Got an interesting piece of information that Warren wants to channelize $100 Billion into this project to wipe out Establishment monopoly and malice for good from America. Lol. This is cute.

  • Volunteer. The first thing that she said when she came to know about our project and that it costs about $1 Billion for 4 years … then she said “he should volunteer his services”. Lol. SM Networks saw her response and they were like … “okay fine dear lady, welcome to the game … this is where you start”.
  • $1 Million. After a few weeks, she comes up with the number of $1 Million somehow … I don’t know how.
  • $1 Billion. Then she says … okay, okay, I will get you the $1 Billion that you need.
  • $10 Billion. Then after a while … she ramps it upto $10 Billion. 
  • $100 Billion. Her current offer is $100 Billion with $10 Billion being every year.

Lol … lol. Dear lady … you don’t need to keep hiking the payments for me. We already like you … you are in the top candidates of the shortlist. You are excellent material … hiking payments is not required.

You are new in the game and if you knew then … these are not actually “donations” that we seek. We have actually earned every single penny of it. We take finance:

  • based on what we need and 
  • based upon what we deserve. 

I had given this formula before. For the sake of calculating the value of our work … let us assume the scenario of a marketing company. A routine marketing company charges 10-15% of the invested amount as its commission. So what we do is … show the value that we are creating for the country. For example … defense contracts with Saudi Arabia … Trump was anti-Saudi during the campaign … he thought that the Saudis carried out 9/11. That was false information … we showed Trump how Saudi is America’s greatest ally in the Middle East and they will invest huge amounts in projects of American interests. We changed Trump’s approach and it led to half a trillion of defense deals with the Saudis in the first year itself. 

That is … $500 Billion worth of revenue for America and $500 Billion worth of defense equipment for the Saudis. The benefit for the two countries total to about $1 Trillion. Similarly, we guided Putin on how to dodge Establishment aggression and sanctions … which led to hundreds of billions of deals with China and European countries. If you see … we are creating “new money” here for each country. Out of the new money created for the country … we show the value of our work by percentage. 

For example … the Saudi defense deal was a $1 Trillion deal both sides. If you take 10% of that … then the value of our work is $100 Billion … if you take 1% of that … then the value of our work is $10 Billion. We show our value with just 1% of the “new money” being created for each country … just to get an idea of the value of our work. 

If you tell one guy … hey, I will create $1000 Billion for you … all you need to do is give me $10 Billion of the money that I created for you and you can keep the remaining $990 Billion with you … do you think it is a bad deal? No, it’s a great deal. Our work has already started creating trillions in revenue for America, Russia and Europe. Once we launch our project … this will multiply by several times. 

So, technically … we are not taking “donations or charity” … this is our hard earned money that we own and deserve a 100%. This is one of the reasons we don’t take instructions from our donors or don’t give them any managerial role in our work. Because in the bigger picture we have already earned this money and we don’t function via charity. 

Your proposal for channelizing $100 Billion for our project … its cute but we have to respectfully deny. Because for me to accept $100 Billion … I have to show $10 Trillion worth of new money that I have created and I don’t think we have reached that mark yet. But we are open to $1 - $20 Billion … as we know that our work has already created more than $2 Trillion for America, Russia, Europe and the Saudis. 

And no, we will not be “claiming” 1% out of every dollar that we create. We just use that as a way to show the value of our work. We got sweeping support for this proposal in the Major Networks because … the Establishment was blowing up trillions of taxpayer money under fake propaganda … and on the other hand … we were actually creating new money for the country and the people. On one side we had trillions blown up and got only lies in return … and on the other side … we have a project that can create trillions of new money for the country and take us into a new era. Obviously, we were the ones that got the support.

Warren needs to stop “inviting me with money” … cash is just the means to do the work. There are more important factors that matter right now:

  • Time. We are going in debt by $1500 billion per year. With every single day that we delay … we are going in debt by $4.1 Billion. Time is of utmost concern. We need to lead and create change at the earliest.
  • Courage and Consistency. Right now, Warren is free as a bird with no aggression against her. We need you to have the courage to remain consistent throughout the work … so that we will fight against those who will stand against you and help you win. You cannot afford to be fickle minded in this project. This project will take you to historic heights … will get you greatness and glory … but courage and consistency is a must from your side. You don’t have to get scared of the obstacles or aggression … you just have to give us some time to hammer them out. You are not alone … you will be given the support to win. 
  • Dare to do different. Another factor that you need to prepare for is … “dare to do different”. Trump is quite good on this one. He boldly goes ahead does things differently. Tariffs on China is one good thing in this line. There are many things that will be done differently … we have to create a revolution. You will not be campaigning for change … but you will be campaigning for a “revolution”. This is what will put the fire in your campaign. Right now, your campaign is pretty luke warm … because you don’t know what to do yet. 

If you can manage the above three factors … then you have everything in you to be a “revolutionary hero” of our time.