(This page is not just for Trump but it is for other US politicians as well.)

So … you are “fighting for me”? Nice … does that also involve calling me and actually doing something for the people? Lol. Why are you calling Erdogan and giving him Syria? Its not required. Your first move should be to initiate a contact with me. That should be your number one priority.

Let me explain this to you in another way. Consider it as a “Law School”. If you want admission in the best Law School in the country … become a great lawyer and do great things for the country … then your first step should be to contact the law school … find out what courses and modules they have … go through the proper consultation … formulate a study structure and then move ahead step  by step with each module. If you do that … then you have the chance to become one of the greatest lawyers in the country … having studied at the best law school possible. 

But instead of this … what you and some other politicians are doing is “fake tweeting”. Tweeting that you love this school, you provide full support for the school and bla bla bla. Its like buying and wearing the hat of a lawyer and dancing around in the lawyers hat … even before you get admission in the law school. 

This is what many people are observing in the Networks. There are some politicians who are just making “fake tweets” of support … when in reality they have not made a single step in:

  • Contacting the school
  • Finding out what exactly the program is
  • What their roles should be and
  • How things are going to change for the country and the people

When you have not even made a single step to contact the law school then how do you expect others to believe that you are going to be one of the greatest lawyers in the country? Just because you bought a lawyer’s hat and make verbal support for a law school … it does not make you the best lawyer in the country. This is exactly what everyone is observing.

  • Who are these politicians that are making “fake tweets”?
  • Who is trying to build political support using our platform?
  • Are they making any real move as per their tweets?
  • Have they learnt anything?
  • Which modules are they going to work on?
  • Which policies have they agreed to launch?
  • How should we support these politicians to establish these policies?
  • Which are the obstacles that we have to knock out for them?
  • Who will oppose these policies and how they will oppose them?
  • Which elements we are going to need to use to tackle these obstacles?
  • How many internal and external elements we will need to use?

This is the “thinking track” of the major networks in America. And when politicians are stuck only in “fake tweeting” and doing nothing forward … then they see you as a parasite who is just trying to leech benefit and support from our networks. Which is why I say … “fake tweeting” backfires. Don’t fake tweet … make realistic moves. Have a plan … show and market what you want to accomplish … and then major Networks will come to your rescue and support. Because all of our policies are “people-centric” … all of them will help in Making a Great America.

When it comes to contacting Erdogan and other world leaders … all of those steps come at a later stage. You can buy the school uniform … after you take admission in the school. It is something like that. And you don’t need to do any massive favors for the countries shortlisted for our project … Russia, Serbia, Malaysia and Turkey. All of the countries will gladly support the project only on the very basis of the nature of the work. We are knocking out a massive Satanic Establishment from major countries in the world. All of these countries will gladly support the work by default. They don’t need any major favors for this. 

And that too … Putin and Erdogan are incredibly people-centric leaders. They will love this project. It will be very easy to build the required coalition. Follow the right sequence for the work. Buying the school uniform before taking admission in the school will not help much. You need to fix your sequence.