No, no, no, no … it doesn’t work that way. Lol. Firstly, let me thank you for pulling the strings in trying to get in touch with me. But I am not a waiter in a restaurant waiting to hit it big in Hollywood. Our work is a little bit more complicated than that. Let me show you how the first interactions work.

I understand that there might be good will on the other side … but this work is very complicated. We foresee at least the next 10 steps in the work and this analysis is done under half a dozen layers of operations. 

  • Who is the person?
  • What does he want?
  • Which country is it … what is their political background and history?
  • What are their objectives from this project?
  • What do they actually think that the project is?
  • How much do they want to donate?
  • What happens when their expectations are not met?
  • What to expect and not to expect from the project?
  • Do they want a role in the project?

And on and on and on … there is a lot to consider before taking someone’s money and making them a part of the project. You can’t just walk upto me and say … gimme your passport and let’s go. I have no idea who you are or what you want … I would not be very inclined to give my passport to a stranger. 

This is how it would work out

  • Step One - Initiate Contact. You have my email, phone number and address. Use any of the three to get in touch with me. Let me know who you are and what you want.
  • Step Two - Local Meeting. We locate a place for an initial meeting. Here is where we discuss the project, their expectations and how everything will actually work out. 
  • Step Three - Sign Donation Form. If everything goes well … we accept their donation and they sign the donation form.

These are simple 3 steps of how the initial interaction would work. 

What not to do?

  • Don’t try to make it special. You are not giving me an engagement ring and I am not going on Oprah. Don’t waste your time for a “special moment” of time or day. All of this is a ridiculous waste of time. The country is burning in debt … we are going billions in debt every single day … this is an “emergency” situation. There is no time for a special occasion, a special day or a special moment. It should be done on an emergency basis. Midnight calls … dozens of calls … dozens of emails … repeated visitors … that is, only if I was not reachable before. 
  • No Readymade Teams. We have absolutely no interest in working under any readymade teams or organizations. We have our own plan and way of doing things. Your task is pulling strings for political and financial contacts. Setting up the team is our job.
  • Political and financial securities should be separated. If XYZ country is ready to finance our work then it does not mean that we will setup our base in that country. It is very important for us to separate the politics and finance in the work. We cannot allow our financiers to dictate, control or manage our work. Our work has to be totally independent and completely focused on the people. Just because they donate to our work … it doesn’t mean that they get to control our work. It is only the interest of their country that they can talk about.
  • Travel to financier country. Don’t ask for my passport and expect me to travel to another country to follow the money. Changing countries is a risky move … politics change with geography and we are not ready to take such risks as of now. The only thing we can do is local meetings or communicate via technology. May be at a later phase … once the right teams are formed and a proper security shell is designed then we can look forward to meeting sponsors in other countries. 
  • Too much use of intermediaries. The more the intermediaries, the more delay and excuses possible in the work. Quit trying to use intermediaries as much as possible. One of the biggest reasons of the success of our work is “direct contact” with the White House and Kremlin. We are able to publish information online instantly which can reach all key points immediately … it is providing a direct and instantaneous way of communication. Fantastic leaders like Obamas, Putin, Trump and Warren have responded to what we publish. This has resulted in instantaneous action and changes via the elimination of intermediaries. What I would request is … whatever work you are trying to do … pulling strings for finance or security or political contacts … try to eliminate as many intermediaries as possible.

Sponsors on Fridays
Sending prospective sponsors to the Mosque on Fridays is a total waste of time. I am not going to jump on board with anyone who says … “hey, I have cash for you”. If sponsors want to see me at some place … then it is fine … but even then I will follow the same steps. First intro … local meeting … and if all goes well … then agreement on the donation form. Prospective sponsors don’t get my passport … they get my “bank account number”. I will not be jumping on board with any sponsor. It is the sponsor that will be associating with us. My passports and the bases of the work will be decided via the political security established in each country.

These Friday meetings are a waste of time because:

  • Friday is just once a week
  • The sponsor has to travel all the way to the mosque where I pray
  • Everything has to be decided in a few minutes before or after prayers

Now, what are the chances that a sponsor will walk in with a billion dollars on a Friday and say … hey, this is a nice looking guy ... here’s a billion dollars for you? Yes, that’s my point. All of this is simply waste of time. Make an initial contact and conduct a proper business meeting … and discuss objectives and deliverables. Hoping that there will be a billion dollar meeting on a Friday in one Mosque is just ridiculous. In fact, this is one of the Establishment’s deviation tactics … they know that this probability is minimal and that is why they are encouraging the use of this method. 

Try to follow proper, speedy and concrete steps … where intrusion and deviations are minimal … and where chances of success are the highest. Eliminate all conditional loops from each step … all conditional loops are deviation tactics. 


I know I know I know … there are some guys placed here in the residence directly connected with some political parties. But this is nothing new … this has been going on since the past 2 years now. We are losing billions every single day and since two years you guys are trying to make one single contact. Not very impressive. Its like trying to get in touch with alien life from outer space. Lol.

However, I like Warren standing up to break big corporations. But that is not how it is supposed to be done … it will not result in anything much. She will end up splashing a lot of water without making any progress forward. The first thing you need to break is the media and then go for the corporations. You can’t just break … you have to innovate at the same time. Will give details along with our policies. Warren is already moving into the top cream of Presidential candidates. 

The good thing about her is that … she is a clean slate. Even Trump didn’t have much baggage in his first year. I told him this two years ago itself … “act now, if you delay … they will pile up a huge mountain of demonization and investigations against you. They will make your life so miserable that … forget about fighting for others, you will end up struggling to keep your head above water.” Trump delayed and look at him … he is attacked on a daily basis from hundreds of directions. He says that America is great … if America is great then why is the President attacked from a hundred different directions every day? This is Establishment Monopoly at work. I am glad that Warren is ready to break the monopoly.