Support for Trump still seems to be minimal in the Networks. They say … we listen to your words and see Trump’s actions as well. And as per his actions and policies, we are not interested in having him in power.

  • The majority of the groups in the Networks want Trump out of power. They don’t want him in the White House.
  • About 50% of them want him impeached
  • About 10-20% of them agree on jail and bankruptcy for Trumps

We need to find a way to change Trump’s policies and put him in real-time action … as most groups from the Networks want to see him in action with the right policies. They insist that he is only blowing up taxpayer money for the Establishment while doing nothing for the people. We can’t use only “words” to get support in the Matrix for Trump. Everyone has waited for 2 long years for Trump to come into action and save his country & people. It is difficult for us to snap out these groups from the impatience and anger that has already built up. We need to find a way to compliment our words along with appropriate action from Trump. And that will change the entire scenario.

With every passing week and month, he is losing his credibility and chances to remain in the White House. His chances of leadership and winning were:

  • 90% … when he entered the White House along with his sex scandals. Doesn’t matter how many sex scandals he had … he had 90% chances of winning and being a great President.
  • 80% … despite two years of inaction and Establishment favoritism … he still had 80% chances of winning two terms and being a great President.
  • 60% … after Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy, Trump lost a whopping 20% in his chances for leadership. She is an incredibly strong people-centric candidate and people will flock to her. 

Right now, Trump has just 10% lead over Warren … mainly because Warren has no idea what to do. Let alone having the policies, she doesn’t even fully understand what the Establishment is. She will end up being a leader not knowing what to do … but making great speeches … but not making any progress for the people. If Trump pitches in with the right policies, right away … then he can easily surpass Elizabeth Warren and prevent her buildup. Coz no one wants an Obama 2.0 Presidency. Everyone was tired of the stagnation under Obama despite the record breaking job growth. Warren without policies is nothing but Obama 2.0.

If Trump delays and wastes even this year … then he will lose this edge over Warren as well. To add to the time loss … we have major networks pissed off at Trump as well. It will be incredibly difficult to save the Trump Presidency in 2020. Whatever we have to do … it is this year. There will be a multitude of attacks on Trumps this year and if Trump changes nothing … then there will be nothing left to save. 

Obama has a higher approval rating than Trump. And Warren is far more people-centric and anti-Establishment than Obama. As people favor Obama more than Trump today … they will easily move in favor of Warren … just by the very nature of the person that she is. Major Networks will see that … hey, she is incredibly anti-Establishment … she has been fighting against Corporations and Banks throughout her political career … she makes a perfect anti-Establishment candidate. And this is what the Major Networks are looking for in the top leadership … “anti-Establishment candidates”. The more the anti-Establishment you are, the higher chances to win the Presidency in the US. 

This is something that Trump has not realized. Obama was chosen over Mitt Romney … because Obama was a better “anti-Establishment” candidate. Trump was chosen over Hillary … because Trump was a better anti-Establishment candidate. Now, based upon Trump’s current actions and policies … who do you think that they will choose between Trump and Warren? The obvious choice becomes Warren.

This is exactly what Trump needs to start working on, right now. He needs to show the people and all Major Networks that he is a highly people-centric candidate who will always keep people first. It cannot be only speeches but it has to be actions and policies. This is an easy way Trump can utilize his lead over Warren and further enhance his support base. I am trying to get the Major Networks to support and defend Trumps using “words” but they are asking for actions and policies. We have to find a way to put Trump into action to save him.