

  • Do they have the talent and skillsets to be a good people centric leader?
  • Do they fully understand and comprehend what is going on and what needs to be done?
  • Do they have the courage to take up this fight?
  • Do their political aspirations line up to what has to be done actually at the ground level?
  • Or do they just want to take bribes from corporations and make speeches for the people?
  • Do they aspire for change for the people or just like cash for themselves and give people empty speeches?
  • Will they actually go ahead and start campaigning for these policies in real time at their current position?
  • Will they show the flaws that exist in the current systems?
  • Will they fight and advocate to change these systems?

These are some of the checks that need to be made during the training phase. We will get to see the leader's responses in real time. We don’t have to give him the Presidency and pray that everything will go right … without any checks and verifications. These training sessions will show us the true colors of the leaders and politicians. This will also help them get a vision and see the track on which they have to work. It will help them formulate great political careers while we get to know the true leaders.

Implementation Phase
Once the leader is given the necessary information and guidance … we test them on the actual ground level. We will guide them and see how they go around implementing the policies.

  • How good are they in presenting the case?
  • How good are they in fighting for the people?
  • Can they handle Establishment pressure and malice?
  • Can they handle the media?
  • Can they build coalitions to succeed?
  • How they collaborate with the opposition, the media, the corporations and pull the people to do what is right?
  • How do they handle obstacles?
  • How do they handle failures?
  • How do they get back up and work to succeed?

In the training phase … some leaders may back off … some leaders may show optimism and courage ... but it is in the implementation phase that we get to see the leader in action. It will be sparring practice for the leader but it will show us what we need to see in real time … the style, the energy, the tactics, the strategy, the fight and how he works to win.

Till date the only thing that we have done is … Establishment Screening … checking which leader has the best potential to be Establishment independent ... and then gave him the victory … hoping and praying that everything else will fall into place. The only nice thing that we got till date from the current Establishment independent leaders is that … they are not blowing up America via a war against Russia. That's what Obama did ... that's what Trump is doing … and probably that's what the next guy will do … because they know nothing about the crisis or its solutions. 

It is incredibly important for us to evolve and put in better processes, checks and evaluations to bring in the best candidate possible in the White House. Its simply great that SM Networks have the potential to decide who enters the White House … but this potential needs to be correctly utilized. Untrained Presidents and incorrect choices are being a disaster costing us $6 Trillion per term … the whole thing is becoming chaotic … and then we have to respond to cries for help. The whole thing is being a waste of time and money. Some Networks want impeachment … some are totally pissed and want jail … the majority are pushing for replacement strategies … the whole thing is becoming a circus. We need better processes … so that we don’t waste time in experimentation and expectations.

The Ongoing Circus in America
We looked at Obama as an outsider and admired how he cooperated with us … and thought that bringing another outsider will create more fantastic changes for America. But instead of that happening … there is a total circus going on in America right now. The guy who should be working with us … he is busy doing favors for the Establishment and is threatening us instead of working with us. The SM Networks that are supposed to be the power of the President and help him achieve great things … they either want jail for him or impeachment for him or want him replaced.

The Establishment is loving this ongoing chaos … and it is misleading the President to bomb Venezuela or Iran … while keeping America busy in chaos. They are trying to show "war as the solution for the chaos" … so that Trump gets re-elected because there is an ongoing war. Trump does not know that … either America will be destroyed via these wars or he will be facing war crime trials & sent to jail for these wars. The whole thing is a circus out there.

Apply the checks to Trump and Warren
You will understand where we stand with these candidates. The truth about the current President and the next most favorable candidate … both of them have no idea what the hell is going on out there and how to solve it. We pulled in Trump only because he is an outsider and expected everything to fall right in the right places. Many groups in the Networks do not want to make the same mistake with Warren. Replacing one untrained President with another untrained President does not make any sense. We will go through the same cycle of mistakes.

First they will say … "yes, yes, yes … I am the most people centric candidate … I am the only one who can solve these problems … I am the one who has paid politicians ... I know how these systems work … I only can change them … everything is a disaster and I will fix it all." And once they become President they say … I am the President and you are not … and then run some shitshow of their own … which will put them on a track to jail ... after two years … we have to step in to save them from jail.

Warren is doing the same thing saying … "I will fight the Establishment … I am ready for this … lets do this together" and bla bla bla ... and once we get them elected … they get big headed and try to use the stick on us. However, I am sure Dems won't flip on us.

There is absolutely no way to verify what these guys will do once we put them in office. This is the biggest disadvantage that we are facing … we just hoped and expected everything to fall into place without putting any checks and balances into place. Pulling new candidates from outside is good … so that they are not Establishment puppets … but then these new guys also get big headed and get carried away with the power and money that they see. The main purpose of bringing an outsider in the game goes a total waste … all Networks get pissed off and they want to start hammering the President. This is not leading to anything good. We have to evolve … and place better screening, checks, processes and evaluations.

Could have helped save $3000 Billion under the Trump Presidency
We cannot blame Trump on this because we had not formulated this training program before. But let's assume … we had trained Trump and he had hit the ground running … fully equipped, fully aware and ready to slaughter the bad guys ... then it would not waste two years of his Presidency:

  • in hating immigrants and mass deportation agendas
  • in creating a Muslim ban
  • in failing in North Korea and Tariffs
  • We would not allow the Establishment to make so much noise and demonize Trump
  • Trumps would not be facing so much demonization, lawsuits and investigations
  • The country would not be sinking in so much debt
  • Major reforms would already be on the way

Great Potential
There is no doubt that Trump has great potential … no doubt that Warren has great potential. But that's all we are ending up with … guys with great potential who don’t know what to do and who provide no change at all. The selection and shortlisting is great but training, checks, verification and evaluation need to be put into place.

Senator, Representatives, Governors
Working with the President is just step one. The President will be the most powerful element in the country that will be critical in the promotion and establishment of people centric systems. There are several policies that can be initiated via Executive Order … this is why our primary focus is coordination with the President.

But this is not enough … because in the next steps we have to formulate full systems, laws and regulations that have to be passed by the Congress and also implemented at the State Level. One President and one politician is not enough to change America. Here is where we meet Establishment Monopoly in the Congress … in order to dismantle this obstacle … we have to coordinate with Senators, House Reps and Governors to implement systems at the fullest.

This coordination will help in creating coalitions that will consolidate the entire movement and streamline the creation of new systems and policies. Coalitions are a must. What is going on our there right now is a circus … its not a coalition for something good … it’s a total circus.

Just like we are screening, shortlisting, training and guiding the President … similarly we have to trickle down at the 

  • Senate Level
  • House Level
  • and the State Level

We need to have strong coalitions at all levels … with leaders who have a full understanding of the crisis … who are Establishment independent … and who will coordinate in doing what is right for the people. Just the President working with us is not work done … it is just the beginning of the work … this work has to trickle down to several levels including the: 

  • government
  • the media
  • the corporations
  • celebrities and
  • the people

There are trucks loads of work pending … and the only thing we are focused is on … removing one untrained President and replacing him by another untrained President. It is a must to stop this ongoing circus and it is a must to evolve our ways for the better of the country and the people.